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Chapter 367: My Idol!

Chapter 367: My Idol!

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That was domineering!

The assassins all felt shocked in mind; all of them was astonished.

At this moment, Liu Changjun said something with a thrilled voice, "My Lord…"

His voice was hushed but full of passion.

After a while, they turned over a corner and disappeared.

Everybody was shocked by the words.

"My Lord!"

What did "My Lord" mean?

Generally, it was how a man in the court called his higher authorities.

[Hmm. The man we were trying to kill claimed to be an official of the Kingdom of Chen. The ‘My Lord’ he said had surely revealed the truth to us.

That godlike killer must be a man of the royal court of the Kingdom of Chen.

That is out of our expectation. There is actually such a super powerful cultivator in the royal court!]

Everybody was worried. [If… If we truly go fight against the royal house and encounter that man, how likely can I survive that?]

Thinking and thinking, they all felt wet and cold in hands!

Everybody knew that they only had mere chance to survive that!

It was just such a terrible person!

There was a man on the opposite side against the assassins who saw the whole thing. It was the chief plotter of the whole issue.

It was Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao tried so hard trying to make the Sunlight Sect start a fight against the Boundless Lake. He was exhausted. He thought that it should be easy for Liu Changjun to complete the task, so he didn’t plan to come and help him. However, he still felt worried about it, which should have been out of no reason. After thinking for a while, he eventually came to this place to make sure everything went well. When he had just arrived, he saw Ning Biluo playing a good show!

Ye Xiao was shocked. He looked at them and felt thrilled. He felt like at least ten thousand alpacas were running over his heart.

[What the hell…

Ning, you are awesome!

You just stand there and shocked all those assassins back!

That must be ‘a small knife stops all’!

That is overwhelming, invincible, unbreakable.

But… But… I told you to arouse dissension here… That is what you should do. Now you are being awesome. That is right. What then? Where is the dissension I want?

Where is it?]

Ye Xiao was upset. He was extremely speechless!

[You are not making any dissension. You are teaching them…

I give up to you!

I truly do!]

"That was awesome! That was domineering!" Liu Changjun said it again and again.

Ye Xiao just got into the door and heard him.

Liu Changjun was covered by miserable wounds, but that didn’t stop him from being shocked and thrilled!

His voice was shaking and his eyes were full of passion.

That was a milestone fight in his life. From that, he finally got to know what a super cultivator should be like!

[A man should be vigorous and domineering like that, or he is just wasting his life!

A sword stands while all men bow to it!]

Liu Changjun felt thrilled and excited whenever he thought of that scene!

Before that, Ning Biluo was just someone Liu Changjun feared for, however, Ning Biluo now became his idol!

In Liu Changjun’s heart, Ye Xiao was the No. 1, while Ning Biluo was No. 2!

Hmm. No. At this moment, Ning Biluo was No. 1, while Ye Xiao was only No. 2!

Ning Biluo looked calm and cold as he helped dealing with the wounds on Liu Changjun’s body.

Liu Changjun was lucky but unlucky at the same time. It was a simple task, yet he didn’t complete it and even got hunted by thousands of assassins. However, it wasn’t quite a bad thing. Ning Biluo took off dozens of flying weapons from Liu Changjun’s wounds. There were darts, flying needles, flying knives, iron caltrops… There were so many different weapons, but none of them caused any fatal wound. How lucky he was!

It wasn’t so lucky though!

When Ye Xiao entered the room, he heard Liu Changjun’s words. He sighed. "Oi, listen, I don’t understand… You have totally failed the mission. We have a perfect strategy, but now you made things go to the opposite direction. What are you happy for? It is so hard to understand!"

The two assassins were both stunned.

Liu Changjun was idolizing Ning Biluo while Ni Biluo was enjoying it, even though he tried to pretend he wasn’t. They were both shocked.

Ye Xiao rubbed his forehead and said, "Come on, brothers. You can be better. Where is the dissension I told you to make? Where is it? Where is the mischief? Where is the discord?"

The two of them stopped enjoying. They finally remembered their missions, and they both felt shame so they lowered their heads.

Ye Xiao sighed and gave a thumbs up. "You failed, and one of you kept praising the other while the other is enjoying it. Isn’t it too good for you…"

The two of them blushed.

Ye Xiao sighed.

He had thought about a few plans that should be proceeded after they completed the first tasks. It should be coming one by one. Now it was obviously not possible.

Ning Biluo, the No. 1 Assassin showed up in the capital. That ruined all the plans in Ye Xiao’s brain!

The only thing Ye Xiao wasn’t sure yet was whether those men recognized Ning Biluo or not.

If even one of those assassins recognized him, it would be bad enough for them…

[Brother Ning, Great Assassin Ning, are you here to help or to ruin me?]

"Forget it. Let’s go to Ling-Bao Hall then!"

Ye Xiao made the decision right away.

Since he couldn’t do anything further now, he decided to go back to Ling-Bao Hall and see what would happen.

Ye Xiao could only sigh as he thought, [I was planning to pull House of the Chaotic Storms into this mess. Opportunity comes from bigger disturbance!]