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Chapter 368: Until Death!

Chapter 368: Until Death!

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For an entire night, the only completed task was the dissension between Sunlight Sect and Boundless Lake!

The No. 1 great sect in the Land of Han-Yang and the most powerful assassination association in the Land of Han-Yang!

They were in a historical fight!

Nearly half of the capital was full of fights!

At the end, it was never about hatred or mistakes or anything. It was simply killing and killing!

When there were four men who died in the Sunlight Sect, things had gone crazy.

Two of the top assassins of the Boundless Lake killed two superior cultivators in the Sunlight Sect with their lives!

One of the assassins was a vice master saint! He was exactly the one who went out to buy drinks.

He was a strong one, and he shouldn’t have died so soon. However, he was the one who went to buy the Maiden Red. He loved drinking. It was so hard to have a chance to drink, so he had to drink as much as he could. They hadn’t finished drinking, yet he had already drunk up over a dozen jars of Maiden Red.

He drank like it was his last chance to drink in his life, so raring.

When they were drinking, the Boundless Saint even said something to him specially.

"I can’t watch it anymore.

"Do you really have to? You act like you haven’t drink anything for eight lives…

"It is not like you will never drink again. Do you have to drink like this?" Boundless Saint frowned when he said it.

"Who knows. Maybe I won’t have any chance to drink anymore." The vice master saint kept drinking.

Nobody knew that he was actually telling the truth!

He was so drunk that he couldn’t fully operate his martial arts. A tiny mistake could get him killed under such a dangerous situation. He was like a drunk cat getting involved in a dog’s fight.

He was drunk and he lost it. He didn’t even dare to die.

That was why he was the first one to die on the Boundless Lake’s side!

The Maiden Red he bought became the last drink of his life.

That was liquor for death, also liquor for goodbye!

Two men died. The rest assassins of the Boundless Lake all had bloodshot eyes!

The top assassins were no ordinary figures!

They were all brothers who had been together for dozens of years. Now two of them were lost!

Boundless Saint shouted with sorrow like he was crying!

The smell of alcohol suddenly went away from him.

He was full of regret and condemning himself.

[Why would I have to drink during this dangerous time? It is my stupidity that killed two of my oldest brothers.]

The vice master saint had reached the eighth level of the Sky Origin Stage. If he hadn’t drunk that much, he would have never died, as he was a calm and cautious man!

However, after the drinks, he became bold and reckless…

So he lost his life.

To stay cautious when dealing with many people was the right choice. It was always wrong to keep attacking!

That was why he died so soon.

Knowing it was different from following it!

Boundless Saint was shouting like crazy. He was so heart-broken and he could only vent the emotion by killing!

He kept striking out different techniques. In the dense fog, there were needles flying in and out.

He was known as a man who never used other weapons but only needles, but now he was holding a sword.

It was a sword that was partly hidden and partly visible!

The sword emitted light and there would definitely be blood splashed out! The needles flew out and there would definitely the sound of people screaming!

Boundless Saint was fully operating all that he could!

Dozens of superior cultivators were fighting in a crazy way. Wherever they passed by were encountering the most misfortune. The Heaven Worship Square that was right in front of the royal house was completely ruined. The Crown Prince’s Palace was half ruined when they fought that way. Luckily, they just stayed there for a while.

The Crown Prince’s Palace was surely not the miserable one. Zuo Xiang Fu, the House of Zuo, was the one that suffered the most. As the Boundless Lake’s residence, House of Zuo was destroyed more than a half.

Zuo Wuji gritted with his eyes, with a green face, looking at the cultivators who were fighting in the air.

[A bunch of bastards. Why do they suddenly have to fight on my roof?]

He never knew that he was actually the one who indirectly led to this fight. What an achievement!

Zuo Wuji gave Ye Xiao information about the Boundless Lake. Zuo Wuji gave him advices. He was the one who planned it all.

Ye Xiao was just carrying it out.

It was going right as Zuo Wuji planned, however, they both didn’t see that… the plan would get Zuo Wuji’s house destroyed…

If Zuo Wuji knew the truth, he would throw up. He would puke till he died!

He would definitely catch somebody to pay for the reconstruction of his house!

The fight finally ended with both sides badly damaged.

Boundless Saint fled away with his top assassins embarrassedly. Before he left, he said something, "From now on, the fight between Boundless Lake and Sunlight Sect will never stop until my death!"

If some ordinary people said so, it would be nothing but meaningless words. It would be lucky to survive the fight against the most powerful sect in the Land of Han-Yang. Revenge? Until death? That was simply a sweet dream!

However, it was Boundless Saint who said so. That was not meaningless at all. It meant there would be a most horrible and bloody revenge falling on Sunlight Sect in the future!

In fact, even if Boundless Lake didn’t take revenge on this, Sunlight Sect had already lost much.

Boundless Lake had only lost two top assassins and one vice master saint. Five men were injured, but they all safely retreated. Sunlight Sect had lost much more!

Sixteen men joined the battle at the beginning, and then eight superior cultivators joined in later. Twenty-four cultivators of Sunlight Sect in total got in that fight. Ji Chengfeng was the one who had highest position in the sect. When the fight ended, he made a head count and nearly passed out.

There were only eleven men left!

The others were all slaughtered!

They all died in a miserable way! They didn’t even have bodies left!

Sunlight Sect totally lost the battle.

Looking at those fragmentary bodies and many men in wounds, Ji Chengfeng gritted with his teeth and his face turned dark and green.

"Boundless Lake. I don’t care if it is a mistake or not anymore. We are now enemies until death! This will never end till the Boundless Lake is wiped out!"