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Chapter 369: Spear in Belly?

Chapter 369: Spear in Belly?

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"And… And… Whoever aroused the dissension… Once I find him, I will kill his entire clan! I am going to make that bastard suffer ten thousand years until he begs for death!" Ji Chengfeng thought of such and got emotional. He realized that the inner wound that he suppressed down forcibly earlier has now bursted. He spat out blood mist and fell back on the ground!

He was both physically and mentally wounded.

Before he passed out, he could only say one thing, "Go ask our superior cultivators to come!"

At the same time, Boundless Saint was dealing with the wounds on his body. He gave the order fiercely, "All assassins in Boundless Lake come to Chen-Xing City right away! I am going to kill every single one of the people from Sunlight Sect who dares to come to this city! I will bury them all into the ground of this city! I will slaughter our enemy and show our dignity!"

"Revenge for my brothers!"



A noble man will take ten years to revenge, while a sneaky man would do everything he can for it!

A disaster of the martial world began as Boundless Saint said those words!

It was in the Ling-Bao Hall!

After all these days, Wan Zhenghao had lost weight. He suffered insomnia for night after night.

This night, he heard that there was no restraint outside anymore. People started to fight. He felt even more worried. He heard that those were all Sky Origin Stage cultivators, so he felt rather scared.

[Oh my god. Please don’t make your way here.]

While he was worrying, the window was opened. - Shoot, shoot, shoot. - Three figures showed up in his room all of a sudden.

Three masked men in black with powerful killing intent stood there!

At this moment, Wan Zhenghao felt soft in his legs. He nearly lost his soul and peed and pooped in his pants.

[Here they come… They are here to kill me…]

He felt cold in heart.

He looked at the three men with desperation in eyes. His fat on the body was shaking; that was such a marvelous scene.

"Give us some hot tea and go ask for more hot water," one of them asked. He then saw Wan Zhenghao trembling, so he was curious, "Why are you trembling?"

Wan Zhenghao cried out and finally figured it out, "Oh my bloody god. You three are acting like ghosts. You scared the sh*t out of me… I thought you were assassins here to take my life… I haven’t been wanted with such a high price in thousands of years…"

He finally recognized the voice. It was Feng Monarch.

He so wanted to cry.

[Oh my god!

Our mainstay eventually came back…]

Tears came out from Wan Zhenghao’s eyes. The three men quivered at the same time as they turned over their head.

Even Ning Biluo, who was for the first time so close to Wan Zhenghao, felt horrent.

A huge fat guy crying with tears splashed away was such an unbearable scene to them.

Ning Biluo threw up in mind. [That is too much a scene to me…]

Ye Xiao sighed. He sat on the chair and pulled off his mask. He felt it gross, and he couldn’t bear it anymore.

At this moment, Ye Xiao finally made up his mind to help Wan Zhenghao lose weight!

He would do it for nothing but only his own health. He had to force Wan Zhenghao to lose weight as soon as possible.

Ye Xiao was sure that if he saw Wan Zhenghao like this a few more times, he would lose weight himself, because he would throw up all the time…

It was a pile of real fat and meat in front of him.

If somebody could still eat facing it, Ye Xiao would bow to him! That was no lying!

"Wan, you can be relieved now. We have an opportunity now, so don’t be so desperate. After this, I am going to make more dan beads for you to lose fat. I am going to help you lose weight!" Ye Xiao promised.

Wan Zhenghao was spirited up. He stopped shaking and he didn’t look scared anymore. He asked with his eyes opened, "Really?"

Ye Xiao nodded to confirm.

Wan Zhenghao jumped up. - Wow! - He was so happy, "I trust you, Monarch! No problem! I will ease myself. I won’t be desperate! Fxck it! I am going to survive this!"

With Feng Monarch’s promise, he surely could get those dan beads soon. Wan Zhenghao felt encouraged like never before! He even felt like he could fight against the entire world to live on!

At this moment, his eyes were filled with glow.

He was so cheerful.

He was full of hopes!

He was full of passion!

Liu Changjun was stunned!

"Wan, I thought the thing you fear the most was death! Now I know that, deep in your heart, there is something much more important than staying alive…" Liu Changjun said, "That was losing weight!"

Wan Zhenghao humphed. He looked up and spoke with pride, "You don’t know me. You are just ignorant. I always face death unflinchingly. I am generous, brave, righteous. Do you know it now?"

Liu Changjun was shocked. When he came back to himself, he puked.

Wan Zhenghao laughed. Waves showed up on his body again. He sighed and said, "You don’t know my pain… You know, when a man’s belly drops down to the feet, when a man cannot show his spear under the belly and doesn’t have male capabilities, his spear can only touch his own belly no matter how he tries… It lasts for thousands of years… Do you know what kind of pain it is?"

Wan Zhenghao shouted to the sky, "I am finally going to lose weight!"

His eyes were filled with tears.

"his spear can only touch his own belly no matter how he tries… It lasts for thousands of years…" That made the three of them feel shocked, and then they only felt terrified.

It truly was a terrifying thing if it lasted for thousands of years!

It would terrify every man in the world!

However, they saw Wan Zhenghao’s belly hung down nearly to the floor and they knew they shouldn’t laugh at him. They should show sympathy to him, but no matter how stable and calm they were, they laughed out so loud that it even shocked the heavens!

Ye Xiao laughed so hard that his belly hurt. Ning Biluo had been carrying so much burden in his life and he hadn’t been laughing with joy for many years. However, when he realized what Wan Zhenghao was talking about, he nearly died laughing.