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Chapter 370: Lord Ning!

Chapter 370: Lord Ning!

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Liu Changjun was covered by wounds. When he laughed, he felt pain. However, he was still laughing while he was moaning. "God damn it. Wan… You are genius! Hahahahaha… Ouch… It hurts… Hahaha…"

Wan Zhenghao looked around. He was stunned and then understood what they were laughing for. He was a bit embarrassed, but he had gotten used to it long ago. He had been living like this for thousands of years after all. It was painful but normal to him. He laughed too. While he was laughing, he pointed at Ning Biluo with his fat finger, "Who’s this…"

Ning Biluo laughed wildly too. He didn’t seem like an assassin at all right now.

Wan Zhenghao thought that he must be a man Monarch Feng and Liu Changjun just recruited. That was normal. So he talked like he was the boss.

He acted like Ning Biluo was a new guy coming to see him.

[Hmm. I am Boss Wan.]

"This is Lord Ning!" Liu Changjun introduced seriously.

Wan Zhenghao nodded. [Hmm? Lord Ning?

Then he must be from the royal court.

He must be an official of the Kingdom of Chen.]

Powerful and wealthy like Wan, he wouldn’t have respect for people from the royal court, especially the royal court of the Kingdom of Chen. He just nodded and said casually, "May I ask, which department are you working in? What position? Maybe I am a good friend to your boss."

Liu Changjun was shocked. He knew what was going on quickly. He realized it was a mistake that was cause by the title. He tried not to laugh and spoke word by word, "Lord Ning is in charge of life and death."

Liu Changjun was lying though. It was just an aspect to understand it!

However, he successfully misled Wan Zhenghao.

Wan Zhenghao nodded with indifference. He just made an ‘oh’ as he arrogantly said, "You work in the Ministry of Penalty. Such an important job."

"Lord Ning is not people from the Ministry of Penalty." Ye Xiao couldn’t hold it. He laughed and said, "Lord Ning is working with Yama, the lord of death. It is not our law that he dispenses."

Wan Zhenghao was confused. "Yama? What? Is there a department working with Yama in the government? I have never heard of it…"

Liu Changjun laughed and said, "How can you not hear of Lord Ning. He is a well-known figure. As long as you hear his name, you know what he does."

Wan Zhenghao made an ‘oh’ and indifferently said, "It turns out Lord Ning is a famous person…"

He was thinking that no one important in the court was named Ning.

[I know clearly about it all…

Hmmm. No way. Liu Changjun is an assassin after all. He shouldn’t know many officials in his life. Maybe he just doesn’t know what is important in the court. Oh please don’t make such joke…]

Wan Zhenghao looked down at Ning Biluo upon him and said, "What is your name?"

Ning Biluo gradually stopped smiling. He looked at Wan Zhenghao casually and blandly spoke, "I am Ning Biluo."

"Hmm. Good name. Ning Biluo. Biluo. Hmm. Poetic one. ‘Up in heaven and down to hell he went.’[1] What a beautiful poem… Brother Ning, you truly have a good name… Ah! Ah! No, no, no, no, no…"

When he said that poem, he finally figured out something, but he couldn’t stop talking until he finally realized it.

He moaned.

He was covered by goosebumps.

He stood up quickly and spoke in fear, "What did you say? You are… Ning… Ning Biluo?"

Ning Biluo casually nodded. That was right. He was who Wan Zhenghao thought he was.

Wan Zhenghao trembled and spoke with a shaking voice, "King of Assassins, Ning Biluo?"

Ning Biluo blandly spoke, "So Boss Wan has heard of me. Such an honor…"

"Uh… Ha… Haha… Hahahaha…" Wan Zhenghao acted like there was a windmill in his throat. He stared at Ning Biluo like he had seen a ghost. He was trembling and then suddenly sat on the chair. His eyes were blank and sweat came out on his forehead.

[Oh my god…

Ning Biluo!

King of Assassins…

I… I… I was acting so arrogantly in front of him…

I was too much vigorous, too much righteous, too much fair and square…

Oh my bloody god!]

He only felt dizzy. He could pass out at any second.

What Wan Zhenghao feared the most in the world wasn’t Ye Xiao or Gu Jinlong.

He had been a rich man all the time. The richer he was, the more he feared of death!

Wan Zhenghao was so afraid of death!

He was afraid of Ning Biluo, not because Ning Biluo was strong and powerful...

Wan Zhenghao was afraid of those who killed for money, the professional assassins. He never feared those powerful men. But, as for Ning Biluo, he was the best assassin of all!

That was why Wan Zhenghao was afraid of Ning Biluo the most. Ning Biluo was the No. 1 Assassin in the world, the King of Assassins!

In the thousands years of Wan’s life, the person he was afraid the most changed every hundreds of years. Assassins took turns to be king. The new always followed the old. King of Assassins would die anyway… In the recent twenty years, Wan Zhenghao was afraid of two people.

One was Boundless Saint!

The other was the King of Assassins, Ning Biluo!

However, he was afraid of Ning Biluo more than Boundless Saint.

The reason was simple. Ning Biluo was known as the No. 1 Assassin in the world!

Nobody, not even Boundless Saint could deny it!

It was a sure conclusion!

Wan Zhenghao met the one he was afraid the most in the world for the first time, the most powerful assassin, King of Assassins. He was shaking. He turned around and looked at Liu Changjun with hatred in eyes. "You… You… Bastard! You… You are going to get me killed… Lord Ning… Is Lord Ning… Oh my bloody god…"


[1] A line of a poem, The Song of Everlasting Regret (Bai Ju-Yi, 772-846 AD, China) . Biluo(碧落) is from this poem. http://www.musicated.com/syh/TangPoems/EverlastingRegret.htm