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Chapter 372: Others

Chapter 372: Others

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Ye Xiao naturally put them away in the Water Space to cherish them.

Compared to Sky Space, Wood Space and Water Space, the other spaces had limited gain. What they needed were special and rare stuffs, so it was reasonable that they couldn’t get that much.

For the Fire Space, Ye Xiao only found some Fire Crystal Stones. They were given by Long Clan, which costed a lot of money. When they were put into the Fire Space, after just seconds, they became ashes. Clearly, they didn’t seem to be anything with high value for the Fire Space.

Ye Xiao could clearly feel that the temperature increased a lot in the Fire Space.

In the center of Fire Space, there was a drop of liquid that was shining!

Ye Xiao shook his head and praised, [Fire Crystal Stones are the extremely valuable treasure for fire attributed martial arts. There is qi of fire inside them, and they are hard and firm. However, after hundreds of kilograms of Fire Crystal Stones were put into the Fire Space, it actually all came out with only one drop of liquid!

Everything else was gone!

How can I not be moved by such a scene! It truly is a difficult job to fill this space!]

Ye Xiao had thrown some Spiritual Stones into Spirit Space.

He did it quickly, not much longer than an instant.

However, the Cosmic Hades still shook, as it was too sensitive, especially for the things that it was interested in.

Ye Xiao didn’t dare to put more things into it.

He put lots of strange metals into the Gold Space.

The rest of those treasures, including a huge amount of Spiritual Stones, were gathered into the Space Ring that Ye Xiao snatched from Gu Jinlong.

If he kept putting them into the space, he might have to do it in a rather slow and cautious way. This would give the Spaces some time to digest them. Even though the Cosmic Hades would sense it, it wouldn’t have a chance to burst.

However, Ye Xiao didn’t like it this way. The cold qi eruption was blustering indeed, but it was good for him. It helped him quite a lot to digest it! How could he not let it happen?

That was why he kept some of those stuffs, which would easily arouse the eruption of the Cosmic Hades. Ye Xiao was now quite experienced about that.

As far as he was concerned, those stuffs he saved could lead to seven or eight eruptions of the Cosmic Hades… He was rather confident about it.

[I am in the third level of the Sky Origin Stage. After seven or eight eruptions… That will take me straight to the Spirit Origin Stage!

That is the day I will return to the Qing-Yun Realm!]

He was thinking as he was tidying everything up. He waved his hand again and again. As he waved, things disappeared one after another.

In Wan Zhenghao’s eyes, Feng Monarch was taking everything into his space ring.

[That is normal. If I have a space ring, I can do that too. Maybe a little bit different to him. Feng Monarch really has a super spacious room in the ring!

I never heard there could be such a huge space inside the space ring… However, he is the Monarch. He surely has plenty of good stuffs!]

Only within two hours, all those items were gone clearly.

When Ye Xiao finished it, Liu Changjun had fallen asleep. For him, sleeping was the best way to recover.

The sky started to turn bright…

The fight between Boundless Lake and Sunlight Sect finally stopped after an entire night of fighting. They both went back to deal with their damages and made plans to win the war.

The men from those five clans were all with red eyes looking at the light from the east. They were waiting.

"We go to Ling-Bao Hall at daybreak."

The night had finally passed, and the light came from the sky!

At least thirty percent of the people in Chen-Xing City didn’t sleep for the whole night!

These included people in the royal house, and people living within fifty miles around the royal house…

There were the officials of the royal court, people from all those sects in martial world, assassins…

There was a special person too.

It was someone in the House of the Chaotic Storms.

It was Master Bai.

He didn’t sleep either.

He sat on the wheelchair with crystal eyes. Even if he hadn’t slept for days even years, his eyes would still be clear, calm and steady, like he would never be troubled.

He was listening to the reports from different places in the Chen-Xing City.

He was listening carefully. There was a smile on his face all along. In his heart, he kept analyzing the information he got.

It was clear and logical.

No matter how messy things were, he could sort it into clear lines.

He would make no mistakes on this.

"They have begun struggle. They are trying whatever they can to fight back. Such interesting ways to fight back," Master Bai spoke with a smile and looked at Wan-Er who was beside him.

Wan-Er nodded and smiled.

"It is quite an interesting opponent this time." Master Bai thought and then spoke in a low voice, "It should be Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall… No one else has such vigor and schemes like this."

Wan-Er nodded and said, "I guess so."

Master Bai shook the head and said, "Maybe it is not just him."

He raised his head and half closed his eyes. Two streams of lights emitted from his eyes to the first stream of light from the sky in the morning.

He spoke lightly, "Within just one night, troubles turned up in different places. Maybe it wasn’t him alone doing that… There is someone helping him! That man who is helping him must be the one with schemes."

He faced the golden sunlight from the sky and said, "He must have supports. He found it recently. If he has the ability to break the balance in the capital, he would… He wouldn’t need to ask for help from me that day."

"Moreover, Feng Zhiling might be clever, but it is limited… If he is able to plan all this, he would have known what would happen after the cooperation with me. He would know that I would only solve his problem temporarily. What would come after it was much dangerous. He would know that working with me that day was a wrong choice!"