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Chapter 373: Danger

Chapter 373: Danger

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"So, if he planned all this tonight, he would not ask for help from me. He would rather be squeezed up by the two great sects."

"It would only be an awkward situation for a certain period of time, but my help would lead to a forever impact to all."

"There must be someone else doing the scheme for him."

Master Bai casually spoke, "Now, I am quite interested with the guy who gave him these advices."

He looked at Wan-Er and blandly spoke, "Find this guy!"

Wan-Er stretched her mouth and said, "As you wish!"

Master Bai nodded and stopped the topic. He felt like the guy would never be able to escape because Wan-Er had promised she would find him.

He lightly spoke, "The seven days, it has been two and a half gone. They only started to move tonight. I set up the situation, and they broke it before they set up a new situation for me to break…"

"What a wonderful game. Let me just have fun playing with them."

He smiled. "It needs a good opponent to play games. The stronger he is, the better it feels to win."

"Stirring up the chaos, snatching the world. It is the most interesting game."

"I like it. I hope they can let me enjoy the game this time."

Master Bai showed a calm yet a bit shy smile. He said, "Feng Zhiling and the guy who gave him advices really worked well together. They actually broke the dead situation and converted it into their opportunity. Impressive. Maybe the game will make me feel… more satisfied this time."

"I hope that Feng Monarch can please you. The opponents you faced before were just so boring that I don’t even want to think about them." Wan-Er smiled.

Master Bai nodded and he said, "Why isn’t Xiu-Er still back yet? She should be back when things got messy last night."

Wan-Er smiled and said, "Xiu-Er should be back in three days. I think I have told you the day before yesterday. Maybe you are so into the game and didn’t remember it."

Master Bai shook his head and said, "You misunderstand me. Xiu-Er has a different personality with you. You are soft and gentle, but you will decisively kill with cold blood to complete the mission. You will strictly follow the plan and finish your work in exactly the day you should. Xiu-Er will save some time for things."

"That is why she will definitely save some time. She will do it before the day she planned. She always came back before the day she decided. The mission she was assigned to this time shouldn’t take her that long. Even if she needed to travel from one side to the other in the Land of Han-Yang, it shouldn’t keep her this long. There must be something special happening."

He frowned and said, "If Xiu-Er cannot make it back before noon, you go find her yourself. I feel that there must be something really bad that happened to her. It should be something really nasty…"

Wan-Er was worried. She said, "But in the Land of Han-Yang, who on earth has the capability to mess with the Xiu of Heavens? Even if somebody has the capability, does he or she dare to do so?"

Master Bai didn’t answer.

He lowered his head. A few hairs hanging down from his forehead flew in the morning wind.

The next moment, he suddenly looked up. In his eyes, there were concerns.

"Don’t wait till noon then. Do it now. Take the Fortune Map of Mountain and Rivers!"

Master Bai actually changed his mind.

Wan-Er was shocked. [Master actually said that? He is giving me the Fortune Map Of Mountain And Rivers?

Is Xiu-Er in some great trouble?]

"I will go now."


Master Bai lowered his head.

Wan-Er didn’t hesitate. She had rushed up to the sky in the blink of an eye. The next moment, she was moving in a lightning speed. Even lightning couldn’t catch up with her now!

After seconds, she had disappeared.

Xiu-Er shouldn’t be in any danger. Even if she really encountered some super powerful figure, she could still flee away. No matter who she might encounter, she could get away, because her capability was far beyond the limitation of this realm. Nobody in this realm could truly threaten Xiu-Er.

However, Master Bai, Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were all in restraint. They should not remove the restraint easily. Once they remove it and used their true power in this realm, they would have to face the nine extreme punishments!

That was something they had to deal with by themselves.

Wan-Er was quite nervous at the moment.

She hoped that Xiu-Er was alright.

In fact, she knew nobody could threaten Xiu-Er, but she was worried about Xiu-Er removing the restraint. If Xiu-Er removed the restraint, she would be able to kill anybody by just flicking her finger. However, after that, she would have to suffer the nine extreme punishments. That was a death challenge!

It was simply suicide to remove the restraint!

Master Bai never made wrong conjectures.

Xiu-Er had finished her works and started to go back a few days before the deadline!

She should be back to her master soon.

Thinking about her master, Xiu-Er felt happy full heartedly. [When Master sees me, will he be happy and surprised?]

However, the moment she saw the outline of Chen-Xing City, she felt a stream of cold qi.

It came from that ice mountain. Xiu-Er wouldn’t care about it if it was just some cold qi.

What bothered her the most was that inside the cold qi from the ice mountain, there was a strong vigor in it. It seemed staring at her, stopping her and trying to lock on her!

Xiu-Er looked down only to find that among the white snow and ice, a figure in white clothes and black hair was standing right there in the wind. She could feel the softness and cleanness from that person.

It was like a faery from the moon.

It stood on the ice mountain.

It stared at her.

She couldn’t pass it.

Being locked on by such a figure, she knew she could never escape.

Xiu-Er thought for a while and didn’t hesitate. She got down from the sky immediately.