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Chapter 374: I Know Who You Are

Chapter 374: I Know Who You Are

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She sighed when she was on the way down.

If she wasn’t restrained, she could have just smashed that woman within seconds by waving her hand. They were not in the same league after all!

However, she was under the restraint of the heavenly punishment!

It was difficult to get rid of that woman, not to mention killing her.

That woman was a super powerful cultivator in the Land of Han-Yang!

"Who are you?" Xiu-Er looked at the masked woman in white. A narrow red line shined on Xiu-Er’s white clothes.

The woman in white looked at her softly. The mask only covered her face, but her temperament was vivid. She spoke lightly, "Chaotic Storms. Xiu of Heavens? Lady Xiu-Er truly has a unique vigor."

Xiu-Er smiled blandly. "Are you here to stop me?"

The woman didn’t answer her. She was covered on the face, and Xiu-Er knew that she would never reveal herself, so she stopped asking ‘who you are’.

[I will get to know who you are after.]

The woman in white spoke softly, "Chen-Xing City has become a messy situation. Things are out of order now. Cultivators all crowd together. Lady Xiu-Er, you should better stay away from that. It truly doesn’t fit your dignity."

She spoke with sincerity, "Besides, there are a bunch of filthy men there. It wouldn’t be appropriate for you, such a lady, to go into them."

Xiu-Er’s face turned cold as she indifferently spoke, "Are you questioning my integrity?"

Chaotic Storms; Xiu of Heavens.

There was a time when Xiu-Er was in charge of the business of the House of the Chaotic Storms. She had nearly turned the whole world upside down. She had always been an important figure during those collapses in the history.

Hearing the woman in white, Xiu-Er naturally thought too much. She insisted that the woman was mocking her.

The woman in white realized Xiu-Er was angry, but she was still casual. "Lady Xiu-Er, please don’t mistake me. I mean rather than going into the fight in the city, why don’t we, sisters, sit here drinking teas."

Xiu-Er humphed and then jumped up high. She became a stream of red light boosting in the sky.

She was heading to the capital.

[Talking never solves anything. It is much better take actions.

Don’t you want to stop me?

Try it!]

The woman in white saw Xiu-Er move. She just followed her and disappeared.

The next moment, Xiu-Er felt that someone was staying in front of her blocking her way. If she kept rushing forward, she would definitely crash the woman.

Xiu-Er humphed and then changed her route. She started to go up. She looked like she had been planning to do so all along. She didn’t show any embarrassment at all.

The figure in white was following her. It kept staying in front of her.

Xiu-Er was blocked several times by the figure. She couldn’t stand it anymore, so she made a palm strike fiercely!

The figure in white sighed and said, "Do you have to?"

And then she made a palm strike back too.

The palm attacks were in equal power. - Boom! - It made a huge sound!

That showed Xiu-Er who was the better one. Xiu-Er was rolling in the air several rounds and then flew back out like a kite without strings. When she stood on the ground, she was surprised. She was actually back to where she first stood and talked.

It was exactly the point she had stood earlier.

The woman in white was standing right at where she had been, looking at her softly and blandly.

It felt like nothing had happened just before. She felt like everything was just happening in her own imagination, that she hadn’t gotten away.

Xiu-Er stood on the ground as her face turned dark.

The woman in white was much stronger than she thought!

The woman in white was actually beyond the limitation of the Land of Han-Yang very much!

If Xiu-Er didn’t remove the restraint, she would never be able to get through her and return to Chen-Xing City!

It was simply because there was so much difference between their levels of cultivation!

To make it simple, Xiu-Er, compared to that woman in white, was like an ant being compared to an elephant at the moment. No matter how special, how strong the ant was, it could do nothing to stop an elephant.

If Xiu-Er removed the restraint, even if just a tiny part of the restraint, things would turn around. The ant would become a dinosaur. An elephant was absolutely much weaker than a dinosaur. It was simply the same reason!

However, Xiu-Er was in restraint all the time. She would never able to handle the situation if she didn’t remove it!

In fact, the woman in white was too powerful to be in this realm. She didn’t belong to this world. However, she showed up here. That meant she was determined to stop Xiu-Er.

All in all, Xiu-Er would have to remove the restraint if she wanted to get through this!

In fact, she didn’t have to free all her capabilities. She only needed to remove ten to twenty percent of the restraint and she could be able to take the woman in white down easily. Even the entire Land of Han-Yang would break down under her strikes!

Even the Qing-Yun Realm couldn’t endure the strikes from her, if she removed fifty percent of the restraint!

However, if she did so, there would be a serious cost… When she had the next rebirth, she would have to face the nine extreme heavenly punishment!

It was not just the nine punishments. She would have to bear the punishment she deserved and the nine extreme punishments at the same time. The first extreme punishment would be twice as much as the punishment she deserved. The second punishment would be twice as much as the first. The third would be four times as much as the second. The fourth would be eight times as much as the third…

It went all the way to the ninth!

That was so horrible that even Master Bai’s father… the legendary Mighty Man couldn’t endure!

Xiu-Er would definitely die in that!

To remove the restraint was suicide!

"So you are not going to let me go?" Xiu-Er took a deep breath in and blandly said, "Do you even know who I am?"

The woman in white showed sorrow in her calm and peaceful eyes. She nodded slowly and said, "I know who you are."

Xiu of Heavens smiled and said, "I don’t know who you are, but if you keep pushing me, I will be able to know it as soon as I wish."