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Chapter 375: The Beloved One?

Chapter 375: The Beloved One?

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"I know you must be from the Qing-Yun Realm. Aren’t you!" Xiu of Heavens blandly spoke, "Have you ever heard the bloodshed seven thousand years ago in the Qing-Yun Realm?"

Xiu-Er sounded indifferent, but her eyes were sharp. She looked at the woman in white. "So, please do not push me too hard! Otherwise, when I get to know who you are… Your sect, your family, your friends, your brother and sisters…"

She stepped forward slowly.

While walking, she spoke word by word, "They won’t die. I can assure you, those people will live a long time. They will live for ten thousand years! They can not live even one day less."

She approached the woman in white as she blandly said, "Because that is my fate. Do you understand what I mean?"

The woman in white shook.

She knew. She understood what Xiu-Er meant.

She truly did. She totally did.

Seven thousand years ago, there was a girl who made a bloodshed in the Qing-Yun Realm.

The word bloodshed here was not just exaggerated. It truly was bloodshed in the Qing-Yun Realm!

The girl had wiped out the most powerful sect in the Qing-Yun Realm, Authority Sect, on her own. No one in that sect had survived.

Including the head of the Authority Sect and all the branch sects under Authority Sect, they had all been killed. No less than seven million lives were taken in that event!

Seven million superior cultivators!

Their blood had made rivers crossing the entire Qing-Yun Realm!

The girl was exactly Xiu of Heavens. The person whom the woman in white wanted to stop right now.

If that bloodshed never happened, there wouldn’t be the sects in the Qing-Yun Realm now. Those sects took the place of the Authority Sect, and the woman in white was from one of those sects.

The reason for that bloodshed was simple. It was extremely simple. The son of the headmaster of the Authority Sect wanted to have a girl. That was it.

The girl was… exactly Xiu of Heavens.

The Authority Sect protected their heir. They covered up for him. Again and again, they stood on his side. Finally, the young lad bribed a friend of Xiu-Er. They drugged her.

It was some aphrodisiac!

However, powerful as Xiu of Heavens, she didn’t get affected by the low-class drugs.

When she realized it, she killed the young lad and all his people.

The Authority Sect was furious because of shame, and they started to seek revenge on her. However, they totally pissed Xiu-Er up. Xiu-Er burst in anger and slaughtered seven million men!

"I will wipe them up, those who bully girls!"

That was what she said back then.

Because of this bloodshed, there was a strict rule in the Qing-Yun Realm. ‘Nobody is allowed to occupy a woman in forcible way! You can kill her, but you can absolutely not take her body in nasty ways!’

That was a first strict rule in the Qing-Yun Realm for the seven thousand years!

Nobody dared to disobey.

However, when the forest became bigger, there will be all kinds of birds. The Qing-Yun Realm was a huge world. No matter how it was strictly forbidden, someone would rape. Even the strict rule couldn’t stop them. However, no matter who did so, the sects around the crime scene would do investigations in full effort. No matter who the rapists were, they would kill them. There was no exceptions. Nobody wanted that bloodshed to happen again!

It was after all such a world shocking event! It terrified everybody!

Now, the girl who made that bloodshed was standing right in front of the woman in white.

The woman in white sweated.

She thought that what she was doing now was somehow similar to what that young lad had done.

That was completely a different thing from what she was doing. Why would she feel it similar?

Many sects had done some investigation about the bloodshed. They all found that the mysterious girl had no problem in personality. She might be proud and arrogant, but she wasn’t that violent. The only thing she hated the most was that someone crossed the bottom line of hers!

Apparently, the woman in white was about to cross the line!

In fact, she had hesitated for times whether she would come do this or not!

[That is a huge risk to take!

Is it worth it?

Is it not?]

She thought about it again and again but eventually, there she was.

She finally met the person that existed in legend!

"I know who you are. I know what you have done." The woman in white took a breath in and said, "But I… Cannot let you go back."

They were face to face now.

They were less than three feet away from each other.

The woman in white was struggling in her mind. Her clear eyes showed her pain of not knowing what to choose. "I have a reason that I cannot let you go… The situation in Chen-Xing City… As long as Wan of Clouds is there, there is chances for everything to get better… If you, Xiu of Heavens, go there too… I am afraid… that the situation would burst into a disaster. It will become unpredictable."

She became calm and steady while she said it. She was tough. "I cannot let you through."

Xiu of Heavens stared at the woman in white. She found that the woman was as decisive as she was.

"Why a woman bewilders another?" Xiu of Heavens felt soft and sighed.

She knew that decisiveness.

She understood it!

It was exactly how she felt to her master.

It was something she held for the person she loved the most.

‘I can do anything for you!

Even to die and beyond redemption!'

It was the same feeling.

Xiu-Er sighed slightly. Her eyes turned softer as she said, "Among those men, one of them is the person you love. Is it?"

She asked again, "The man you love?"

She was simply asking about it. She didn’t want to get any information or something. That was actually a question that could lead to lots of information!

The woman in white had the same feeling with Xiu of Heavens. Behind her mask, she showed embarrassment and bashfulness. [Is he the person I love?]

She was confused. She couldn’t be sure. She hesitated but eventually nodded.

In her heart, she said to herself, [It was just an excuse.]