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Chapter 376: Remove the Restraint?

Chapter 376: Remove the Restraint?

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"Who is he?" Xiu of Heavens said, "Give me his name. I can assure you he will not die! My promise do have power!"

She blandly spoke, "I don’t want to remove the restraint now. You don’t want your man die. I have to get pass. So, let’s split the difference. I will save his life. You will let me pass, and I will complete my mission. If you agree, we have a deal."

"That is the most I can give now." Xiu-Er looked at the woman in white. "I think you know that I am capable to rush over you. It is just… Never mind. You know who I am, and you know what I have done. But you still take such risk for the man you love, so I will make a promise for you."

"We are both women."

Xiu-Er’s eyes turned soft. "I know such feeling."

The woman in white showed fluid glance.

She smiled bitterly.

[What a good deal. If he isn’t who he is, maybe I will agree!

However, I can only give myself a bitter smile!]

"I know you are serious about it. I trust every word of you, but I am sorry. You are not able to save his life." The woman took a breath in and said, "You just can’t."

Xiu of Heavens shook and laughed. She obviously thought it hilarious.

[Do you think there is actually somebody I am not able to save in this world?]

"You are a capable figure in the Land of Han-Yang. Almost every single person in this world can be under your control. But the man I want to save is absolutely an exception!" The woman in white was calm and steady.

"Oh, really? Is there a person like that? I do not know it!" Xiu-Er didn’t believe it, but she was interested in it. She wondered who would be the man that Xiu of Heavens couldn’t save in the world!

"Lady, I know pretty well about your true capability. I am more or less a capable one myself. Why would I refuse if I know you can save him?" the woman in white asked.

What she said had surprised Xiu-Er. The woman wasn’t some ordinary figure. Except Xiu-Er, Wan-Er and Master Bai, she must be the strongest figure in the world. How could the person she wanted to protect be just a normal person!

"No matter what, just tell me his name. Even though you are being reasonable, I just cannot trust you. I don’t believe there is anyone I cannot save!" Xiu-Er was being stubborn.

The woman in white smiled bitterly and said, "His name is Feng Zhiling."

Xiu-Er coughed. She felt dry in throat.

She didn’t know what to say.

[Feng Zhiling!]

Xiu-Er bitterly smile. "So he is. No wonder you said I couldn’t save him."

She nodded. "That is right. I cannot save his life."

The House of the Chaotic Storms stirred up the disturbance in the world, and Feng Zhiling was the center of all. No matter how things would go, Feng Zhiling was bound to die.

That was the unchangeable part of the plan.

Even if the House of the Chaotic Storms didn’t plan to collapse the kingdom, Feng Zhiling would die many times, as he had too many supreme dan beads with him!

"Can you save his life, Lady Xiu-Er?" The woman in white asked.

Xiu-Er took in a deep breath as her eyes became sharp. "I guess this is not going to be soft today. You are looking for death!"

The meaning of that was clear to both of them.

Once Xiu-Er removed the restraint and became super powerful, she would vanish in the heavenly punishments.

However, the woman in white would die right now!

The woman in white shook her head. She didn’t seem scared at all. She softly spoke "We are both women. Sometimes, women are silly. Now, I am in my silly moment."

Xiu-Er’e eyes were filled with complicated expressions.

A woman had to be silly sometime in her life.

That hit her heart like lightning.

It hit her heart on the softest part.

She sighed. "You have to understand that even if you die here now, he has to die too. That is the fate. Why are you still willing to die since the result for him will just be the same? Why sacrifice yourself!"

The woman in white shook her head softly. "It is not the same. At least I die for him. I tried. I will die before he does. I won’t be able to hear his death then!"

"I will not hear his death, so I will not feel sad."

Xiu-Er was shocked as she murmured, "Good! Fantastic. It is a shame. I may let him live if this is not for my master’s great plan."

"If things weren’t like this, maybe we two can be good friends, sisters. Look what fates have done."

"However… I have no choice now. I believe you will be free when you die. I will die after you. That is after all your honor!" There was fire dancing in Xiu-Er’s eyes.

That was real fire.

That was fire from deep inside her soul!

She was about to remove the restraint. She spoke word by word, "… It is your honor, so is mine! There are not many women whom I think are real women… You are absolutely one real woman!"

"I understand you! So I am going to kill you!"

The woman in white blandly smiled. "Thanks for understanding."

"Thanks for fulfilling my wish!"

She stepped backward and then pulled out a sword.

The sword was limpid in front of her chest.

That was enough talking.

What left to be done was to fight.

The fire in Xiu-Er’s eyes were nearly bursting out.

That was her special gift. Her Destined Fire!

Once she used it, that meant she removed the restraint. She would become absolutely invincible in this world!

Xiu-Er’s eyes were filled with sentiments, helplessness and lament.

If she had another choice, she would never use the Destined Fire. However, she had to use it to get pass this.

She didn’t want to die. She had been imagining the future when she and Master Bai lived for thousands after thousands of years, giving birth to children for thousands of generations.

However, that woman stopped her!

In this low-class realm, she showed up as a superior cultivator from the higher realm!

She was a superior cultivator that Xiu-Er could never defeat if she didn’t remove the restraint!

Xiu-Er had nothing to do but only to remove the restraint.

However, it meant she had to give up on all the hopes she had for the future.

The problem was that she couldn’t hate that woman, even though the woman made her lose her future.

They both wanted to help the men they loved!

They were both women!