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Chapter 377: Two Wonderful Beauties!

Chapter 377: Two Wonderful Beauties!

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Why would a woman bewilder another woman? A woman will bewilder another woman for the man she loved, and the woman will be bewildered for her beloved one too!

"If Wan-Er is here… Or Master is here…" Xiu-Er bitterly smiled. She then stretched her arms and gently spoke, "Phoenix covers the sky with its tweet shocking the world. The real fire…"

The fire was about to burst on her body…

At this moment, a figure rushed over rapidly from far away. She hurriedly shouted when she was still hundreds of miles away. "Stop it!"

She sounded in a hurry, like she was going to spit out blood!

That was Wan of Clouds!

Wan-Er had been rushing over like lightning!

When she was moving, her sleeves actually made the sound of thunders.

That was some impressive vigor!

Only cultivators who nearly reached the Dao Origin Stage could make it.

Wan-Er actually showed such a thing in the Land of Han-Yang. She wouldn’t have done it if she didn’t have to. That showed how urgent she was at that moment!

She had never seen her master being so upset before.

That was the first time!

Her master had never made any false prediction before for thousands of years.

Since he said so, Xiu-Er must be in trouble, big trouble!

Xiu-Er was very likely in some very dangerous situation!

Facing such a situation, she would very likely remove the restraint! That was the last thing Master Bai and Wan-Er wanted too see!

Thus, Wan-Er rushed all along like lightning, like she was running for life.

When she got out off the city and moved ahead further, she finally sensed Xiu-Er. She didn’t dare to delay, so she flew ahead rushing! She then felt a mass of energy emitting like it was going to explode at any second!

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er had been together for so many years. They knew each other so well. Wan-Er knew that Xiu-Er was in trouble and she was about to remove the restraint!

She then shouted loudly before she could get any closer to them. "Stop it! Don’t do it!"

And then she fell between Xiu-Er and the woman in white like a falling meteorolite!

It was like a spear falling down from the sky!

"Xiu-Er!" Wan-Er looked at Xiu-Er and screamed, "Hold!"

She didn’t need to say anything more. Xiu-Er shouted and then the fire on her suddenly disappeared. The fire in her eyes started to flow back like water deep into her eyes.

The next moment, she turned aside her head.

"Wah! Wahhhh…"

Six times, she spat out blood. It made the ground all red. Where the blood went in the ground, it appeared like it was burned!

After spitting out the blood, Xiu-Er’s face turned pale. She shook and then nearly fell down to the ground.

"Go to hell!" Wan-Er saw Xiu-Er in misery and she felt painful in heart. She waved her hand and shouted, "Destined Sword!"

- Clang! -

A sword showed up in front of Wan-Er’s chest with cold light. - Shoot! - It went to her hand. She waved the sword and then it turned into the shape of a flower emitting thousands of cold sword lights!

At the same time, she shouted, "Xiu-Er! Destined Fire Sword!"

The sword light flashed and she was about to attack.

She had always been gentle, but now she wanted to kill.

She hated the woman in white and she wanted her dead!

Wan and Xiu were strong all the same, restrained or not. Since Xiu-Er couldn’t defeat the woman, nor could Wan-Er. However, if they fought together, things might be different!

They were both less than one percent powerful as they were unrestrained, however, when they fought together, they could be over ten percent as powerful. They had their Destined Weapons too. It wouldn’t be hard to kill the woman in white. It would only take some time!

They fought together. Master Bai had once said something about this…

Two wonderful beauties!


"Wait…" Xiu-Er coughed and her face turned red. She insisted, "Don’t kill her!"

Wan-Er was surprised. She turned around to look at Xiu-Er. "You… She nearly forced you to remove the restraint. You may have died and vanished forever… You… You don’t want her dead? Why not?"

Xiu-Er coughed and said, "She… She knew who we are. She knew what would happen. But she still insists. She… She did it for her man…"

Wan-Er turned silent.

Maybe only she understood Xiu-Er.

[She knew who we are, so she knew what would cost her to do such a thing today! However, she did it, without hesitation.

She has a simple reason. Her man!

We are also doing whatever we can for the one we love!

We suffered the punishments, made chaos, for our beloved one!

We will die for him!

Again and again, for thousands of years, who knows how we feel?]

The woman in white looked at Wan-Er and Xiu-Er with complicated expression. She smiled and said, "Lady Wan-Er is here too. That is a surprise. Since you are both here, why don’t you both stay."

She was being gentle. "That is perfect. We make a clear line between them. Let the men die for their own businesses. We, sisters, just sit here and have some nice chat. What do you think?"

Wan-Er coldly spoke, "You can drink whatever you want. We need drink tea."

The woman in white smiled. "There is always a beginning for everything. Maybe after the tea today, you two will feel hard to leave it…"

The woman in white was, as expected, Bing Xinyue.

Ye Xiao had worked so hard for an entire night for her. Bing Xinyue surely felt moved.

However, the man was so proud. She couldn’t say anything.

Besides, she needed to concern about her own position, and her disciple’s position…

She could only watch the man leave and then secretly do something for him.

She didn’t want to do it in the Chen-Xing City.

Feng Zhiling would know it if she did. He would stop her. Even though he knew he wasn’t able to, he would try his best to stop her. That was his pride and dignity!

That was why she decided to stop Xiu of Heavens outside the city.

The murders for thousands of years of the House of the Chaotic Storms were in the charge of Xiu of Heavens! If she wasn’t there, Feng Zhiling would be released from at least half of his depression!

It would reduce half the danger to him.

At least, Wan of Clouds was a gentle and soft one. She wouldn’t just kill somebody cold bloodedly.

Bing Xinyue knew what she would face, but she still did it.