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Chapter 378: Fortune Map of Mountain and Rivers

Chapter 378: Fortune Map of Mountain and Rivers

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She did it. She did successfully stop Xiu of Heavens!

If Wan of Clouds didn’t show up, Xiu of Heavens would eventually remove the restraint. Although Bing Xinyue would die, Xiu of Heavens would die after her!

However, at the moment, she had to face Xiu of Heavens and Wan of Clouds at the same time. She felt helpless.

They were both legendary figures.

She might be able to handle it for some time if Wan and Xiu were just simply fighting together, but if they operated some special martial art to upgrade their joint force, Bing Xinyue would definitely fail. However, she didn’t fear death. The longer she delayed them, the more possible he could get away from it. No matter how things would end, she would have no regret to it…

However, the next moment, things went to an unexpected direction again.

Wan-Er murmured, "Since you don’t want to kill her, …"

Suddenly, she shook her wrist. The sword disappeared. After that, a picture scroll showed up in her hand. It was stretching out. She shouted, "Xiu-Er!"

Xiu of Heavens didn’t hesitate. She waved her hand too and caught the other side of the scroll. At the same time, they both shouted. A stream of white light emitted out from their hands.

The light slowly went into the scroll.

That scroll suddenly shined with bright lights. - Boom! - Colorful lights came out after. That was some extremely beautiful lights. Within seconds, it filled up the entire space!

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er disappeared under the watch of Bing Xinyue.

"Let’s see in Chen-Xing City."

Wan-Er added, "You cannot stop us."

Bing Xinyue only felt dizzy. When she was back to herself, she couldn’t find anybody there anymore.

What was it’? Wan and Xiu might be some super cultivators in this world, but it was just in this world. For Bing Xinyue, the restrained Xiu and Wan were never strong opponents. They should never be able to just disappear in front of her. But what just happened then?

The next moment, what terrified her the most happened. In front of her, it was obviously the Chen-Xing City!

Bing Xinyue surely wouldn’t mistake it.

Royal house, House of Zuo, Crown Prince’s Palace, and… There was Chu Chu’s residence too. Also, she saw Ling-Bao Hall!

"I should be outside the city. How can I suddenly come inside the city instantly?" Bing Xinyue was lost in thoughts. "This must be an illusion. I must be in some delusion!"

However, everything was so real in this place.

Bing Xinyue touched the wall beside her. It was hard and rough.

"What is this? What kind of magic is this! How can it be so real?!"

Bing Xinyue bit on her tongue. She felt pain. Suddenly ,she shouted and rushed up like an arrow. She reached up to a thousand meters high in the sky!

[No matter what illusion it is, if I stand high enough in the sky looking down back on it, how could it still cover my sight! Since you can make an entire Chen-Xing City, can you make the whole Kingdom of Chen?]

However, as she looked down from high in the sky, what was in her sight was still the Chen-Xing City as she could remembered. The land around the city was also the same. It was all like she remembered!

It was completely the same.

It did not look fake at all!

If that was magic, it must be powerful enough to break the rule of nature!

Bing Xinyue stayed in the sky thinking.

She was sure that it was an illusion. She just kept thinking about how she could break it.

The next moment, her pupils in eyes stretched.

From Ling-Bao Hall, there came out dense smoke!

A strong aura of killing spread out from that place.

There seemed to be thousands of men fighting!

Bing Xinyue calmed down and didn’t believe it. [It must be illusions! It only shows me whatever I am thinking about! Whatever I am worried about, it will show up! How come nowhere else will there be a fight but only Ling-Bao Hall? Things in dreams are fake, but what I am dreaming will become truth!"

She always had a clear mind. She had never been covered by illusions.

The next moment, she couldn’t help but open her eyes widely.

From that smoke, there was some black dots rushing out like crazy.

It was rushing rapidly.

After them were lots of black dots chasing them.

The black dots kept moving rapidly, escaping from the hunt… Everywhere turned red…

After they rushed out a thousand meters, Bing Xinyue finally confirmed that they were humans!

They were getting closer and closer…

The first black dot who led the group was exactly Feng Zhiling, Monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall!

Beside him there was two people. He only had two people with him now…

The three of them kept rushing forward like lightning. After them there were lots of assassins in black like tides. They kept rushing over to them. On the way where the three of them rushing was over, there were assassins that showed up…

Sword lights were like lightning. Sword breath blew up the sky. All attacks got to Feng Zhiling and his men.

Feng Zhiling kept rushing ahead. His body was already full of wounds and blood.

He kept rushing and blood kept coming down from his body.

Wherever he went, there was a path of blood on the floor!

It was all red!

It was not bad enough to move Bing Xinyue yet.

However, on Feng Zhiling’s face, it wasn’t fear or panic. He only showed coldness, calmness and steadiness.

Even though he was under such circumstance, even though he was running in the end of his life, he was still showing a calm and cold face. He was proud as usual!

That was a pride that came from the peak of all!

[Even though I am badly wounded, my pride is high upon the clouds!]

He just kept rushing forward, enduring everything that struck to them.

As he moved ahead, blood came out all along!

Bing Xinyue felt her heart in pain. She kept reminding herself, "That is fake! This is an illusion! It is not in the Chen-Xing City! Absolutely not…"

At the moment, Feng Zhiling had reached a street. Assassins in black came out from the roofs of the houses on both sides like magic. Endless sword lights, sword rains, strikes and chops fell down crazily to him at the same time.