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Chapter 379: Trapped!

Chapter 379: Trapped!

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During the fight of Feng Zhiling and his men, one arm after another flew up apart from the bodies, and one head after another rolled up apart from the shoulders. On the floor, there were some bodies without heads, but only with blood jetting out from their necks.

As for Feng Zhiling and his men, they had slaughtered many people while they were wounded many times.

When they made a turn in the street, they would go to a forest not far away.

At this moment, even though Bing Xinyue knew it was only an illusion, she felt sweat in her hands. She kept murmuring in mind, [Hurry! Hurry up… Take a turn there. You will be safe in that forest…]

Finally, Feng Zhiling shouted and then flew up all of a sudden like a black arrow shooting up. He boosted towards the corner where they could take a turn to the forest. When they got pass that corner, they would be in the forest. That would give them a much bigger chance to survive.

At this moment, Bing Xinyue felt some terrible discomposure in her heart.

She looked up in panic only to find that there was a man in black standing on the roof like a great mountain. In his hand was a sword shining an eye-dazzling light!

The sword was covered by flowing lights. It was luminiferous. It even shined over the sun!

When Bing Xinyue noticed that man, the sword had already flown out like a shooting star!

That sword was so fast that it even moved over time and space!

It was a sword strike that went beyond time and space!

The lights on it had only shined, yet it was already shot out!

Feng Zhiling had reached the highest point in the air. He was in a limited speed already. It would only take him a second to fall down and get to the forest.

At this moment, the sword was like a shooting star coming to him. It went through Feng Zhiling’s body from his back in an instant!

It didn’t even slow down a bit; it entered from his back and left from his chest!

There was the warm blood of Feng Zhiling’s heart on the sword. The sword with blood on it shined with a cruel red. It didn’t slow down, only shot out for another hundreds of meters until it stabbed into a tree.

Bing Xinyue saw it and suddenly felt all broken inside her!

In the sky, Feng Zhiling stopped in the air.

His slim body was just hanging in the sky. He looked down and saw his empty chest.

His face was still calm and peaceful, and his eyes were still cold and steady. He didn’t show any panic at all.

It seemed he didn’t care about life or death at all!

Looking at the hole in his chest, Feng Zhiling made a weird smile. He sighed. He looked tired and lonely.

He didn’t make a sound.

He just looked up to the sky silently.

On his face, that was pride in peace.

His dim and lifeless eyes were still filled with pride and loneliness.

He just stayed in the air, looking up to far away. The coldness and loneliness in his eyes, the pride and toughness on his face, seemed to form into some words from his heart.

‘In the world, only people betrayed me, I have never betrayed others! That is my pride!’

‘When people are in danger, I tried my best to help! When my country was in danger, I did what I can! Now that I end up this way, nobody stood up to help me, but I never regret!’

He didn’t say any of these words.

However, the pride and vigor he showed, which were almost reaching the sky to the heavens, had delivered it well.

Bing Xinyue’s heart stopped beating at the moment.

She opened her mouth, looking obsessively at the figure in the sky.


Feng Zhiling couldn’t keep staying in the air anymore. He was in the same gesture, only falling down to the ground.

He was like a kite without string.

His black hair was blown up by the wild wind, flowing in the air. When he was falling, his head was still raised up. He still kept the pride that he looked down upon all in the world!

In Bing Xinyue’s heart, there was only sorrow.

Endless assassins in black came out with swords shining colorful lights. They were fierce and rushing over to Feng Zhiling’s falling body.

The sword lights shone along with the glow of the sun.

Their swords chopped down. Apparently, they were trying to dismember his body.

That figure had lost its power to resist… It had lost its energy to live as it kept falling down silently.


Bing Xinyue couldn’t stand it anymore. She didn’t care whether it was an illusion or not. She stopped thinking about whether it was reasonable or not. She could not keep calm anymore. She screamed out with sadness. She rushed down like a long rainbow crossing the land! She was fast like lightning!

She rushed over to the body that was surrounded by sword lights!

She rushed over due to the pain in her heart.

She could feel that her heart had been torn apart into hundreds of pieces. It was the kind of pain that would last forever!

"You all should go die!"

She rushed into them and held the body.

On her face, there was only vigor of righteousness!

His body was still warm.

However, he had no breaths anymore. His body was getting colder and colder.

Only his eyes were still looking forward with calm and coldness.

Bing Xinyue was nearly broken down!

She looked at her own hands that were quivering. She hated herself because she didn’t do anything to help earlier. She only found that on her hands there was only blood, Feng Zhiling’s blood!

Bing Xinyue was lost in sorrow and shouted to the sky. Suddenly, she pulled out her sword. - Clang! - She silently rushed into the crowd of assassins in black with red eyes, and then she shouted, "All of you should go to hell! Die! Die! Die!!"

She didn’t know that she had burst into her extreme cultivation power. In the Land of Han-Yang, how could the world hold such power! However, the world she was in didn’t collapse!

She was immersed into the sorrow of losing Feng Zhiling and could think of nothing else!

On the top of the ice mountain, Wan-Er and Xiu-Er took a breath out lightly. They waved their hands and the colorful lights were gone.

It was still the picture scroll in Wan-Er’s hand.

She held it in hand gently. Such a delicate scroll.

In fact, they never had disappeared in front of Bing Xinyue. Things were not like Bing Xinyue had seen. It was Bing Xinyue who disappeared. She was dragged into the scroll herself!

What a treasure. It actually dragged a super cultivator like Bing Xinyue into it. How splendid!

"Finally, we made it," Wan-Er said lightly, "this woman… Sigh."