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Chapter 380: Visitors?

Chapter 380: Visitors?

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Xiu-Er was worried as she said, "Is she going to be okay? She has been dragged into the Fortune Map of Mountains and Rivers."

Wan-Er smiled and said, "How could she not? Don’t you remember how many people have been taken into this Fortune Map of Mountains and Rivers? Did anything happen to them?"

Xiu-Er took a breath out with relief, "That’s good. It will be such a shame for such a woman to suffer any misfortune."

Wan-Er nodded and smiled.

Suddenly, Xiu-Er seemed jealous and she said, "Wan-Er, you are so good. You actually took the map with you. The way Master treats you really makes me jealous!"

Wan-Er humphed and spoke with jealousness too, "Pah. It should be me who are jealous! You are the good one. Master sensed that something wrong happened to you, so he was so worried. He even gave me the Fortune Map of Mountains and Rivers. He urged me to save you. It is my first time to see Master in such a hurry like that for all these years! He is worried for you. Do you understand?"

Xiu-Er was stunned and she said, "Really?" On her face she showed softness and happiness. She was asking a question, and she acted like a baby girl being shy.

"Absolutely. Now you know who should be the jealous one, don’t you?" Wan-Er rolled her eyes and said, "Look at the stupid infatuated face. Cut it off!"

Xiu-Er was happy and she said, "Master is so nice… Cough… Puff…"

She was so happy, but then started to cough. She coughed out blood.

"You… You had done one third of the removing process?" Wan-Er widely opened her eyes, "Don’t move! Do not move a bit! You silly girl!"

She quickly took out a dan bead and fed it to Xiu-Er. She murmured, "Look at you. Even if she could stop you for a while, she wouldn’t push you to death. At least she is not able to kill you… You just need to buy more time and there will be opportunity… The day Master planned is four days later. Why are you in such hurry? I truly have no words for you…"

Xiu-Er’s face turned pale and she smiled. "I can’t be even a bit late. We… How can we let Master down? I, Xiu-Er… will never let Master down. Not even a bit…"

"Like that woman just now. She could die for her man. My heart is similar to hers."

Xiu-Er took a breath and went on, "The man has such a woman, our Master does too!"

"You fool…" Wan-Er was annoyed and worried. "Do not speak. Don’t you know your own situation now?"

While she was speaking, she spread her spiritual mind to sense something around. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. "There is a cave on this ice mountain. That’s a good place to go… Come!"

She held Xiu-Er up and then rushed ahead.

They got into the cave.

"Hmm? I wonder who made this cave. It is connected to all directions. Such a spacious room. It is absolutely not natural…"

Wan-Er was satisfied and she looked around, "Xiu-Er, start your martial art right now. Do not think of anything else. Use the World Righteous Heart to suppress the one third of the restraint power. I will protect you. Don’t worry. Just take care of it first!"

Xiu-Er nodded and sat cross-legged.

The impact on her had gone to a level that she had to deal with it now!

If she delayed it longer, she would have to face the Nine Extreme Punishments!

Wan-Er was guarding her. She looked around with alert.

They didn’t know that it was exactly Feng Zhiling, Feng Monarch, who made this cave!

It was just a few months earlier in this cave.

At that time, he was much weaker than he was now, yet he killed the Dao Origin Stage cultivator, Gu Jinlong!

He did it with good luck though!

When Wan-Er and Xiu-Er got into the cave, it was already late in the morning.

In fact, it was noon of the third day after the auction ended! The sun was right at the highest point in the sky!

In Ling-Bao Hall, Ning Biluo, Ye Xiao and others had rested for half a night.

Liu Changjun was recovering fast after taking a supreme Pei-Yuan dan bead and operating his own martial art himself. He would be recovered to a good condition after another few hours. The supreme Pei-Yuan dan was the best medicine for him. However, not everyone would use supreme dan beads like this. It might be too much a waste.

At this moment, someone came to report.

"Men representing the five clans has come for visit."

"Five clans?" Ye Xiao frowned. He was surprised.

"Yes. Long Clan, Dongfang Clan, Ximen clan, Beigong Clan, Song Clan. Five clans under Long Clan, Long Tianyun’s lead. They are to meet Boss Wan and Feng Monarch."

It was an assassin who came in to report. He was slim and fit.

He had reported clearly.

As Ning Biluo once had said, ‘If a man becomes a well-known assassin, there will be no job that he cannot do well in.’

As expected, this assassin had been doing well as a guard. It was a waste to use a man like him this way though.

"What are they here for?" Ye Xiao looked at Liu Changjun. Liu Changjun was confused too.

It was Ning Biluo who took charge of the five clans business the other night. Ning Biluo had disappeared, but he was surely around Ling-Bao Hall. However, nobody could find him except if he showed up himself or Ye Xiao made him to. No one else could do it.

"Ning," Ye Xiao spoke in heavy voice.

A black shadow moved. Ning Biluo showed up beside Ye Xiao like a ghost. He looked at Ye Xiao. Under Ye Xiao’s watch with inquiry, Ning Biluo said, "Last night, they felt stressed. They realized they could trust no other sects or forces. I reckon they must be here to seek for alliance and help."

"Alliance? Help? Is it possible?" Ye Xiao frowned.

Apparently, Ye Xiao was not a man with schemes. If Zuo Wuji was here, he would instantly figure out what Ning Biluo might have done the other night. Although Zuo Wuji wasn’t a man of martial world and he knew little about the dirty businesses among sects and other forces, he knew things about people. Where there was people, there was martial art, there was love and hate, right and wrong, allies and enemies. It was the same in the court. What decided all was profits. Ye Xiao knew it too, but he was too proud to think much of it.

Now that he wanted to think more about it, there was not much time for him.