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Chapter 381: Burning Incense?

Chapter 381: Burning Incense?

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"Let me have a look." Wan Zhenghao stood up and went out with his fat swaying on his body.

Even Boss Wan was much better than Ye Xiao in schemes and the way to deal with people. That was what he had been doing for thousands of years after all. Ye Xiao might have been one of the most powerful figures among cultivators, but he actually knew little about worldly concerns!

Boss Wan didn’t feel quite comfortable staying around here and he felt stressful. That was another reason.

In the midnight of that day, after Ye Xiao arranged everything well, he asked something casually. What he said led to a dumbfounding thing.

"Wan, you have been the richest man in the Land of Han-Yang for so many years, why haven’t you raised your own forces? Why don’t you recruit some superior cultivators as your men? Your wealth must be beyond all those kingdoms. You should have had some stronger men!"

Ye Xiao felt confused about it.

A rich man as Wan Zhenghao, who was most scared of death, actually didn’t have any master level Sky Origin Stage guards around him. That was against the nature!

Usually, since Wan Zhenghao wasn’t surrounded by lots of superior cultivators, he should at least have several super powerful cultivators…

Wealthy and capable like him, he should easily get himself some people as long as he asked for it. Money could always drive gods or ghosts. It was the rule of everywhere. Ling-Bao Hall was wealthy enough to feed more people!

Wan Zhenghao looked upset. "Of course I wanted some. I am not a fool. But it was Gu Jinglong who was in charge… He didn’t allow me to have my guards. I found one, he killed one…"

Ye Xiao felt it weird and said, "All these years, you have been the richest man in this land. I am sure there should be many people who wanted to rob you? What would you do if somebody got to you?"

"Well… Then…" Wan Zhenghao’s face turned red.

"What? You can’t say it?"

"Yes, I can. It is just… Gu told me that I was the one who was chosen by gods, so I only needed to burn some incense…" Wan Zhenghao stuttered.

"You what? You are what? Burn incense?" Ye Xiao was surprised by the unexpected answer, "What incense?"

He thought, [My god. That is why I always can see him burn incense and kowtow sometimes… There is a reason for that?]

Wan Zhenghao coughed and said, "At that time, Gu told me that I was chosen by gods. I would have life that never ended and wealth that never dried. No matter what trouble I met, I just needed to burn the incense he gave to me and everything would be fine… However, I have to use it when things are in real danger. If I use it casually, it will reduce the blessings I got from gods. That is what I have been doing… Money can solve many things, but sometimes, when I met something that cannot be solved by money, I burned that incense. It worked though. When I burned that incense, people who made trouble for me died…"

"Those that money couldn’t solve were all solved after…"

"As time passes, for thousands of years, there have never been anybody who dared to mess with Ling-Bao Hall. How do you think we survive in this Land of Han-Yang ignoring all those kingdoms? We never support any of them, and no matter who messed with us, they all eventually died. For all these years, when you mess with House of the Chaotic Storms, you can still be alive as long as you swear loyalty to them. However, whoever messed with Ling-Bao Hall all died! So when you decided to support Kingdom of Chen, I was worried. But I didn’t think too much about it then," Wan Zhenghao said.

Boss Wang clicked his tongue. Apparently, he was quite proud of his past. However, he then sighed and said, "However, I have recently burned a lot incense, but nothing changed. I wonder if Master Gu is busy recently so he doesn’t have time for us…"

"Burn some incense… Uh! Hahahaha…" Ye Xiao was shocked and then burst into laughter.

With his Dao Origin Stage capability, It was quite easy for Gu Jinlong to put a bit of his spiritual mind on items.

When somebody touched that item, Gu Jinlong would sense it. That was what he had done to Ye Xiao when he gave Ye Xiao the space ring!

However, that was some weird thing.

As the richest man in the Land of Han-Yang, Wan Zhenghao should be good at solving problems with money, yet he actually burned incense to solve his problems when money didn’t work, and he believed that he was chosen by gods. That shocked Ye Xiao.

[What the hell. A super fat guy? Chosen by gods? Tell me about it!]

However, now Ye Xiao knew the answer to his questions all these days. He finally knew how Wan Zhenghao got through dangerous situations before. That was reasonable. Powerful as Gu Jinlong, it should be easy for him to take down anybody who threatened Ling-Bao Hall.

"Screw it. Incense burning…" Ye Xiao laughed and cursed, "Bloody goddamn Gu Jinlong truly treated himself as a god…"

Wan Zhenghao’s face turned red. At the moment, Boss Wan finally realized that Gu Jinlong didn’t hide and cultivate himself. That was bullsh*t. How could his sworn brother talk about him like this?

He understood why burning those incense wouldn’t work anymore. His god had long left.

Even if he burned all the incense under the sky, it wouldn’t help him any!

Wan Zhenghao didn’t know that Gu Jinlong didn’t just left; in fact, he had long vanished from the world. Even his soul was absorbed by the Egg. He could never answer Wan Zhenghao’s requests…

His incense burning experience had become a joke for Ye Xiao to tell.

Wan Zhenghao blushed.

Ye Xiao laughed at him for a long time.

Feng Monarch put it this way. [I am being super depressed these days. Thank god I got this joke! Before all this mess ends, I can only live with this joke…]

He surely could count on that joke, but Boss Wan was embarrassed to death!

At the moment, as he heard that the five clans were here, he couldn’t wait to go. He wanted to leave this awkward situation. He thought that the five clans had really helped him a big one. That was a weird thought though.