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Chapter 382: Wishful Plan

Chapter 382: Wishful Plan

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Wan Zheng left for the guests, but after just a while, he had already returned.

He laughed and rubbed his hands. Apparently, he was satisfied.

"What is it? Are you really this happy?" Ye Xiao frowned and asked. It was such a difficult thing to be so happy at this moment.

"They are here for cooperation. They want us to support each other and get through this together." Wan Zhenghao shook the fat on his face. "That is such a great thing. It is like a pie in the sky… We have just been worrying about supports, now the five clans dropped in front of us… Heh, heh. God bless. I truly am the chosen one."

"Hmm? Cooperation?" Ye Xiao frowned and looked at Wan Zhenghao with questioning, "How? What do they want?"

"They want…" Wan Zhenghao explained it and then said, "They just want to see you in person… Hey, hey… That is…"

Ye Xiao became solemn. "How is their attitude?"

Wan Zhenghao awkwardly laughed, "Well, they are just as usual… The Eight Noble Clans… Nothing serious… It is a good thing for both of us. We work together, we both benefit…"

Ye Xiao’s face turned dark.

He heard Wan Zhenghao. He knew the five clans had put on airs to Wan Zhenghao. They must be arrogant and even asked for many things. Wan Zhenghao knew that it was a dangerous moment, so he endured it even though five clans were pushing over. He must wanted to get through the danger in whatever price.

However, even though Wan Zhenghao was used to spend money, Ye Xiao didn’t like it!

Ye Xiao knew Wan Zhenghao’s personality, so he didn’t blame him. He just blandly said, "I see. Wan, you go take some rest. They want to see me, then I will go greet them."

There was some sharp lights in his eyes.

The five clans were here for help, yet they dare to put on airs to Wan Zhenghao. How bold!

"Ning, Liu Changjun, come with me!"

He sounded decisive.

Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun were thrilled. [Master is going to play some suppression.

Who dares to threaten my men, should be able to bear the cost!]

They walked beside Ye Xiao out of the door.

The ten people who represented the five clans were sitting on the chairs of the vip hall cozily, drinking tea that was offered by Ling-Bao Hall.

They all felt so high-spirited and vigorous.

When they discussed about this plan, they had agree to a base line. They would see how Ling-Bao Hall reacted. If Ling-Bao Hall acted neither humble nor pushy, they would lower their positions to seek cooperation. They would even offer certain things to make it a deal. If Ling-Bao Hall acted soft, they would agree to just fight together equally against the enemy.

However, they never expected that Wan Zhenghao would be so nice. Wan Zhenghao actually lowered himself so much. The men from the five clans were smart ones. They came to a conclusion. [Ling-Bao Hall must be in a miserable situation. We are most welcomed here to offer cooperation.]

[That is great! That is a good thing for us. Maybe we will spend nothing to make this deal. We can even take something from them as the price of ‘helping’ them. Supreme dan beads are sure things. Treasures are all accepted.]

[Besides, we can just stay in Ling-Bao Hall. No matter what happens next, we can let Ling-Bao Hall go first. Ling-Bao Hall has great forces. Those guards in the auction, they are some unusual forces…]

[And we will not take any reckless moves before them…]

When they were all thinking about their wonderful plan, drinking tea, chatting, crossing legs, and having day dreams, they truly felt relieved.

Long Tianyun’s fact was dark. He seemed in troubled.

[If Ling-Bao Hall was so easy to take advantage of, as the richest organization in the Land of Han-Yang, it should have been sucked up long ago. However, in the history, only House of the Chaotic Storms and Ling-Bao Hall have lived for thousands of years, even though many other forces died.

There are Master Bai, Wan of Clouds, and Xiu of Heavens in the House of the Chaotic Storms in House of the Chaotic Storms, so nobody could take it down. Ling-Bao Hall had no great figures, however, no matter who dared to mess with Ling-Bao Hall, they might be able to get something at the beginning, but if they don’t stop and they keep asking for more, they will die. Ling-Bao Hall is even more horrible than House of the Chaotic Storms!

We are here asking for help, yet we actually tried to take the higher position. We want Ling-Bao Hall to fight first so that we can get some profits afterwards. Isn’t it just asking for death?]

Long Tianyun knew that the man who was in charge of Ling-Bao Hall wasn’t Wan Zhenghao the fat guy. It was Feng Monarch!

Feng Zhiling!

[Monarch Feng is not some normal figure.

The day in the auction, he actually moved House of the Chaotic Storm. He must be a very smart man.

Besides, he can make supreme dan beads. He took out so many supreme dan beads at the same time! That is incredible!

He must have a very special background!

Wan Zhenghao was the easiest one to deal with. He never like fights. He would rather give up something to make peace. However, Feng Monarch may be different.]

Long Tianyun didn’t dare to let loose.

As Wan Zhenghao went back to the inner room, Long Tianyun felt apprehensive. He suddenly had a very ominous feeling

While they were chatting and having teas, the sound of steps clearly came from the inner hall.

Long Tianyun was solemn. He listened so carefully trying to tell how strong the man was.

The other nine people all stopped talking.

They were all superior figures in the five clans. They might be greedy, but the greediness didn’t cover their smartness. Otherwise, the clans wouldn’t have sent them here to represent their clans.

The footstep was getting closer.

They heard the footstep sound and felt surprised. As they could tell, the man who was walking over didn’t seem powerful. He was actually so normal. Step by step, he was approaching.