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Chapter 383: Overwhelming!

Chapter 383: Overwhelming!

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As the sound of footsteps got closer and closer, they felt heavier and heavier in hearts. They didn’t know why.

It was like steps were all stamping on their hearts.

Three men!

They realized from the sound that there were three men walking over.

There was one in front leading the way, while the other two were both in his sides.

They walked in the same pace. They seemed normal but somehow felt like unusual. With no reason, they were making some oppressive aura around the room.

Especially the man who was walking in front. He walked without hesitation. Step by step, he walked just right over to them.

It was just the footsteps of a man, but it made everyone in the vip hall feel oppressed. They clearly felt that this man was so decisive.

It was overwhelming!

Just hearing the footsteps, they could feel that this man was determined to do something. He was determined and decisive to walk ahead. He had the overwhelming aura of fierceness!

It felt like he would walk through anything, whether it was a mountain or a mountain of swords!

No hesitation!

No stops!

If there was a mountain in front of him, he would tread it down!

If it was a mountain of swords, he would break them all!

The steps sounded clearly. It was getting closer and closer. It was like the drumbeats in war. It was full of the overwhelming pride!

They were all shocked. They all sat straight right away!

The man just casually walked over, not even using any martial art. It sounded just like any normal man. However, they all knew that whoever was able to make such footsteps must be some world shocking figure!

He was never an ordinary man!

A shadow flashed in the entrance of the inner hall, and a figure silently appeared.

As he stood tall, his eyes were looking down upon everything.

When he just showed up, he had already looked around and observed all the ten guys.

In his eyes, coldness, disdainful and scorn were emitted.

It was like a king looking at his courtiers.

At this moment, the ten guys felt the fierceness at the same time!

It was something from a much powerful man.

That man seemed to be used to it. He did it this way naturally.

And then he walked slowly to the most luxurious chair and sat down on it. He didn’t hesitate. He wasn’t acting; it seemed all his actions were natural.

When he sat down, he was facing the south. His eyes were filled with coldness, indifference, disdainful and disgust.

He looked so noble and distinguished.

He casually walked in strides and sat down. That was no inferior at all.

Such man just gave everybody one feeling!

This man was like king to them!

[He is the conquerer!

No matter when!

No matter where!

No matter who!

No matter how!

Where I stand,

Should be where the king is!]

He silently sat there, not saying anything. Then, he finally did something; he crossed his legs. He was casual and leisure.

Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun stood behind him at the moment. They looked solemn and stood straight. In their eyes, there was indifference and coldness that looked like they wouldn’t care even if all lives died in front of them.

The three of them arrived and showed the men from the five clans severity. They didn’t say anything. They didn’t need to. It worked better than words.

As the Monarch, Feng Zhiling hadn’t said anything yet. Ning and Liu would never say anything first. The men from the five clans didn’t say anything either. Well, they didn’t know what to say. They were shocked and terrified!

It was a simple reason. They found that Ling-Bao Hall was never weak as they thought. The three men who had just showed up had shown them everything!

They recognized Liu Changjun. He was the one with coldest face, Liu Changjun. He used to be one of the top ten assassins in the world, but now, he was working in Ling-Bao Hall. He was the one who took charge of the security work during the auction earlier.

When the Sunlight Sect wanted to snatch the Supreme Dan bead by suppressing others, Liu Changjun didn’t fear anything. If House of the Chaotic Storms didn’t get involved, Liu Changjun would make the first strike against Sunlight Sect. His courage was enough to make him a big figure, let alone his capabilities. He used to be one of the top ten assassins, so he must be strong.

The one who sat in the middle, they knew him too. He was the real boss of Ling-Bao Hall, Feng Zhiling. He had shown himself in the auction, but only when he needed to ask for cooperation with the House of the Chaotic Storms. People had just seen a side of him or just a small part of his face, but they knew so little about him. They didn’t know where he came from, who he really was, what he was, who his master was, what his background was, how strong he was in cultivation. They knew nothing about him. They only knew that he was a wise man, who had real wise methods. He could move the House of the Chaotic Storms in such a short time. He must be very good at negotiation. Today, they saw him again. He was so overwhelming and vigorous. He was some extraordinary figure for sure.

In fact, the last one was the one they completely had never seen before. His face was cold and he felt strange. They looked at him and didn’t found him special. However, they were all shocked when they thought about it for a while. They had seen him just now, yet they didn’t remember anything about him. If they didn’t look at him again, they could hardly sense him. That was weird to them.

There were two possible reasons for it. First, he was cultivating some very strange martial art that could affect people’s eyes. Second, he was so strong that it was far beyond their knowledge.

The guys from the five clans surely chose to believe that his martial art was special. They didn’t want this man to be much powerful than all of them.

The three men of Ling-Bao Hall were so strong and extraordinary. That was the truth they couldn’t deny. It cooled down the air in the room all of a sudden.

The men from the five clans didn’t know that Ning Biluo was also surprised.

He wasn’t surprised because of the guys from the five clans. He was surprised by Feng Zhiling, Feng Monarch!

He knew that Feng Monarch was actually Lord Ye.

He was Ye Xiao, son of Ye Nantian, the great General Ye.

However, the overwhelming vigor that Ye Xiao showed up at the moment was even fiercer than his father… Even the great general, who had controlled millions of soldiers and shocked the entire Land of Han-Yang, couldn’t be as overwhelming like him.