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Chapter 384: Force!

Chapter 384: Force!

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According to the information Ning Biluo had gathered, about half a year earlier, this young Lord Ye was still one the the ‘three lords in town’. He was just like a foppish young lord. However, now he suddenly became such a figure.

[No matter how deep and how good he is at hiding himself, it is nearly impossible to do so.

How does he make such an overwhelming vigor?

How can he do it?

Such fierce vigor is invulnerable!]

Ning Biluo was on Ye Xiao’s side. He was shocked by Ye Xiao’s vigor, but he was just surprised.

The ten people from the five clans had totally different feelings. They suddenly felt like they were a head shorter than others.

Although Feng Monarch hadn’t said anything to them yet, he had suppressed them so hard already.

The two guys behind him…

The ten of them had the same feeling for them.

[They don’t look like… humans!

They are two sharp swords!

They were two superior swords, one apparent, while the other was latent!

They were just standing there, yet they had made the ten superior cultivators feel like they were in some dangerous jungle of swords and knives. As they looked to their eyes, they felt the terror from the sword blades. They knew there were no swords threatening them, yet they just felt it so real.

It felt like there would be a marvelous sword that would touch them and cut their skins at any second…

They felt cold on their backs.

They were scared!

Superior cultivators!

Top superior master level cultivators!

They had the same instinct!

Guarded by these two, even if Feng Monarch was among million enemies in the battle, he could just be casually watching everything with his hands on his back. Maybe he could just walk from one side to another casually with his hands on the back all the time.

And he would never get injured.

Lots of dead bodies would be left behind him!

[How come? Who are those guys?

Liu Changjun was one of the top ten assassins in the world. He may be good in martial arts and he had shown his braveness and vigor in the auction, but how does he become powerful like this?

Is it the other guy who made this?

The other guy stimulated Liu Changjun’s potential and then they stood together to make such an overwhelming aura?

However, Liu Changjun should be one of the top ten most powerful cultivators in the world. If there was anybody who could stimulate him, what would he be? How strong should he be?!]

The ten guys from the five clans all thought of this. They were all terrified. Even though they didn’t really feel that there were swords on their throats, they felt scared and terrified!

Among them, Long Tianyun had the strongest feeling!

Since he knew Feng Monarch would come out, he felt himself fell down with a cold heart.

Right before Feng Monarch showed up, he realized Ling-Bao Hall would never just act so weak. They had their ace card for sure. However, he wished that he could be lucky enough. That was reasonable.

When Feng Zhiling’s footsteps sounded, his beautiful dream broke down. When Feng Zhiling showed up in the hall, Long Tianyun finally had a right conclusion.

His conjecture was totally wrong!

He had never thought that Feng Monarch was such a proud, arrogant and overwhelming figure!

That was Feng Zhiling’s first image in Long Tianyun.

[How could such a man kneel down in front of others? Especially… we have been real rude to Wan Zhenghao… We acted too proud!

That was a huge mistake!]

When the feeling of sword strikes were haunting them, Long Tianyun understood another thing. [Feng Monarch is simply doing this as a return to our stupid pridefulness!]

He had never thought that the counterattack from Ling-Bao Hall would come so soon and fiercely!

Ye Xiao sat on that chair. His face was calm. Suddenly, he reached out his hand and a maid behind him put a towel on it. He wiped his hands and then the maid took the towel back.

Ye Xiao then took up a cup of tea, removed the cover, and blew it gently to make the tea smelled good. Finally, he drank a lot of it.

He did all this like he didn’t see anybody else in the room, like there weren’t a bunch of people waiting for him to speak.

He acted like he was born to be late and he was born to be waiting for.

Others should all wait for him and please him!

He acted like he had such privilege that gods gave to him!

After finished the whole drinking tea stuff, he blandly smiled. He spoke with pride, "I heard… some guys from the eight noble clans… want to talk to me? I am a lazy man. I always am. I didn’t come to greet you, but please, don’t take it too serious…"

While he was talking, Long Tianyun kept watching his moves and his gestures.

The way he wiped the hands, drink the tea, remove the tea cover, talk… He kept listening while watching him carefully. Finally, Long Tianyun sighed in mind. [This Feng Monarch truly did not take us in his hearts!]

Ye Xiao finally spoke. The way he talked, it was not just to be neither humble nor pushy. It was being orgulous and overwhelming. The words he said, he didn’t mean any of it. He just said it to be polite.

At such a moment, he acted like this. Apparently, he didn’t think much about the five clans!

The others from the five clans all thought about it. Even though they didn’t think as deep as Long Tianyun, they all could tell that Feng Zhiling was being toplofty. These men from the five clans had always been respected sincerely. They had never been treated like his before. If they didn’t come for help, they would have gone long ago.

Ye Xiao had said something to break the cold air. What he had said was truly disrespectful. Nobody in the five clans knew how to answer. Things got back into cold air again.

Long Tianyun’s face turned. He knew that no matter how cold it was, as far as he was concerned, Feng Zhiling would never start a new topic again. The others who came with him all didn’t feel like to talk anymore. He figured he had to be the one to talk.

"Feng Monarch, you actually came to see us, leaving the wealth and women behind you. We are grateful for it." Long Tianyun was nervous and anxious in the heart, but he appeared like he was just fine. He smiled and said, "Since we are here in Ling-Bao Hall today, we naturally want to see you in person. Now I see you, you are truly a dragon among people. You are a great figure. The vigor of Feng Monarch had moved others."