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Chapter 385: Wrong!

Chapter 385: Wrong!

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Ye Xiao humbly smiled and said, "I am flattered."

And then he said, "Wan told me that you are here… for cooperation?"

He just said it directly.

He didn’t even make some roundabout at all.

Even if Long Tianyun was smart, he was shocked all of a sudden. He didn’t know how to answer it. Feng Monarch was too pushy that he really didn’t know how to react.

"Cough…" Long Tianyun coughed and said, "Feng Monarch, this is the first time we meet each other. Let me introduce the men who come with me this time… Heh, heh. I am Long Tianyun, from Long Clan. This is… This is… That is… And this is…"

He was clever. He didn’t know what to say, so he started to introduce others. While he was introducing them, he tried to keep himself calm and steady and was preparing what to say next.

Feng Monarch just casually sat there. As Long Tianyun introduced the others, his eyes followed the introduction from one person to another…

He didn’t move his body. He didn’t even move his neck.

He only rolled his eyeballs. No matter whom he looked to, he would slightly show some respect through eye contacts. Nobody felt despised.

Ten of them were all important figure of their clans. However, as they were facing Feng Monarch now, they all felt nervous.

Finally, everybody was introduced.

Long Tinayun had tidied up his thoughts. He spoke again, "The present situation, I reckon Feng Monarch must know well about it. Under such a negative situation, we, the eight noble clans cannot feel well about it. However, I believe it is also not a good situation for Ling-Bao Hall. I wonder what thoughts you may have, Feng Monarch?"

"Hmm. That’s true. You are right." Feng Monarch nodded to agree.

Long Tianyun was glad that he agreed. So he continued, "Under such circumstances, you and us, if we stick together, we both win; if we don’t, we both lose. Do you agree?"

Ye Xiao slowly nodded. "Rather practical. Good point."

Long Tianyun went on, "So, I believe, we should be allies. It should be a great thing for us, the eight noble clans, also for you, Ling-Bao Hall."

When he finished the talk, the ten of them all turned silent. They looked at Feng Monarch quietly waiting for his reply.

Feng Zhiling was still calm and steady. He blandly spoke, "Oh. You believe?"

He emphasized the word ‘you’ when he said it. Long Tianyun didn’t get annoyed. He nodded seriously and said, "Yes. I believe."

Ye Xiao stopped talking. He just slightly knocked the chair. He was lost in thoughts and he nodded slowly.

At this moment, the old man from Dongfang Clan was annoyed.

He wasn’t annoyed by Feng Monarch, but by Long Tianyun.

[You believe?

What do you mean you believe?

Do you mean if we become allies to Feng Monarch, it should be all your credit?

So we are useless here?

How can you say that!]

So the elder from Dongfang Clan laughed embarrassedly and said, "That is right. We all believe that under such a dangerous situation, we all need Ling-Bao Hall’s support, and in fact, Ling-Bao Hall needs us too. We are just fighting for our own interests. We work together, and it gets better. If we don’t, we lose. That is obvious…"

Long Tianyun knew things had gone wrong now.

[Bastard. When we need you to say something, you don’t even dare to fart. When we don’t need you to, you show up from nowhere!]

The old man thought he was saying some decent words, but it might lead to many problems.

Problems that were very possible to be avoided!

Long Tianyun had learned a lot information behind the words ‘You believe’.

As he expected, Feng Monarch stopped his thought and blandly smiled. "So we work together, we both win. If we don’t we both lose?"

It sounded he was tired. There was indifference in his voice. He obviously didn’t buy it.

He didn’t put it straight, but only fools couldn’t learn the true meaning in his words!

The elder from Dongfang Clan might have done some reckless talking, he was after all better than a fool. He realized Feng Zhiling was indifferent, so he felt pissed. He loudly spoke, "That is an obvious situation in front of us. I can’t believe Feng Monarch doesn’t know it."

That was starting to get more and more impolite!

Feng Monarch lowered his eyelids and blandly said, "I truly don’t know it. Please tell me about it."

The elder from Dongfang Clan blandly spoke, "We, the eight noble clans, are in a very dangerous situation. We don’t have to hide the truth. It is too obvious. We are facing the two great sects and that is all. The two great sects are powerful, but they are not perfect. We are in such a situation, but there are still hope for us. However, Ling-Bao Hall…"

Ye Xiao smiled yet didn’t seem like smiling. "Oh? What about Ling-Bao Hall?"

"That is obvious. Ling-Bao Hall is under worse situation. It is much worse than us," the elder spoke slowly like he had seized the higher position in this negotiation. He lightly spoke, "Ling-Bao Hall has pissed off other countries. The kingdoms all have put rewards on your heads. Armies, assassins, and cultivators all come here for you… Things are in a mess in the capital. Any insolvable problems could happen at any second…"

He spoke with confidence, "So, ling-Bao Hall is facing enemies from everywhere. You are weak like an egg. Maybe you need to be alliance to us more than we do to you."

Ye Xiao didn’t raise his head. He just indifferently spoke, "Oh? I see. So that is your real thought!"

"That’s right. As I know, Ling-Bao Hall’s enemies are so strong, and they are about thirty thousand men. Facing such forces, Ling-Bao Hall is definitely unable to handle it. Thus, the one who desperately needs help is Ling-Bao Hall!"

"Wrong!" Ye Xiao finally looked up.

"Wrong?" The old man frowned. "How?"