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Chapter 386: Enemies All Around the World

Chapter 386: Enemies All Around the World

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"First of all, you are wrong about the number of my enemies. Ling-Bao Hall is not just surrounded by enemies everywhere. We are facing the entire world! Kingdom of Lanfeng and Kingdom of Tianyun, enemies from south, north, and other directions. The rewards for our lives are no longer just three billion now. It is seven billion at the moment! There are almost thirty thousand assassin from just the two kingdoms."

"Kingdom of Tianyu and Kingdom of Lanfeng have their own assassins. They have rushed over to the Kingdom of Chen now. That is a number of five thousand."

Ye Xiao indifferently explained as he reached out five fingers and then put down two of them.

"The Wolf King doesn’t think that he can defeat Ye Nantian, General Ye, in the battle, so he wants to defeat him in another way. His Sky Wolf Assassin Team have come over to the south. However, they have too strong smell on their bodies. No matter how cautious they are, they are too obvious. After crossing the north line, about three thousand of them died. This group is gone, but the assassin team from the south has successfully entered the kingdom now."

"Furthermore, there are about sixty thousand men who have arrived or on the way to the Kingdom of Chen because of the rewards. Among these people, there are at least 47 assassins who are in the top fifty assassins list!"

Ning Biluo and Liu Chanjun bitterly smiled when they heard it.

At least 47 of the top fifty assassins had arrived!

That was the truth, yet not entirely true.

Only Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun knew that all of the fifty assassins had arrived! They were all here to kill Feng Monarch, except Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun themselves!

Surely, it would be better for them to kill Wan Zhenghao too!

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "There are more. The two kingdoms have yet to attack our business on their lands. They have made some restraint rules against us already. There are over ten thousand men from the big sects and clans in the Chen-Xing City."

"So, the enemies I am facing, are far more than thirty thousand. It should be a hundred thousand assassins!"

Ye Xiao coldly spoke, "The hundred thousand assassins almost represent eighty percent of the strongest cultivation power in the Land of Han-Yang!"

"Facing such a force, I mean, we are not just surrounded by enemies. The entire world is our enemy! For thousands of years, no other organization has had such an amount of enemies."

"So, we Ling-Bao Hall has truly made a record in the Land of Han-Yang this time." Ye Xiao was cold and proud. "An entire world of enemies! For real!"

"You seem proud of it, Feng Monarch?" The elder Dongfang frowned.

[Is he insane? Facing such a desperate situation, he should be crying, yet he is actually proud about it?

Isn’t he shabby-genteel?]

"Why shouldn’t I?" Ye Xiao laughed. "Make enemies to the entire world! Who else can do it? Look at it. If I can’t feel proud, who? If such an accomplishment cannot make me proud, who else in the world can be proud?!"

Long Tianyun was truly speechless about it now.

He could feel from the conversation between Feng Monarch and the elder from Dongfang Clan that he had lost the small advantage that he thought he had in the negotiation with Feng Zhiling. Gradually, Feng Zhiling had seized the initiative now.

The elder thought that he was wise, yet he actually had lost their initiatives all of a sudden.

Long Tianyun had thought about interrupting them, but Ye Xiao kept sticking on the elder’s talk. He didn’t even look at Long Tianyun. Long Tianyun couldn’t find a chance to say something.

If he forcibly interrupt them, it might lead to a worse situation. He couldn’t do anything, yet he knew it was not right to be silent!

Ye Xiao coldly and blandly spoke, "There are something that you can never imagine until you see it. It is even upon your imagination. However, when you face such things, you cannot cry. Crying cannot solve anything, don’t you agree? Crying doesn’t help at all! Only to face it bravely can solve the problem! Isn’t it right?"

The elder from Dongfang Clan was speechless to Ye Xiao’s question. He felt ashamed and stunned. He didn’t know how to answer it.

"Even though we are isolated and helpless, we do our best," Ye Xiao said, "we fight against the whole world. It is depressing, but it is a miracle! It is a legend! If we face it ourselves, solve it and make it a miracle, we are making a legend. We will become a myth!"

"How is Ling-Bao Hall isolated and helpless?" Long Tianyun finally found a chance to interrupt. He hurriedly said, "At least your country will protect and support you."

Ye Xiao smiled. "Kingdom of Chen? Protect and support? Before the auction, the officials and noble-borns were indeed very close to us. Lots of people came and left. After the auction, when the crisis has just shown up, they were all gone. If I truly count on them, I will die before we know what happens!"

"Look at you. You are the five clans of the eight noble clans. You are the ones from outside Kingdom of Chen. The Mu Clan, Nangong Clan, and Gongsun Clan, which are inside Kingdom of Chen, never showed up. Isn’t it something pointing to the problem."

"Didn’t you just give the Kingdom of Chen seventy billion?" Long Tianyun couldn’t believe it. "That is seventy billion! Such an amount of money must mean something to them!"

Ye Xiao coldly spoke, "We need to clarify something here. The seventy billion, we gave it to the soldiers. We give it to win the war, not to benefit the kingdom or the royal house of the kingdom."

"That is different. Completely different."

"In fact, Kingdom of Chen can stay away from this and doesn’t twist the knife in us. That should be considered their support to us. Facing the depression from the entire world, even if they kick us out from this place, we can understand it. The kingdom hasn’t done this. It means our king is after all honorable enough. He didn’t kick down the ladder."

In Ye Xiao’s eyes, there was a smile of ridicule.