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Chapter 387: You Are Rabbits!

Chapter 387: You Are Rabbits!

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That smile was full of frustration. He was actually ridiculing himself rather than others.

He knew that what he said was the truth. That was the reality.

He didn’t feel comfortable in his heart. After all, he had just given seventy billion not long ago, yet know he was isolated and helpless! Whoever went through such a thing would definitely feel frustrated too.

However, he understood it. No countries would put themselves in danger only for some civil organization.

Besides, Kingdom of Chen was in a dangerous situation facing enemies from four sides.

Even though the civil organization had just donated a huge amount of money to the country!

Politics means politics. There is always no place for favors! Besides, billion people’s lives were indeed much more important than a Ling-Bao Hall.

As Zuo Wuji had said, Feng Zhiling who devoted everything for the kingdom was a complete idiot!

Ye Xiao knew it, or maybe he didn’t.

However, he knew in his heart that there must be something he should protect.

[I don’t want my country to suffer continuous wars. I don’t want my home to be ruined! I don’t want my close ones to be cold dead bodies.

I don’t want that.

So I gave up the seventy billion!

I wanted it. That is my business. Help me or not, that is others business.

What I will end up with, it is my business.

That is all.

I don’t need anybody to understand me. I did it, I feel good about it. That is all.]

"So, what this elder from Dongfang Clan said is simply wrong. It is completely wrong." Ye Xiao made it back to the topic. "What we are dealing with are much more than thirty thousand men. We are facing… every superior cultivator in the world!"

"We should like to ask, under such circumstances, even though you eight noble clans truly want to ally with us, and every clan of you will do your best, can we get through this crisis safely?"

Ye Xiao blandly asked, "You said, you can help me? It doesn’t matter whether I believe it or not. Most importantly, do you believe what you said?"

The elder blushed.

As Ye Xiao stated, under such circumstances, even though the eight noble clans do their best to help, it was simply an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation.

What help could they do?

Even if they could insist saying that they could, they knew well that they couldn’t!

"However, how about we turn it around. Although you cannot help Ling-Bao Hall, we have enough money to help you." Ye Xiao rolled his eyes and said, "Although we are enemy to the world, Ling-Bao Hall still has its authority. Although they all want to kill me, I know deep in their hearts, they want my supreme dan beads too…"

"The two great sects are indeed powerful, but… if we want to protect a clan, even eight clans… maybe we can."

"We can make it even better. If you want to leave, we can make sure you can return to your places safely!" Ye Xiao proudly spoke, "That is what we have. How is it? I believe what I just said. What about you?"

They were silent.

They were asked whether to believe it or not.

Surely they did. How could they not?

That was the truth!

Nobody could deny it!

"So, let’s face the present situation. What you said are simply nonsense. You are just trying to raise your price."

Ye Xiao laughed. "Frankly speaking, now what you five clans offer are no more than just a rabbit before the new year’s eve to me. I can celebrate the new year with the rabbit, also without a rabbit!"


The men from the five clans were all breathing deeply.

[We are after all important figures in the world!

We are not the most powerful ones, but who dare to look down upon us?

Now we actually became rabbits to this Feng Monarch of Lng-Bao Hall… A rabbit that he doesn’t really need!]

Looking at these men breathing with anger that was shown on their faces, Ye Xiao smiled and said, "I was just making a comparison. You are surely not rabbits, and we are not going to celebrate a new year…"

They thought that he was going to apologize, so they felt better. However, they only heard him continue, "You are not rabbits. You are a little better than that!"

The ten of them felt furious.

[God damn it! Your explanation only makes it worse!

We are a little better than rabbits? Damn you! You are rabbits! You are all rabbits in your family!]

Ye Xiao looked at them coldly. He just smiled. In his eyes, there was only indifference.

[Do you dare to go mad at me?]

Long Tianyun coughed. He looked around his people with warning hints.

It was absolutely not a good time to go mad.

It would bring them a new enemy if they did!

Feng Monarch and Ling-Bao Hall were obviously not afraid opf anything. They were already enemy to the entire world. Even if the eight noble clans became enemies to him, he wouldn’t care. It made no difference at all.

However, to the eight noble clans, that was something they couldn’t afford.

They had come to an end. If they became enemies to Ling-Bao Hall instead of being allies, they were simply cutting off their only chance…

They swallowed slobber with the anger in them.

They were so frustrated that they nearly puked out blood.

Luckily, they didn’t go mad there.

Feng Monarch didn’t let them go. He saw them calm down, so he continued, "Even though Ling-Bao Hall is in a desperate moment without, it won’t change anything with you. Nothing will change! So, it is not Ling-Bao Hall who needs help, instead… you urgently need our protection! It is, however, our decision to make."

That revealed the truth!

What Ye Xiao said was like a needle stabbing deep into their hearts. "Yet you actually said that we desperately need you? You even dreamed about taking the higher position in my place? And you actually put on airs talking to Wan Zhenghao? Isn’t it hypocritical? Heh, heh…"

Long Tianyun helplessly sighed in his heart.

He had had some initiative on his side at the beginning, yet it was all ruined by the elder from Dongfang Clan during the conversation!

Now they didn’t even have anything to say to ease the situation.

Let alone turning around the table...

The other nine from the five clans all blushed.

What Feng Zhiling said was all true.

They simply couldn’t deny it.