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Chapter 388: I Make The Call!

Chapter 388: I Make The Call!

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The only point that they could argue for was, ‘more people means more power after all.’

However, everybody knew that even if there were ten thousand more people for Ling-Bao Hall, it wouldn’t make much difference since the entire world was against them.

However, the ten people were all thrilled because of what Feng Zhiling just said.

"If you want to leave, we can make sure you can return to your places safely!" "That is what we have!"

That was some attractive proposal.

The five clans had worked so hard and now sought for alliance with Ling-Bao Hall shamelessly, for what?

What Feng Zhiling said was what for.

They needed it! They needed the chance to live!

Now, Feng Zhiling was acting like a stone in latrine, smelly and tough. However, even though he was in a desperate situation, he still had such vigor to say such words. That was much more powerful than they were already!

Nobody denied it.

In fact, after putting all things on the table, although Feng Monarch had humiliated them like sh*t, he showed them a path to life…

That was making his price in this negotiation.

Now it was time for them to think about how to answer it.

[You want alliance? You want protection?

Bear the insults and beg me!]

That was his attitude!

It made people angry, made people bleed in their heart, but they had to just bear it.

Now if they made it right and pleased Feng Monarch, they would become allies. That meant they had the chance to bring their supreme dan beads home safely. If not, as Feng Monarch said, they all died together!

They would have to just play their own roles.

They would have to let the gods decide their life and death.

They all knew it. They didn’t dare to say anything now.

Even the elder from Dongfang Clan could only look at Long Tianyun with inquiry in his eyes.

Every word mattered now.

One mistake, they would lose. Nobody dared to take the responsibility.

Although none of them liked Long Tianyun, they had to admit, only Long Tianyun was possible to deal with the current situation!

Under the watch of the other nine, Long Tianyun nearly started to curse badly!

In fact, he was cursing already, in his heart! [Sh*t!]

[I was going to keep talking to Feng Monarch, trying to put myself low. That would give us a good chance to make this a deal. That old bastard ruined everything only because he didn’t want me to take the credit. He actually just jumped out to snatch the credit.

Now he had ruined everything I built. We don’t even have a word to say now, because he ruined everything. Well, eventually, they throw back to me all the problems. So am I born to be the one who wipe your ass for you…

Fxck! Even if I am, this is something that doesn’t seem like solvable now!

What do you want me to do!]

Long Tianyun was lost in thoughts for while. He looked at Ye Xiao with cautiousness in eyes.

Ye Xiao was looking at him too.

Looking at Ye Xiao’s gentle but tough eyes, Long Tianyun was stunned.

[That is a man with extreme pride.]

In Ye Xiao’s eyes, there was some aura of a sovereign descending the world, which made Long Tianyun feel the true personality of him.

After a few thoughts, Long Tianyun coughed and sat straight up. He spoke with an extreme solemn attitude, "Since Feng Monarch has pushed the conversation to such a situation, what we can do is simply nothing but blush. I apologize sincerely for what we did impolitely earlier."

He slightly bowed.

That meant a great deal to him. Long Tianyun was the man in charge of the Long Clan. He didn’t even bow to a king. He was representing the five clans to talk to Ye Xiao. The bow was truly full of sincerity!

Ye Xiao was surprised too.

He didn’t expect Long Tianyun to seize the chance so well so quickly.

Since he had bowed to him and apologized, Ye Xiao couldn’t push it too hard to slap on their faces anymore.

So he nodded.

"Now that the conversation has come to the current point, let’s just be frank to each other. Let’s make everything clear on the table." Long Tianyun humbly spoke, "What we hope now, is… to bring the supreme dan beads home safely. Nothing else is more important."

"Although supreme dan beads are simply something you can make yourself at any time, for us, it is an opportunity that never appeared in thousands of years. It is our hope. We have to sacrifice everything to seize it."

"For this opportunity, we can accept any sacrifices in any ways!"

"Now, we would like to ask, what do you want in return, to help us with it, Feng Monarch?"

Long Tianyun said, "Anything you ask, we will die for it!"

That was some strong speech.

At the same time, he was giving up all initiative to Ye Xiao.

Deep inside, Long Tianyun was helpless.

As Feng Monarch had already shown them that he was not afraid of anything now, the only thing Long Tianyun could do was to be honest and frank. [I will show you whatever it is in my mind, and you can just pick whatever you want from me.

The only thing we want is to bring the supreme dan beads home safely.

Nothing else matters!]

In another word, everything else can be the price for them!

Ye Xiao was surprised. He looked at Long Tianyun and blandly said, "Master Long is making a good move now. To retreat in order to advance. Extraordinary."

Long Tianyun sincerely said, "This is the only thing we can do now."

"To be honest, this is not to retreat in order to advance trick. This is simply me showing my attitude." Long Tianyun took in a deep breath. "As long as the supreme dan beads will be safely delivered, even though you want us all to be slaves to you, or die for you, we will do it without regret."

"We believe what Feng Monarch said."

Long Tianyun spoke strongly, "At least at this moment, I can represent every single one in my clan that we will do it!"

"So will our clan!"

The elder from Dongfang Clan hurriedly made his statement.

"We too. For our clans, for the future that the supreme dan beads can bring to us, we will be glad to give our lives to your."

The other clans all agreed with Long Tianyun.