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Chapter 392: Your Choice

Chapter 392: Your Choice

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Ye Xiao was moving faster and faster in the bamboo forest. The Illusory Sky Array, which could stop millions of heavenly soldiers in the Ninefold Heaven’s Hall, was no more mysterious in his eyes at all.

He moved as he wished, broke anything as he wanted. He was confident and he moved like the wind!

A while earlier, he just had been stuck and helpless.

Master Bai didn’t know how he did it. In fact, Ye Xiao himself didn’t know it either. He partly knew, but not really. He did it, but had no idea how he managed to do it!

What led him to this wasn’t the ‘fake and real’ stuffs he murmured. He didn’t truly see through the Illusory Sky Array. It was because…

Ye Xiao was enlightened indeed, so he eventually knew something about this array, but he couldn’t find the way. When he was troubled what to do next, he operated the Yin Yang Eyes. It helped a lot.

Yin in the left eye, while Yang in the right eye.

He operated it to just test it. He didn’t expect success. However, unexpectedly, it truly surprised him this time!

In the sight of his Yin Eye, some paths in the fake bamboo forest had clearly showed up.

Those were pathways in the forest.

In the Yang Eyes, it was just the same like before. Nothing special.

He thought about it for a second and then stopped the Yang Eye. He then moved along the pathway in the sight of Yin Eye. That helped him on his way.

He had been moving in a clear path earlier, but that was affected by the array. No matter how he moved, he felt uncomfortable. This time, when he stepped on the pathway, the array couldn’t stop him anymore. He then had a fantastic feeling of breaking chains.

When he had just moved out hundreds of steps, things changed in his sight. It was still a bamboo forest in front of him, however, the bamboo forest was totally different from the one behind him. It was all grey.

Gloomy bamboo.

Ye Xiao stopped and didn’t dare to be reckless. He looked at it with Yin Eye again. It was still full of grey. He found nothing, but he didn’t give up. As he felt pain and sore in the right eye, Yang Eye was opened again. In front of him, there was a bright pathway.

The Yang Eye worked!

Ye Xiao felt like he had won the lottery.

He never knew that Yin Yang Eyes could actually help him this much. He wonder if he could see through all the arrays in the world!

However, it wasn’t a good time to celebrate it. He calmed down and walked ahead step by step.

After another hundreds of steps, he felt brightness again.

It was the second time an endless bamboo forest disappeared behind him.

A courtyard showed up in front of him. There were a couple of bothies in there. It looked good among the bamboos.

Around the courtyard, there were bamboos swaying in the wind.

The dozens of bamboos near the courtyard seemed different with what Ye Xiao had just seen.

He had just glanced at them.

He then focus on something in front of him.

There was a man.

The man was wearing Snow White robe with broad sleeves. His hair was dark like ink. He had a pretty face, and he looked casual and elegant. In his eyes, there seemed to be sky, ocean, stars, sun, moon, the entire universe.

He was sitting on a wheelchair. That was the only thing that made him imperfect.

Maybe there was no perception in the world. There never was!

The man’s eyes were profound. He looked at Ye Xiao with a smile. He was like a part of the sky and earth. Ye Xiao looked at him and felt like he was enlightened.

‘I move when the cloud moves. I exist when the sky exists.’

Master Bai.

Nobody had such vigor, except Master Bai of the House of the Chaotic Storms.

Maybe Zuo Wuji could be, but he didn’t have the broad mind like Master Bai. Zuo Wuji’s mind was limited in only one time, one country and one land!

"Feng Monarch is indeed outstanding. You didn’t let me down." Master Bai smiled and looked at Ye Xiao. "In nine thousand years, you are the only one who can get into this courtyard to see me by yourself. You are the only one."

"Unique." Master Bai showed his praise to him in his voice.

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "Small tricks. That’s all. I am flattered."

Master Bai laughed and said, "You are a proud man! Good."

Ye Xiao laughed.

Offense and defense, that happened and then finished with simply a couple of words.

There was offense, and there was defense. However, there was no winner. And it ended!

Around them, there were some fierce aura of killing gathering secretly. It felt like it would explode at any second.

Master Bai spoke blandly, "Feng Monarch is an important guest. Don’t be rude. Teas please."

As he said so, the suppressions from around them disappeared all of a sudden. That was stunning. However, neither Master Bai or Ye Xiao cared about that suppression.

Master Bai was the owner of this place. He didn’t care about those forces. That was reasonable. However, Feng Zhiling didn’t care about it at all. That was interesting.

They might think that Feng Zhiling couldn’t sense the suppression, so he didn’t care because he was ignorant.

Maybe Feng Zhiling was powerful enough, so he didn’t fear that force!

Was he really that powerful?

Absolutely not!

Ye Xiao might have been improved a lot recently, but he was in the initial levels of Sky Origin Stage. He didn’t even reach the middle levels. Any one of the men in black on Master Bai’s side could beat him up badly. Ye Xiao was truly weak in physical strength.

It was a sharp point of view, but it was the truth!

It wasn’t right to say that he wasn’t powerful enough though. Power wasn’t limited as physical strength. His ability to make supreme dan beads was a part of his power. Feng Zhiling was well known as the master of dan-making. He was the one who could make the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan, which Master Bai needed to help himself stand up again. Ye Xiao was sure Master Bai wouldn’t harm him before he made him the dan bead. That was why he wouldn’t care about any force around Master Bai!

The next moment, Master Bai looked at Ye Xiao and casually spoke, "As the first mortal person who came here, the House of the Chaotic Storms, Feng Monarch, you can choose any tea you want to drink."