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Chapter 393: Heavenly Destined Tree!

Chapter 393: Heavenly Destined Tree!

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Ye Xiao said, "Oh? I wonder how many kinds of tea can I choose in your place? Do I get to choose any one I like?"

Master Bai blandly smiled. "South to north, sky to earth, inside the universe, no matter what tea you want, we have it."

He looked at Ye Xiao with a smile. "It is only your decision we don’t have."

Ye Xiao casually spoke, "Then I shall not refuse such great kindness. You said you have all kinds of tea. I would love to believe it. You are confident, but I still have doubts about it. Let me choose something beyond greatness in the world then. Well, there is more. I hope that after I drink that tea, there will be no other people who can have the luck to drink it after me."

"In other words, I want to be the only one. The unique one."

Ye Xiao looked at Master Bai and seriously spoke, "Before me, no one has ever tasted it. After me, no one will drink it. It is also, the best tea in your place. I wonder if my request is too much for you. Am I troubling you?"

Master Bai still smiled. He looked at Ye Xiao. "Not at all. I never knew that you are such a man with good taste. It surprised me…"

Ye Xiao blandly nodded. "You too."

[Since I got in, you have been testing me. You throw a question to me even when you want to get me some tea. Test?


Ye Xiao was impatient inside his heart. He looked at Master Bai and thought, [He is just a cripple… He just has a pretty face. However… Humph. If I appear as Ye Xiao, I should be much prettier than him. You arrogant bastard…

You asked me to choose a tea. That is fine really. But you said you have all kinds of tea in your place?!

Ok then. This is what I want!

Are you really able to give me this tea?

If you are not, you take your arrogant bullsh*t words back to your mouth!]

Master Bai looked at him for a while and then smiled blandly. He took out a small bag of tea from the space ring on his finger.

"Since I have said so, I have to do it. No matter how hard it is, I will have to try. Only the result matters anyway." Master Bai smiled lightly. "Today, I learned about something. It is better not to say too much boast. In fact, it is better not to say any."

"Because you never know what your words would bring you. It may truly embarrassed yourself. Like now."

Master Bai was still smiling. He looked at Ye Xiao with a weird expression in his eyes. He shook the small bag of tea in his hand and said, "Feng Monarch, make a guess. Do I have the tea you want exactly?"

[What the f… frog! Test again?!]

Ye Xiao nearly cursed out.

[Do you really have to make it so tough? You are just a man with a young face!

Do you think you are Zuo Wuji?!

Pah! Zuo Wuji is a real young man. Master Bai was a monster who has lived for god knows how many years!]

"A great figure as you, you must have something beyond the greatness. Let me guess. You surely have it. Show me what you got." Ye Xiao was smiling. He flattered.

"Hmm. I can, but… it truly costs a lot." Master Bai looked at the small bag of tea in his hand and bitterly smiled, "That is why I learned not to make boast like I just did. Look at me. I encountered a serious and stubborn guy, you!"

Ye Xiao raised the eyebrows and said, "Oh? You begrudge it? If you truly do, you can just take back your words! As long as you say that you have just drunk the last bit of the tea I want before I arrived, I can accept the truth!"

Master Bai smiled. "If I am not Bai Chen, I may do as you said. However, as I make the boast, and you did request, I am Bai Chen, I shall not regret. As you wish."

He looked at Ye Xiao with smile.

Ye Xiao knew what he meant. He just said without feeling ashamed, "Well then, I shall wait. I can’t wait to get to know how it feels to be unique. Is it like in sweet dreams, or is it something spreading far away?"

He wouldn’t feel scruples at all. They had begun the topic already, so he decided to make it more dramatic!

Master Bai was surprised. He then burst into laughter, "Interesting. Really interesting."

In normal situation, when the host asked the guest, ‘What tea do you want?’

Most guests would said, ‘No worries. Anything you have would be fine.’

Surely, some of them might be quite close to the host, so they might said, ‘I heard that you have this tea that taste real good. Please let me have some!’

However, Master Bai had never met someone like Ye Xiao. [I let you choose, because I am being polite to you. You actually are shameless to an unbelievable level. You are troubling me.

And you just don’t want to stop!]

A guest like Feng Zhiling, he must be the only one in the history. On that, he was indeed unique.

"Feng Monarch, have you ever heard about Heavenly Destined Tree?" Master Bai spoke lightly. He took out a tea pot, tea cups and water from his space ring.

"Heavenly Destined Tree?" Ye Xiao said, "I guess I am ignorant. I haven’t heard of it before."

Master Bai opened the small tea bag and blandly said, "It is reasonable that you haven’t heard of it. It is never something that exists in the mortal world. It is something from the Hongmeng Heavens."

"Beyond the thirty-third layer of heaven, there is a tree. Since the sky and the earth were separated, this tree existed. This is Heavenly Destined Tree. There is only one in the entire universe."

"Heavenly Destined Tree will fructify every one era. It can be food or medicine. If a mortal man eats the fruit of this tree, he has immortality and the ability to fly. If an immortal man eats it, he will be improved thousands of years cultivation! If it is made into medicine, along with eighteen other precious treasures, it can be made into the legendary sacred dan, the Innate Nature. Whoever swallows it will have cultivation ability of one era, anyone!"

"One era means one hundred twenty-nine thousand and six hundred years!" Master Bai raised his eyebrows and smiled to Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao coughed and said, "Well, the universe is truly so broad. There is actually such a magical tree in the world. What a wonder."

Others might thought that Master Bai was bluffing, that he was just trying to raise the price of himself and showed others how well informed he was, however, Ye Xiao knew that Master Bai didn’t lie at all.