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Chapter 394: The Unique!

Chapter 394: The Unique!

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Although Ye Xiao hadn’t heard about Heavenly Destined Tree and he couldn’t prove Master Bai’s words right or wrong, he knew that Master Bai didn’t need to lie about this, as he was proud and elegant.

He disdained to lie.

However, a tree that fructify nearly every one hundred and thirty thousand years, that was too much of a shocking news.

"The fruit flesh of the tree is marvelous already. It truly has the ability to even change the nature’s work. However, the flesh was just normal compared to the other parts of it. Inside the fruit, there is a kernel. Inside the kernel, there will be hidden a dan book!"

Master Bai spoke in a low voice, "The dan book records the core of the supreme martial principle of reaching the Saint Stage. Only one volume in one era."

Ye Xiao was shocked.

[Heavenly Destined Tree!

Supreme martial principle of the Saint Stage!]

"However, it is nearly impossible to see the fruit, let alone to get the fruit. Whoever is able to see the tree must be someone chosen by heavens." Master Bai continued in a low voice, "A man chosen by the heavens."

"Many people know about this tree, however, almost all of them haven’t seen the tree in their lives."

"They were not destined to. They couldn’t see it, because they were not chosen!"

"The tree has dropped down god knows how many fruits in the history… Nobody know where the fruits go. However, whoever got the fruit became cultivators in Saint Stage! No exception!"

"I don’t know who among all Saint Stage cultivators have eaten the Heavenly Destined Fruit or cultivate the dan book martial art inside the fruit, but some of them must have. That is a sure thing."

Master Bai lightly spoke, "There was a year, I was still young. I was hanging around outside when I saw a tree. On the tree I saw a fruit. That fruit wasn’t ripe yet."

Master Bai lightly said, "Maybe I hadn’t been chosen yet. I didn’t know it was the Heavenly Destined Tree though. I love drinking tea since I was little. I saw the leaves on the tree were all so green and beautiful, so I took hundreds of the tender ones and made them into tea."

"When I was making the tea, I read an ancient book by coincidence. It was exactly about the Heavenly Destined Tree. The leaves fit the description so well. I realized that the tree I met was the Heavenly Destined Tree."

"I ran back to that place, but the tree was gone. I haven’t seen it ever since."

He sighed. "I know that when it came, I got it. When it left, I lost it. I have missed the biggest opportunity in my life! It is too late to regret now! That is why I haven’t tasted any of that tea ever since. I kept it till now!"

"This is it." Master Bai turned around slowly. "What you requested, I guess this must be the only tea that I can keep my promise with. There are ninety-nine leaves inside this bag. When I made the tea, I was reading that book. My hand shook, so I ruined some of those leaves… And then, these are the ones left."

"This must be the destiny. The heaven’s will."

"I believe, in the history, whoever met the Heavenly Destined Tree and also knew it, they wouldn’t be willing to make the leaves into tea. So, me, Bai Chen, is the only one in the history… who have done such a thing…"

When he said so, rarely seen, he was self-mocking.

He had been casual like he didn’t care about anything in the world. No matter what happened, he faced it peacefully. He looked down upon the world with laughters, however, when he talked about those tea leaves, he looked emotional. There was regret and pain in him. Even though he was trying so hard to suppress the feelings, he couldn’t.

That was after all a god-given opportunity!

It was very likely the only one he got in his entire life!

It had come to him, and he could reach it so easily, yet he missed it!

There was only one word that could describe it well, ‘tragedy’.

"So, before today, nobody has ever tasted it." Master Bai bitterly smiled. "After today, there will be no one to taste it either."

"There are only these ninety-nine leaves in the history."

"After you drink it, I will not taste it too." Master Bai bitterly smiled. "I really don’t want to. I need to keep one leave in case next time if I meet the tree, I won’t miss it again. I know it is nearly impossible to see it again, but I am still expecting it…"

Ye Xiao was thrilled up. He said, "Since you don’t want to drink it, why don’t you just give me the rest."

Master Bai bitterly smiled again. He looked at Ye Xiao, stunned, and then he shook his head. "Feng Monarch, I have never seen, or thought that, there is actually such a shameless man like you in the world. Do you even know what you are talking about? …"

Ye Xiao talked like it was a matter of course, "Where does this tea come from, what it is made from, these are not relevant to the truth that you should make me some tea! Truth is truth. Since only I can drink it now, you won’t drink it yourself, and you cannot anymore. Why can’t you just keep one leaf to yourself? It will only make you feel worse when you see those leaves, right? You don’t need all those leaves. It will only keep telling you that you are a fool, right? Every time when you look at it, you feel like a fool, right? Why don’t you just give them to me? Do you really want to make yourself stuck with it? Think about it!"

"If you give the leaves to me, you will be free from it! Won’t you?"

Ye Xiao smilingly spoke, "I am just helping you out here. I am taking off the chains on your feet. I don’t need you to say thank you though. It means nothing. I really like those leaves. The tea that only I can drink…"

Master Bai laughed and shook his head. "I got to truly know the well known Feng Monarch today. You actually talk like you are doing me a favor while you are trying to take advantage of me. You actually told me not to say thank you. You are such a weirdo in the world. You truly opened my eyes."