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Chapter 395: Heavenly Destined Tea

Chapter 395: Heavenly Destined Tea

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Ye Xiao half closed his eyes and said, "Heh, heh. The same to you. Don’t you want this result yourself? Otherwise, you wouldn’t show me this tea. Since you showed it to me, you are not planning to keep it…"

From his half-closed eyes, a stream of greedy light appeared. He slowly talked, "The tea, is actually a sore point in you, right?"

Master Bai was shocked. He didn’t answer.

Ye Xiao’s words touched the weak point in the heart.

When he decided to take out the tea, he didn’t think about it. When he was introducing the tea, he did.

He didn’t expect Ye Xiao could notice though.

And Ye Xiao actually said it.

[I am a bit wrong about this guy. He is not just shameless.

He is extremely thoughtful. When I was talking about the tea, there was just one instant that I got emotional. Yet he sensitively noticed my true feeling.

Why did I take this tea out?

In fact, I don’t know!

Maybe deep inside me, I desperately want to get rid of this sore point?

I desperately want to remove the frustrated part of my heart?

Like he said, maybe the experience about the tree is the sore point in me!]

Master Bai’s face was dark. He kept dealing with the tea in his hand. However, his thoughts were far away from the pot and cups already.

After a while, he smiled and slowly said, "Thank you! Although you said that you don’t need me to say this, I will have to say it anyway!"

Ye Xiao was shocked. He then seriously said, "You are welcome! A thank you from other people may be meaningless to me, but from you, it is truly hard earned. That makes it meaningful already!"

They stopped talking after this.

Master Bai was making tea concentratedly. Ye Xiao was watching him.

After a while, the water boiled.

Master Bai took a piece of ice from the space ring and then put the pot on it.

After a while, he took away the pot. He opened the tea bag and then picked six leaves carefully from it. He smiled. "Although, you asked to drink this tea yourself, but you didn’t say that nobody can drink with you this time. It is always good to have someone as company when drinking tea."

"So, this time, as a company to you, I will drink it too. Let’s say I benefit from association with you." Master Bai smiled.

Ye Xiao laughed. "Finally, you got me. You take advantage of me once then."

They looked at each other and smiled.

The two of them, one was determined to ruin the world, while the other determined to protect it. They were against each other, however, at this moment, they were like best friends sitting together, laughing sincerely.

The two tea cups were both made from the white and crystal Heaven’s Jade.

Each cup had three leaves inside. The leaves looked grey with villus. It really didn’t look special in any way. It didn’t look better than any normal tea that people were drinking at home.

The hot water was poured into the cups.

The three leaves kept rolling in the water.

"Do you know why I love tea?" Master Bai’s hands were steady. The hot water kept pouring into the cup gradually.

Ye Xiao looked at the leaves rolling in the cup. He spoke in a low voice, "I don’t know why you love tea. I know when I drink tea, the only thing I care is the mood."

"If I don’t have that mood, I would rather not do it."

Ye Xiao looked at the hot, reeky tea and blandly spoke.

"Maybe this is the difference between two personalities," Master Bai spoke in a deep voice, "you enjoy the process, while I care about the overall situation… When I drink tea, I taste a life one time."

"A leaf to be made into tea is like a man to be born to the world. As time flies, it is no more sentimental. It becomes obscure. When the hot water washed it, it becomes vivid again… It starts to produce the scent that only belongs to itself. The scent doesn’t last long though. After rolling a few times in the water, the scent is gone. It becomes a walking dead piece. At the end, it becomes nothing. A leaf from a branch is thrown away and down in the mud. That is a corpse."

"Who can keep emitting lights and heats from the day he was born and even after he is dead?" Master Bai seemed to be asking himself and asking Ye Xiao at the same time. He casually answered himself, "No… None."

"This is tea. This is life." Master Bai looked at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao’s eyes were focused on the cup. He said, "Not really. Look at you. If you die now, even years after, there will be people talking about House of the Chaotic Storms. That, is the scent you left to the world."

Master Bai was shocked. "I am talking about life and death with you. You curse me to die earlier. What a company. Unbelievably unique…"

Ye Xiao was about to say something, but he stopped. Master Bai didn’t say anything too.

They were both silent.

They were just looking at the leaves floating on the water in the cups.

The leaves were stretching slowly in the water.

A piece of green faintly showed up. After a while, it stretched slowly… When it started to emit the wonderful scent to the air, the leaves started to show the colorful glow as Master Bai had said…

It was shining, like stars in the firmament. At this moment, it was like all the stars gathering to the cup.

Such beauty must not belong to the world!

And indescribable scent spread out…

When Ye Xiao smelled the scent, he felt like his soul was cheering. He felt like his bones were lighter. He didn’t even drink it, yet he felt the energy inside his body were flooding!

It would burst andwould explode at any second.

[I have only smelled the scent of it, yet it already made this happen? If I drink it, wouldn’t it be even more powerful and marvelous?!] Ye Xiao was shocked.