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Chapter 396: The Thrilled Brother Egg!

Chapter 396: The Thrilled Brother Egg!

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Now, his doubt about the source of this tea was gone too.

He looked up and saw Master Bai. Master Bai must have smelled the scent too. However, on Master Bai’s face, there was only pain, regret and sorrow!

Ye Xiao understood it.

It was only a leaf from the Heavenly Destined Tree, yet it actually had such efficacy!

What if he ate the Heavenly Destined Fruit?

What if he make the fruit into the Innate Nature dan bead?!

What if he got the book of the Saint Stage martial art?

What then?

Normal people would not dare to even think about it.

Master Bai had missed such an opportunity.

The opportunity that would only show up every one hundred and thirty thousand years!

If Maser Bai felt good about it now, that would be real weird!

While Ye Xiao was thinking about it and Maser Bai was feeling sad about it…

Inside Ye Xiao’s Boundless Space…

The egg was thrilled after being silent for quite a long time!

The egg jumped up dozens of meters high, hitting the wall and making a big sound!

It was so excited!

The urge, the thirst, it didn’t even try to cover it.

- Bang, bang, bang. - Hitting the wall hundreds of times, it seemed never going to stop until the yolk came out from it!

How could Ye Xiao ignore such wildness.

The crashes inside the Space made him feel dizzy. Master Bai wouldn’t hear it, but Ye Xiao couldn’t endure it…

[This is so unbearable!

Do you have to be that pushing!]

Ye Xiao coughed. He tried to cover the noise. "Good tea!"

Then he picked up the cup and casually had some tea.

And then, an indescribable scent along with some spiritual qi rushed into his mouth. - Shoot! - Suddenly, a colorful spiritual qi was coming out from his mouth.

Ye Xiao kept his mouth closed and tried his best to swallow it.

However, the colorful qi rushed up again to his throat.

He looked like a drunk guy who was about to throw up but couldn’t. He didn’t know how to control it. It kept rushing up from down his belly!

Apparently his dantian, Jing and Mai were not strong enough to take the spiritual qi within a short time!

It rushed up, he swallowed it. It rushed up again, he swallowed it again…

He kept his mouth closed tight, not giving the qi a chance to flee!

[Damn it! This is such a god given opportunity. Such a fantastic thing is actually its owner’s sore point…

He actually doesn’t want it!

That is some fortune that I may not be able to raise after eight lives efforts.

It must be a sin to waste even a bit of it.]

Master Bai finally got past the frustration in his heart. When he was about to drink the tea, he noticed Ye Xiao was in an embarrassing situation. He couldn’t help but cough and spat out the tea in his mouth…

He held the cup and didn’t drink again. He just looked at Ye Xiao with interest.

In his heart, he was counting.

[One, two, three…

If I count to ten and you still don’t spit it out, I will say that you are truly a persevering man. However, I know you are going to spit it out after all.

You are never able to digest it by your current condition, your cultivation level, your capability!

Even though you want to, you will not be able to. What can you do about it?

If you forcibly hold it to yourself, it will lead to a severe reverse impact to you. If you make any mistake during that, you will die exploding. Do you think the tea that is made from the Heavenly Destined Tree easy to digest?]

Master Bai looked at him, gloating.

However, what happened next truly surprised him again!

After trying several times, suddenly… - Gurr… - Ye Xiao’s eyes turned round like balls. His eyeballs were about to pop out. If not for the eye frames, they would shoot out from his head…

He was like a frog for a few seconds.

And then he opened his mouth. A spiritual qi came out and he angrily said, "Fxck!"

Master Bai was looking at him. Ye Xiao spat the qi out and it was all on Master Bai’s face, firmly.

For Master Bai, it was such an insult. There was no slobber in the qi from Ye Xiao’s mouth, but it was from the mouth! He had spat on Master Bai’s face. Even though he didn’t mean to, he did! He had to explain something!

However, Master Bai didn’t care about the insult or anything about it. What happened just now was too abnormal to him. It was so unusual!

Inside the qi from Ye Xiao’s mouth, there was no slobber and no colorful breath at all.

In other words, Ye Xiao had kept the raging colorful spiritual qi inside his body. Nothing fled!

Master Bai was stunned. It was so beyond logic and reality.

He was spat on the face hard, but he was only shocked.

He was shocked from deep inside his heart out!

[This guy… actually swallowed it?

He digested it?

With his current cultivation level, how could he digest the colorful spiritual qi from the Heavenly Destined Tea?]

Under Master Bai’s watch, Feng Monarch sighed and took another sup of tea.

And then he drank it all…

Nothing was left in his cup!

And then he shook his head and cursed, "For fxck’s sake!"

And then he took another sip, and then drank it up again...

Master Bai was astonished. For the first time, he felt that he was not wise enough!

[What… the hell is this?]

In fact, Ye Xiao kept cursing in his heart. He was also confused. [What the hell is going on? Isn’t it too much?]

It turned out the egg kept jumping up and down in the Space. It kept hitting and making noise. Ye Xiao was beaten like hell. He nearly failed to hold it down. When he drank the tea for the first sup, the egg stopped.

It moved fast like lightning back to the plate and started to roll.

It rolled faster and faster, and at the end, it became like a stream of white light.

When Ye Xiao was messed by the colorful spiritual qi, not knowing whether to spit it or swallow it, the egg made its strike.

- Shoot! -

The enormous colorful spiritual qi suddenly disappeared inside his body!

There was nothing about over-loading, explosion or anything else. There was nothing. Nothing happened to his body, because the egg took every bit of it!

Ye Xiao was shocked while he was expecting to improve greatly in cultivation!

[What the hell? What is going on?]