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Chapter 397: Can“t Help...

Chapter 397: Can't Help...

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He was confused, but he suddenly discovered that things were not finished yet. The egg started jumping up and down, hitting the walls after absorbing the spiritual qi from the tea. It was basically torturing Ye Xiao from inside to outside… It was like it was saying: ‘Give me more of that thing! Go drink more! Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink!’

‘I will hit you down if you don’t! I will hit the yolk out of you or hit the yolk out of me!’

Ye Xiao felt dizzy being hit. In his spiritual mind, he said, "Bastard! You want it. That’s fine. I can’t digest that much anyway. But you have to leave a bit for me! How could the landholder not be left some grain. Aren’t you too greedy…"

The egg was rolling in the air, like it was flattering him and felt sorry for it.

It seemed it was saying… ‘I totally forgot. Sorry. I will leave you some. I promise! I surely will!’

So Ye Xiao had another sip.

And then it happened again. He started struggling with the qi in his throat again…

The egg rolled fast again. It was spinning real fast and absorbing the colorful spiritual qi. After that, it started to hit the wall again to urge Ye Xiao…

Ye Xiao didn’t hurry. He had his cut this time. The egg promised him. As such, he decided to digest it first. He wanted to feel how it was like to take the colorful spiritual qi. However, when he scanned it with his spiritual mind, he found nothing.


No way!]

He took a closer look and nearly passed out because of anger.

Well, the egg did keep its promise. It didn’t take it all. It left him some, but it was just tiny tiny small bit of it really!

A narrow stream of colorful spiritual qi which was just the size as a hair was dangling in his Jing and Mai…

All that enormous amount of qi was gone, leaving just this bit!

"That is what you save for me? Why don’t you just take it all! Are you just trying to send me away?!" Ye Xiao shouted in his spiritual mind. He would rather throw the egg into a pot and boil it. "What difference does it make?!"

The egg jumped up and down flattering, and it urged again, ‘Look I am sorry… But you have to drink more please…’

Ye Xiao held the anger in his belly. Deep in his heart, he knew that benefiting the egg was benefiting himself. He was upset about it, but he understood the situation. That was reality he had to take. So he just sipped a of it. The egg started to move again. This time, it left more for Ye Xiao.

However, if there was a hundred portion of the colorful spiritual qi, Ye Xiao got one of it!

That was not a small amount though.

Ye Xiao actually felt satisfied that the egg, the chariest out of the chariest, actually gave him this much…

In other words, the portion that he got had already contained as much as he could handle.

If it gave him more, maybe he would cry out for help and beg the egg to absorb more for him. That would be embarrassing!

Time and time again he drank, the cup of tea was finished.

Three leaves of Heavenly Destined Tree lied in the bottom of the tea cup. They were shining colorful glow, splendid and magnificent.

Ye Xiao looked up and gasped in admiration. "Excellent tea indeed. Unique and excellent."

Master Bai was staring at him with astonishment. He didn’t seem like going to refill the tea cup.

Ye Xiao laughed and spoke in astonishment, "Great! I will do it myself. Let me do it…"

And then he grabbed the teapot in front of Master Bai and refilled the cup for himself. Suddenly, the colorful glow shined again. It was as beautiful as it had been earlier.

Ye Xiao took up the cup and took one sip after another.

The egg was spinning, rolling in the Space. It was hard to tell if it was spinning itself or it was pinned…

Finally, when Ye Xiao refilled the sixth time, the colorful glow disappeared in the cup. It became like a cup of normal tea, spreading normal scent. There was no more enormous spiritual qi…

Maybe now they started to drink real tea?

Ye Xiao clicked his tongue. He raised the cup and took a sip.

The egg was still spinning…

The scent of the tea got into the egg.

The next moment, the egg started shaking. And then it span in reverse direction. It actually spat out tray…

‘I don’t want this!’

‘I don’t want anything not nonsuch!’

"Heh, heh. Monarch Feng is an extraordinary man indeed." Master Bai elegantly took up the cup and took a sip. Hie eyes was full of smiling. "You can even digest the essence of the Heavenly Destined Tea within seconds. Amazing."

At the moment, Ye Xiao looked like grinning. It didn’t look good though…

[What is he doing?]

Master Bai changed expression on face. He was cautious now. [He is not going to spit again, is he? I can’t be spat on again!]

And then he only heard…

- Puff! -

- Puff puff! -

A series of sounds kept sounding.

Shameless like Feng Monarch, he blushed and felt embarrassed.

He had drunk too much of the tea. He didn’t know why he would fart dozens of times!

That was fine though. It was human’s nature to fart anyway. How could one hold it so hard!

However, the fart was not only in good smell, but also with some dim glowing rainbow color…

Such a splendid scene. What a shame that there was only Master Bai who had seen it!

"Cough…" Ye Xiao threw up his hands, "Well, that… I held it up here, but couldn’t hold it down there…"

Master Bai was just about to drink that tea. Suddenly, the expression on his face turned rather strange!

It was like he wanted to throw up immediately…

Master Bai could swear that after all he had experience in his long life, this was the first time he had such feeling! The man in front of him was so depressing to him…

However, the truth proved that he was right about this man. [He used some special method to take all that spiritual qi, but he cannot digest it all. Even though he has absorbed some, it was just a tiny part of it. The other must be let go with the… urh… fart…

But… That is sick!]

Master Bai was disabled and weak at the moment, but deep inside he was a super cultivator who was beyond normal people’s league. The filthy gas from human bodies was something he hadn’t been experienced for many years. It was so strange for him now. Noble as him, nobody dared to do such a thing in front of him. What Ye Xiao did really had made him feel speechless!

However, Ye Xiao was quite embarrassed himself. [What the hell is going on! That is so shameful today… Well, luckily, it is Feng Zhiling who is disgraced, not me…]