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Chapter 398: A Cup of Tea Ruined the Destiny!

Chapter 398: A Cup of Tea Ruined the Destiny!

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[Well, let Feng Zhiling bear the shame… I am Ye Xiao!]

Thinking this way, Ye Xiao felt settled about it. He even felt that it was a delightful thing to get the clean and elegant Master Bai smell his… that thing!

It was said that fart was the qi of body. One could never hold it. There was another saying. Who farts, who laughs; who smells, who dejected!

It was some good sayings. It fits really well with the current scene!

Master Bai was dejected at the moment.

He put down the tea that he only had a sip. He didn’t want to drink anymore. He lost the mood. However, Master Bai he was, Master Bai he acted. He adjusted his emotion and smiled again. "This tea. How do you like it?"

Ye Xiao took a deep breath in and said, "Good. Fantastic. Unique and incredible."


Master Bai saw him breathing in deeply, so he twisted the lips. [Yes it is good. But why do you have to breath like that? Don’t you know you have just farted a million times right there? It is still in the air now! It smells not bad, but it is fart after all! Do you have any special habit…]

Ye Xiao didn’t care about those. He didn’t know the thoughts in Master Bai’s mind.

At the moment, he was thinking about another problem.

"In fact, you don’t have to give me this tea." Ye Xiao couldn’t think it through, so he asked frankly, "Even though it is your sore point in your heart, you don’t have to take it out… Why did you do it?"

"You want to know why?" Master Bai smiled in a mysterious way, but he seemed helpless too.

"You want to know the reason?"


Master Bai leaned back to the chair. Hie pretty eyebrows shook.

"An opportunity may not always be an opportunity. In fact, when you miss an opportunity, it may become a barrier. Since I met that tree, my cultivation process became slower and slower. I kept running into bottlenecks. That was something that had never happened to me before that. Every time when I think about the old days, I sigh. I hate it, whether I am lucky or not." Master Bai smiled blandly and peacefully spoke, "I wanted to give it away, to completely cut the opportunity."

"However, for all these years, no one deserved it. In fact, there has been no one that I dare to give him this thing."

"If I give it to people in the realm where I am from, even if he is my own brother, he would lock me up and ask for more. Such a supernatural thing is something nobody would resist. Everyone wants it. I have it, so I will end up a target to them. I will be a fool who kwill ill myself!"

There was pain in his eyes, but it disappeared soon.

"Today, you came. In this low realm, you broke my Illusory Sky Array. That is destiny. Besides, I have promised something that it is hard for me to keep. You made your shameless request, and I couldn’t break my promise. And if I want to keep my words, I have to…"

"That moment, I realized, it is not my destiny to have this. It is yours. However, the heavens will is to use my hand to give it to you." Master Bai sighed. "So, this is gods’ will!"

"I don’t think it is though. It is simply how the conversation went. Why do you come with such conclusion? It may not be true." Ye Xiao frowned.

"The heaven’s will is never predictable. If you are not destined, the conversation wouldn’t come this way. If you are not destined, you should have died in explosion in your body when you drank the tea, as you are weak in cultivation."

Master Bai blandly smiled. "Maybe it is still too difficult to understand. When you reach a certain level, you will know. One should really not talk recklessly. Every word may change the heaven’s will. Everything you say may change your life completely."

"So it is my sore point with me, but your destined luck with you."

"I am giving you your own destiny, also my sore point." Master Bai smiled. "Maybe you don’t know, but when I decided to give it to you, I was relieved like I could fly. For me, I have no destiny like this, why should I pretend I do!"

Ye Xiao was quiet. He said, "I think I can understand it. Things go as god planned, not us."

Master Bai laughed coldly.

Ye Xiao said, "However, there must be other reasons."

Master Bai was silent.

There was of course other reasons.

However, he would not tell Ye Xiao now.

Whoever was destined to see the Heavenly Destined Tree would only have one chance to see it.

No one ever saw it twice!


Master Bai got a sore point in heart after he saw it, yet now he gave it to Feng Zhiling like it was Feng Zhiling who missed the chance.

He then could be free from the ‘one time limited’ curse.

Thus, the furthest for Feng Zhiling to reach, he would only get as close as to drink this tea.

He had it, so he wouldn’t have the chance to see the tree again.

For Master Bai, he had changed the heaven’s will. The mark on him representing that he had used up the opportunity was removed. In other words, he had gotten another chance to see the tree again!

It was a great opportunity for him!

He had seen the tree before, so he knew the area where the tree was located. He could recognize the leaf of the tree.

He was more possible to benefit from the tree now!

When the leaves was on that tree, it was just the same with normal trees!

There wouldn’t be a colorful glow around it…

Eighty percent of the people who had met the tree wouldn’t recognize it.

Master Bai realized that Feng Monarch had the destiny to see the tree when he first met him. That was why he had to ruin his opportunity!

What he offered to Ye Xiao seemed great to others!

It was a great thing to have for Ye Xiao though. He had the destiny, but he might not be possible to activate this destiny. He might never see the Heavenly Destined Tree in the future. Even if he saw the tree, he would very likely miss it because he had never met it before. That was why Ye Xiao truly had gotten a lot this time, although what he got was so much less than what the tree could give him!

For Master Bai, he was just giving up a few leaves. That was it.

The key was… after Feng Monarch got the leaves, he would never have the chance to meet the Heavenly Destined Tree!

Master Bai was destroying a destined man!

He was destroying an enemy that could threaten him!

A cup of tea ruined the destiny!

He would never tell Ye Xiao the truth.

He would just let Feng Zhiling believe that he had gotten a great gift.

Who got the greater gift, however, only time could prove!