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Chapter 399: What He Aspired Most

Chapter 399: What He Aspired Most

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What He Aspired Most

A stream of light flashed in Master Bai’s eyes.

[Besides, nobody knew whether he could survive the crisis in the Chen-Xing City this time. If he dies, that will be a relief. A dead destined man. What can he do to harm. Such destiny means nothing to a dead man anyway…]

In the Space.

The egg was delighted. It was flying round and round after absorbing all the colorful spiritual qi.

If somebody understood its language, he might find out it was saying, ‘I found it… That guy is still living. Great! Wonderful! Fantastic…’

‘Now I have a clue leading to you. I won’t give it up. Up to the sky, down to hell, I will find you. Ahhhhh… I will eat all your leaves! Eat all your fruits! Eat every piece of your essence! Ahhhhhh…’

‘I have been longing for it for eras. Ahhhh…’

The egg was rolling excitedly!

‘As long as that tree is still there, I will find it!’

‘Humph! You are nothing but a tree that was punished by the heaven’s nature. Do you think you can get away from me? Yayyyy…’

"Brother Feng’s high morality is truly reaching up to the clouds. You are a man who keeps his words. Now that it is a time of chaos and disturbance, you still remember your promise and come for my legs. Bai Chen truly admire you," Master Bai spoke casually and pushed the tea bag to Ye Xiao.

"This is nothing but just a small bag of tea. It is helping me to take it anyway… With respect, I give it to you. Please take it."

Ye Xiao looked at the small tea bag. He was blank in his brain though.

He had been joking about this. He never expected Master Bai would actually give him this unique treasure in the world!

In one hand, Ye Xiao was clear. [This must be a unique marvelous treasure in the world! I can’t let go of such chance!

I might never have the same opportunity in the future.]

On the other hand, he felt that there must be something Master Bai didn’t tell him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t use give him such great thing so easily. He must have other plans about it.

Whatever Master Bai was planning might not be good to him.

However, he didn’t know what Master Bai was thinking.

He thought for a while and then said, "Alright. Since you are showing such kindness to me, I won’t refuse it. It will be impolite to refuse it. I shall accept it with respect."

He reached his hand to grabbed the tea bag.

Who knew what would happen in the future anyway?

Now that there was something valuable in front of him, why shouldn’t he take it?

Whether it was good to accept it or not, only time could tell!

"By the way, did you just say you need to keep one leaf for yourself? For memory?" Ye Xiao said.

"No need. I have already kept one." Master Bai blandly smiled and looked to the cup in front of him. It had no colorful glow anymore.

"I see. You are generous."

Ye Xiao turned over his hand and put the tea into his space ring.

He could never just put it into the Space.

Once it entered the space, even though the Cosmic Hades wouldn’t burst, the egg would use it all at once. Maybe it would just chew and swallow it all…

Ye Xiao reckoned that it would ten thousand percent arouse the burst of the Cosmic Hades!

If it burst, he would never be able to handle it, considering his current condition. He might be frozen forever until he became a pile of ice dregs!

"Sometimes, it is very strange," Ye Xiao spoke slowly, "especially after I saw you, things became stranger. Elegant and powerful as you, you shouldn’t be in this mortal messy world. Even though you want to play games here, you don’t have to play it again and again, so many times."

Master Bai nodded and slowly said, "That should be true. However, one should always have his reasons to do things."

He blandly looked at Ye Xiao. "In fact, you are also strange. In this very desperate time of yours, you actually came to fulfill your promise to deal with my legs, and I am your enemy. What for?"

Ye Xiao twisted his face and said, "There is only one thing I aspire in my life."

Master Bai was interested. He asked, "What is it?"

Ye Xiao didn’t emphasize ‘in my life’ while he was speaking. Master Bai didn’t know that there was something behind these words.

Ye Xiao coldly spoke, "What I aspire… in my life, maybe there are people who betray me, set me up, but I won’t offend others forwardly. Whoever mess with me, I won’t let him go. Whoever help me, I will return the favor! My promise, I will surely keep it."

"My word is valuable and tough like gold."

"I can be shameless, indelicate, I can do whatever it takes to reach my purpose, but whatever I promise, I will do it. No matter who I promise to, enemy or friend."

"My ambition is… when I close my eyes, I won’t feel regret!"

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, with his eyes full of glows.

No matter who he was talking to, he would say it with confidence and emotions!

At this moment, it reminded him the promises he made in his previous life. Those were the ones he had failed to fulfill.

He thought about the person who was hurt because of him…

He was now doing it for her!

[For you, I make my change this life. I make the promise and I shall keep it. Can you even hear me?

‘If there is a next life, I promise I will accompany you to travel the world.’

Do you remember?]

Master Bai heard him. He looked at Feng Monarch and the luster on his face. He was sure Feng Monarch was sincere, that he meant every word he said!

It was real that this was what he would purchase in his life!

"No regret…" Master Bai murmured and laughed bitterly.

[This Feng Zhiling, he can make such promise. Can I?

Can I?]

Suddenly, he actually felt jealous about it.

Ye Xiao had given Master Bai many ‘first times’ this day. The first time to be spat on the face, to be troubled, to smell that smelly thing, and to be jealous…

"How could that be an easy thing to do…" Master Bai sighed lightly.