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Chapter 400: Aren“t You Afraid?

Chapter 400: Aren't You Afraid?

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy
"So you came for my legs during this time? Only to keep… your promise?" Master Bai looked at Feng Monarch with sharp eyes and said, "Maybe you are afraid that I will die in this chaos that I made myself? That you will fail to fulfill it?"

Ye Xiao smiled. "It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I have come now."

Master Bai wouldn’t let go of this topic. He asked, "You know all the troubles you are facing today is because of me, right?"

"I know that," Ye Xiao frankly answered.

"Then you should know that if you die, no matter under whose swords, you die in my hands, right?" Master Bai asked again.

"I know that too," Ye Xiao calmly spoke.

"Then you still came to cure my legs?" Master Bai frowned. He was confused.

"What you said has nothing to do with me curing your legs. To cure your legs, that is my promise. I made the promise myself," Ye Xiao peacefully spoke, "what happens in the future cannot change the truth that has happened. Promise is promise. Someone has to keep it."

"No matter what happens next, it has nothing to do with my promise!"

Ye Xiao smiled. "This is my way. No matter how others think about this. This is who I am."

Master Bai was silent. He said, "In fact, you are the kind of people I don’t like. You are making your lives too heavy. You are living with too many restraints. You just cannot be casual and elegant. Don’t you feel tired?!"

"However, I have to admit that people like you must be living in happiness. You are tired, but you are comfortable inside. You have your own happiness." Master Bai raised his eyebrows like he had put down some distracting thoughts in his mind. He smiled casually.

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "It is useless to talk too much. No matter how good I am, how much you admire me, you won’t give up collapsing the world. It will only bring us sorrow! Come on. Let me see your divine punishment wound. Lets see how bad it is now."

Master Bai smiled. "Well said."

He smiled and reached out his hand.

He had pale hands with long fingers.

It didn’t look like a hand of a man. It was more like a soft and pretty hand of a girl.

It was just laid on the white-jade table quietly.

It had no intent of defense against Ye Xiao at all.

If a cultivator’s pulse was caught by his enemy, it meant he had put his life in the enemy’s hand.

However, Master Bai reached his hand to the man that he hated the most.

He was undefended at all.

Ye Xiao grabbed his wrist casually.

At this moment, Ye Xiao raised his head and looked into Master Bai’s eyes.

Master Bai was casual as usual. He showed peacefulness on his face, and he acted elegantly. He smiled and looked back at him. Nothing changed on his face.

"Well, aren’t you afraid that I would just take your life by one palm strike now?" Ye Xiao asked.

"No." Master Bai smiled strangely with a profound look. "You wouldn’t do it."

Ye Xiao smiled and didn’t talk much. He transferred the spiritual power into the wrist.

He went through Master Bai’s Jing and Mai quickly.

After just that, he was shocked!

[What did I see? Is it still human’s Jing and Mai? Is it even possible?!

If the spiritual power I put into it is a drop of water, the spiritual power in his Jing and Mai is at least an ocean, a sky full of stars!]

That was a huge difference between them, like sky and earth!

To explain it as sky and earth was to humiliate Master Bai and overpraise Ye Xiao indeed!

They were not even in the same league!

With such huge gap between them, even if Ye Xiao had grabbed his heart, as long as Master Bai didn’t allow him, he would never be able to hurt it, let alone he was just holding his wrist!

There was some strong restraints inside his body to keep the spiritual power from activated, but he could still use them to save his own life.

If somebody attacked Master Bai, the spiritual qi in him would fight back automatically. The power of it was enough to destroy most of the people in the world, even in the Qing-Yun Realm!

That was some fatal counterattack!

Ye Xiao finally understood the strange smile on Master Bai’s face… In this world, no one could truly hurt him!

"The power of the divine punishment…" Ye Xiao finally understood what it was like.

Every joint of the Jing and Mai in Master Bai’s body was covered by a mass of purple qi. The great spiritual power of the purple qi blocked the path of the spiritual power inside his Jing and Mai.

There were no less than a thousand masses of purple qi in his body!

The purple qi was full of the aura of divine nature.

If anybody dared to break the purple qi, he would definitely got the divine punishment himself!

That was not something a man could endure! No matter who that man was!

To break it was to break the rule of heavens!

Ye Xiao grinned. "The divine punishment in you… is truly beyond my imagination."

Master Bai smiled blandly and made a joke, "Is it so easy to deal with?"

"Easy?" Ye Xiao bitterly laughed. "If this is easy, I don’t know what can be difficult. To be honest, I don’t even know where to start!"

"That’s right. What you are checking, in my Jing and Mai, is the divine punishment on me." Master Bai casually spoke, "Other than that, there are something you cannot see. You are just not in the level. It isn’t about your sight condition though. Don’t worry about it."

Ye Xiao frowned. "I am weak and in a low level of cultivation. Surely, you wouldn’t respect me with that. But what I am good at is dan-making. It barely has anything to do with one’s cultivation level. The problem from me is, do you have the materials I want yet?"

He sighed. "There is another thing. My idea earlier might be too optimistic. According to the current situation, even though the Heaven Seizing Dan is successfully made, it may not work as well as I expected. I need to be frank about this to you before I start."

Master Bai blandly nodded. "I understand. Our deal is that you make the Heaven Seizing Dan beads for me in time. The efficacy of the dan beads are not included… It is already a very difficult thing to just make the Heaven Seizing Dan beads."