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Chapter 401: You Old Man!

Chapter 401: You Old Man!

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Master Bai smiled. He threw a space ring to Ye Xiao and said, "Here. There are materials that are enough to make a thousand stoves of Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan. Let’s assume it is three dan beads per stove, then if you succeed in every stove, it will be three thousand dan beads in total."

He half closed his eyes and smiled. "And I will only take three. That is enough for me."

Ye Xiao widely opened his eyes and said, "Three thousand dan beads? You only need three of them? How generous. My god you are really so generous. But you don’t really think that I can succeed every time, right? You talked like I will take two thousand and nine hundred ninety-seven dan beads from you… I mean, Old Bai…"

"I am not an expert in dan-making. I know it is a tough job… Old Bai? What did you call me? Old Bai?" Master Bai frowned. Apparently, he felt teased about it.

"Yes, I call you Old Bai. You are aged. I think it is reasonable to call you Old Bai, right?" Ye Xiao looked at Master Bai, who was too young and handsome, and humphed.

"I am aged? Old Bai?" Master Bai frowned. He seemed upset.

Master Bai had always been casual and indifferent. Ye Xiao saw him being upset, so he suddenly felt so good about it.

[This guy really love to be a handsome man. That is unexpected!]

"I am being so kind not to call you old bastard. You are an old man! Whoever have clear eyes know it!" Ye Xiao said fiercely. And then he grabbed the space ring with the one thousand stoves of materials in hand.

He scanned it with his spiritual mind and felt so comfortable about it.

There were so many good stuffs inside. They were all superior quality.

In fact, it didn’t need to use all the precious materials to make that dan. For example, the WhiTe Hair Ginseng, thirty years old ginseng would work well. However, the ginsengs in the space ring were all so high-grade, which had already fructified ginseng fruit and turned into human shape. Ye Xiao reckoned that it must be over a thousand years old.

The other materials were all in superior level. There was no any normal materials in it!

For medical materials, one year old ginseng was ginseng, while a thousand years old ginseng was also ginseng…

However, they had totally different efficacies.

Ye Xiao only scanned it through and then just left it there. [Humphed. It is difficult to make Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan indeed. Now the materials he offers are all super high-quality. It must be even harder to succeed. It may be times more difficult than usual, I guess.]

However, he didn’t really care about the difficulties. He didn’t need to do it himself anyway.

"Old bastard… Old man…" Master Bai couldn’t let it go. He was upset and then felt a bit angry all of a sudden. He said, "Feng Monarch, your language makes me feel hoarse. Don’t you have any vigor and elegance of a superior master cultivator?"

"Hmm?" Ye Xiao finally found the weakness in this legendary figure. He shouldn’t have such a weak point.

His weak point was actually the same as a woman. He didn’t like others call him old! He love to be young and pretty!

He cared so much about his appearance!

"Beauties and heroes, they all don’t want to get old." Ye Xiao sighed.

Master Bai frowned and glared.

"Good advices yet harsh to the ear. Good medicine tastes bitter…" Ye Xiao was moving the space ring in his hand. "You talked like making supreme dan beads are like swallowing vegetables. One thousand materials… Three thousand dan beads… Big talk. Let me be honest with you, I got the recipe of Heaven Seizing Dan by coincidence. I have never made any before. I have confidence that I can make it. I want to challenge this legendary dan myself. It is an opportunity and a challenge in my dan-making career."

"The materials you gave me, I am afraid the first thirty percent would be used as experiment. It tests the way I make this dan. The next thirty percent should be used to adjust my dan-making method. Another thirty percent afterwards should be used to test the combination of the materials. Half of the rest will be ruined in the explosion of the stove, I guess! Optimistically speaking, there may be fifty percent chance to succeed in the last ten times. Well, it may be be the legendary Heaven Seizing Dan though… In other word, it is a god given good luck if I can make two stoves Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan out of the one thousand!"

"There is another thing… We are all smart men. Let’s just be frank. Even if I do successfully make two stoves, I will have to endure dan punishment twice… If I suffer it twice, I will be torn into ashes… That means, there will only be one stove left! Even if I can make a second one, I will have to give it up!"

Ye Xiao glared at Master Bai and gritted with his teeth. "Old Bai, you are good at doing math! There is only one stove of dan, and it will be no more than three dan beads! You are taking them all, leaving me nothing. And you actually acted like I am going to take a big advantage of you. Is it the elegance and vigor of a superior master cultivator you said?"

Master Bai rubbed the nose and bitterly smiled. "Is that so? I know very little about dan-making. I really have no idea."

"You have no idea! You dare say you know nothing about it!" Ye Xiao was furious. "Cut the bullsh*t. If you really don’t know anything about it, you wouldn’t have said the number ‘three’! We are both smart men. Why are you playing fool to me? What for?"

Master Bai could only bitterly smiled.

[I would only need to give an order and he will be smashed into a pile of meat. Now, he actually dare to be furious on me and shout at me… Does he know what death means?]

"Considering the quality of the materials you gave me, to use one dan bead that is made from those materials has reached the limitation already. It is only wasting it to use more!" Ye Xiao was angry. "The only one stove that will succeed, I guess it will be a great fortune to keep two of the three. It is a supreme dan bead that brings dan punishment after all. Don’t tell me you don’t know it. I don’t trust you… By the way, it is possible that I will waste the one thousand portions of materials. There is a eighty percent chance to all fail. I think I should tell you everything that is possible. I don’t want to listen to your nonsense after this. You know this, don’t you?"

Master Bai bitterly smiled.

Surely he did.

Otherwise, how would he prepare materials for one thousand stoves of dan!

To make supreme dan beads was already difficult like reaching the sky. To make Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan was much more difficult than that. It could be a miracle!

[The materials I prepared for him… If he truly can successfully make a stove of it… He must be a splendid master dan-maker and also a man with unbelievable good luck…]