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Chapter 402: Punched!

Chapter 402: Punched!

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Looking at Feng Zhiling getting more and more unbridled and emotional, Master Bai was speechless. He felt disgraced.

It was his first time in his life to be shouted at like this, being complained and scolded.

[Does he have iron guts…]

He couldn’t betray his conscience and lie about it, so he didn’t know how to respond!

Master Bai he was, firm and persistent he was. As Ye Xiao said, he was an old monster who had lived for god knows how long. After a while, he became casual and peaceful again, "Feng Monarch, why so aflame. As I said, I don’t know much about dan-making. It is only an idea to take three dan beads. It is the most optimistic idea. If things doesn’t go well, nobody can do anything about it, right? After all, with your limited capability, it is still a question without answer whether you can make Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan after all."

"Are you questioning my capability of dan-making?" Ye Xiao raged. He glared at Master Bai fiercely.

All of a sudden, he came up with a bodacious idea. [He is a real cripple now after all… If I punch him up, he wouldn’t be able to fight back…

This bastard has created such a huge disturbance. I have been terribly troubled all these days… Now that I have this wonderful chance, if I don’t seize it and punch him hard, the anger is going to stay in my chest…

I can’t punch him to death though. It will cause the reverse counterattack from his spiritual qi inside him.

It should be okay to just make some flesh wounds, right?

As long as I don’t use any true power and only punch him with normal people’s strength, it will only give him a few flesh wounds. It won’t activate the spiritual qi inside him!]

The idea was like fire spreading in his mind since it came up. He couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Apparently, Master Bai didn’t realize that the man in front of him actually wanted to punch him just because he didn’t feel good about the conversation. After all, he hadn’t had talked to somebody like this for a long time. He didn’t realize that there could be someone that bodacious. He wouldn’t believe that Feng Zhiling would start a fight after knowing how powerful he was!

He smiled and said, "Because I don’t have too much confidence on you, I prepared that amount of materials. I was thinking, maybe you need to practice several times. If you succeed, you succeed; if you don’t, well… Anyway, it seems I have prepared less than we need… I guess I should prepare ten times more. That may be better…"

"Surely, I am not depreciating you. You see. I am just telling the truth. I just try to take precaution. Maybe you will fail with all ten thousand portions of materials. That is also possible. You understand me, right? So, just take these materials, and I will ask Wan-Er to gather more materials for you. There are still days before the end of the deal. It is long enough to collect more materials…"

Master Bai smiled and talked. Apparently, he was trying to offend Feng Zhiling because he shouted at him so rudely. Ye Xiao liked to humiliate Master Bai, and in fact, Master Bai also enjoyed humiliating Ye Xiao.

Master Bai didn’t know… When he said that, a huge fist was hitting on his face!

"How dare you look down upon me! How dare you look down upon my capability of dan-making!"

Ye Xiao shouted the reasons why he started the fight and jumped over to Master Bai.

- Puff! -

Master Bai had never thought that this man would go wild like this.

He got a firm fist hit on the face. He was shocked and then furiously shouted, "You…"

"How dare you look down upon me! How dare you look down upon my dan-making!" Ye Xiao punched again fiercely. And then his fists didn’t stop. It was like storm rain hitting on Master Bai’s face.

- Bang, bang! - Two sounds, the handsome Master Bai became a flesh made panda, and then he was turning more and more like a pig head!

He finally got an excuse to righteously punch this guy. He wouldn’t stand on scruples. He actually got on Master Bai riding him. They were both on that wheelchair at the moment. Ye Xiao punched again and again, left and right…

- Puff, puff, puff. -

Master Bai was truly astonished.

He had never thought about being punched like this. He was angry but confused. All that he could think of was, [He is punching me… He punches me… He dares to punch me… How dare him…]

- Puff! -

A heavy punch on him caused his face to be compressed. He was no more a handsome man.

- Puff! -

Another punch on him, his face came back but looked really like a pig head.

- Puff! -

This time, Master Bai fell backward on the floor.

- Puff, puff, puff… -

Ye Xiao kept punching on him. Every fist was solid and firm. He was so vigorous at the moment. He was thrilled, excited, and passionate. All these words couldn’t even describe one ten-thousandth of how he felt good. Anyway, it was so good!

He had been punching over a hundred times.

Master Bai was not the only one who was shocked. Even the guards hidden in the shadow were shocked!

They couldn’t believe it!

They had never seen anybody who dared to be so rude to their master for so many years.

Even though there had been some ignorant people who had tried to mess with him, he always had Wan and Xiu around him. No matter what conversation he had, he would allow Wan and Xiu to be with him. He never kept any secrets from them.

However, this time, Wan of Clouds and Xiu of Heavens were both not around him!

Then… their master got punched!

[What the hell is this?!]

After a while, in fact, after an instant, Master Bai looked emotionally at Ye Xiao and blew on Ye Xiao lightly.

It hit Ye Xiao’s face directly.

At this moment, the guards were all back to themselves. They rushed out fiercely shouting with anger.

There were eight of them.

- Hoo! -

Ye Xiao only felt that he was flying away like he was riding a piece of cloud. He then fell to the floor heavily. His ass first hit the floor. He felt like his ass was hit into eight pieces. He was shocked.

[What is that? How come I just flew out like this?]

When he looked up, he saw eight big guys staring at him fiercely. They were all covered by aura of killings. The aura of killings was nearly formed into something solid, howling around Ye Xiao.