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Chapter 403: Swagger Off!

Chapter 403: Swagger Off!

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If he took any reckless moves, the aura of killings would attack him. With his current capabilities, he wouldn’t need Master Bai to fight directly against him, but only the eight masses of the killing aura could rip him apart!

Ye Xiao half closed the eyes looking at the eight men carefully!

The eight of them were all vigorous. They just stood there like iron towers.

They stood there and didn’t move a bit!

Eight Sky Origin Stage master level cultivators!

Ye Xiao rolled his eyes. He realized that he was watching one of Master Bai’s ace cards in this world!

Let alone Wan of Clouds and Xiu of Heavens, these eight guys were strong enough to help Master Bai destroy the world thoroughly!

Wan and Xiu were both massively strong, but they were restrained after all. They could barely use one ten-thousandth of their real power. These eight men were absolutely the most powerful force in the Land of Han-Yang. In this world, there barely was anybody who could threaten them!

How powerful force it was behind Master Bai?

Except these eight men, did he have other Sky Origin Stage master level cultivators?

Ye Xiao knew that people like Master Bai would never show what he really had to others. What he showed to people must be just a tiny part of the truth.

"Master!" One of the eight men held his fists with anger. "Pray order! We will smash this bodacious bastard into meat paste!"

Master Bai was holding his face. His eyes were beaten so hard that they were now in a shape of two lines. On his face, there was no part of it that was fine. All that could be seen on his face was blue and green. His head was swollen. He was exactly like a pig head!

However, he just sat there casually like he hadn’t been punched.

Even though he was covered with wounds and his face was swollen, he only showed people his elegance. People would just ignore all those flaws on him.

Nobody would care about the swollen parts on him. They would just ignore them.

Master Bai stared at Feng Monarch, who was embarrassedly sitting on the floor, through his half-closed eyes, sharp and bright. After a while, he laughed.


While he laughed, he shook the head. He nearly laughed to the point of crying

He was so delightful and laughing, and he didn’t seem angry at all. His perfect self-image was ruined again though. He acted like he had just been to something that he had to celebrate!

In fact, what happened to him should make him furious.

"Feng Monarch is truly bodacious!" Master Bai said so after laughing for a long time.

And then he was silent before saying, "Send him out."

He turned around looking at Ye Xiao and blandly smiled, "Feng Monarch, we will meet again."

He actually just let go of the truth that he had just been punched hard.

He acted like it had never happened.

The eight superior cultivators were all shocked. [What did Master say? Just let this bastard, who has just beaten him up, leave safely?]

Ye Xiao was surprised too. [You actually don’t want to beat me back?]

He wouldn’t so surprised if Master Bai asked the men to beat him up hard, or beat him up with his own hands. He was just so surprised that Master Bai just set him free!

[Does he have special habits? He loves to be punched?]

Master Bai said blandly, "Feng Monarch, please, don’t die in others’ hand in this chaos."

Ye Xiao laughed. "Surely not. Those useless scumbags? They want to kill me. They better do it in their dreams. They can never…"

Master Bai showed a smile that felt like spring water in his eyes. He casually spoke, "Maybe I can ask people to do things for me because of hatred or my plan or something else."

"But, this one," he touched his own face, which was swollen, casually said, "this is what really happened on myself. I have to do it myself. If you die before I recover to my real capability, I will be rather disappointed. It will make my decision now become pointless."

Ye Xiao laughed. "I won’t let you down on this! See you!"

He stood up and then swaggered off. He looked so casual, happy and he didn’t seem nervous at all.

The threat from the most powerful man in the word did not disturb him at all.

Master Bai watched him leave. Looking at his back, he smiled again.

Ye Xiao disappeared in the bamboo forest.

"This guy… He truly doesn’t care…" Master Bai touched his swollen face and blandly said, "It has been such a long time that I haven’t been punched…"

The eight guys all knew well about their master. They heard him only to feel covered by goosebumps.

[This Feng Monarch did something because of his anger. He will end up real nasty in Master’s hands!]

"Master, there is a group of assassins thirteen miles outside the mountain." The man who was the head of the eight said, "There are a lot of them. They are not just in ordinary levels. Feng Zhiling just left. He will have to encounter those assassins. He is weak. I guess he will fail to defend from those people."

He seemed to remind Master Bai.

[Do you want this Feng Zhiling to die? I guess not. Do you want to protect him then?

You need him to make those dan beads for you after all. This is the most important thing…]

Master Bai blandly smiled, "He doesn’t need me to worry about his life. Hmm. Andy, you should go check on it, but don’t get involved. If he can defend himself, you won’t need to show yourself. If he gets killed, you bring me back whatever he took away from here. Our things can not get into others’ hands so easily."


The big guy moved and then left, flying in the sky like a hawk.

Master Bai looked down. His hairs were hanging measurably. He looked at his palm and said, "That silly girl didn’t do anything stupid after all… Wan and Xiu should be back now. Ah. If they see me with this embarrassed look, they must feel pain in hearts…"

In his voice, it was relief.

[Feng Zhiling, if you don’t die today, I will lift the curtain in the chaos of the capital! I am willing to see how you can find a way to life in such a messy and desperate situation!"