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Chapter 404: Set Up!

Chapter 404: Set Up!

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"You beat me. How can you beat me without taking the responsibility. I surely will make some extra troubles for you. It is not that easy to take advantage of me." Master Bai showed indifference on his face.

Ye Xiao walked out to the mountain. He was thrilled and a bit terrified after the astonishment.

He was not terrified about the consequence of what he had done. He was sure that before he successfully made the Heaven Seizing Dan, Master Bai would never kill him.

What had happened there was because Master Bai had done something unreasonable. Ye Xiao just beat him because of anger. He didn’t want to kill Master Bai after all. Master Bai wouldn’t want to kill him either. The reason why he was terrified was Master Bai’s real power.

Master Bai was restrained by the divine punishment, so he couldn’t use his real power. However, he had only blown on Ye Xiao’s face, and the moment it Ye Xiao, he actually flew away. If Master Bai was free from the restraint, it would just be a piece of cake to kill Ye Xiao. That was a horrible truth to Ye Xiao. If he didn’t experience it himself, he wouldn’t even believe it!

It was impossible not to be terrified after knowing Master Bai’s true power!

He was just feeling a bit terrified though, because he had another much stronger feeling. He held the fists and he could still feel the pleasure of punching Master Bai. Ye Xiao laughed and murmured, "I don’t care how world shocking you will be after you are free from the restraint. You are now nothing but a cripple… When I come next time, I will find another chance to beat you up! I would like to take some risk to experience that wonderful pleasure!"

At this moment, Ye Xiao had reached a corner.

He stopped, because he clearly heard that there was a group of people moving fast over to him.

He stopped at the crossing. The first thing in his mind was to change his appearance. He was Feng Zhiling at the moment. Feng Zhiling was enemy to everybody in the world.

It would be a sure thing that he got recognized.

Whoever recognized him, there must be a ninety-nine percent chance that they want to kill him!

The reward for his death was too attractive. Every man wanted to take his life now!

However, when he just tried to operate his martial art, he was stunned.

His face was like an iron plate; he couldn’t move a bit.

It stuck there.

He couldn’t even change his facial expression, let alone change his appearance.

"What is it?" He was shocked. He usually activated the key area of the face with his spiritual power. He was experienced. He didn’t make any mistakes about it. What happened to him then?

Ye Xiao started thinking. He thought about everything that happened after he changed his face the last time. It reminded him when he was punching Master Bai, Master Bai blew on his face.

[Could it be… that it did more than just blowing me away with that breath?

Hmm. Must be… I don’t feel right about my face since then. I thought I was just blown too hard by him…

Now I cannot change my appearance because of that too?

He actually has such a powerful skill?!]

That was obvious.

Master Bai knew that Feng Zhiling would have to change appearance because he needed to escape from the hunt, so he set him up in advance.

"Holy sh*t! That cunning old bastard! He is a thousand years old goddamn fox! Within just a few seconds, he has made such a huge trouble to me!" Ye Xiao angrily cursed.

Master Bai had really made a fierce hit on Ye Xiao. He forced Ye Xiao to remain as Feng Zhiling. In other words, Ye Xiao didn’t know after how long before he could change his appearance and stop being hunted by those assassins!

That was no joke!

What to do now? The horse steps were sounding closer and closer. As he went further off the corner, he would reach a plain field. There would be nowhere for him to hide…

Ye Xiao looked back and helplessly sighed. He stayed close to the mountain.

Luckily, there was a shoal hollow on it. He could just hide right there…

If those men kept moving in the same speed on the horses, they would just pass this place very quickly. [Well, they may not be assassins to take my life.] That was just an extravagant hope…

Ye Xiao then held the breath.

He was staying close to the mountain.

The sound of horses running was getting closer and closer like thunder.

The group of people were just about to get pass by…

"Feng Zhiling! Where are you going? You head is a five billion head! Stay still, you!" At the moment, an extremely cold voice shouted.

Ye Xiao was shocked by the voice. [Who the fxck is shouting? You get the fxck out and I guarantee you will die quick!]

The group of people apparently heard it.

It was such an attractive and thrilling shout!

Five billion was a number no one could resist!


It sounded like they were all stopping the horses. The horse steps sounded sloppily. Meanwhile, a few figures flew over like giant birds. They had searched around this area just within minutes.

And then all of them were looking at Ye Xiao, who was hiding on the mountain.

- Shoot, shoot, shoot. -

Over a dozen more figures flew up to the sky. They didn’t know what exactly happened yet, but they had already occupied the highest points in this place.

The entire area was under their control now!

Apparently, they were a well trained team of assassins who had great experience!

The man in front of them looked at Ye Xiao. In his eyes, there was delight.

And then he took out a paper from inside his clothes.

He opened that paper with confusion. And then, he became wild with joy!

"Feng Monarch! We have been looking for you for so long…" The man’s narrow eyes showed a smile of joy. He acted like he had discovered some buried treasure. He bowed with respect and saluted as he spoke, "Finally, we meet each other… Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall."

He looked at Ye Xiao like looking at a mountain of gold!

It must be a huge mountain that broke through the clouds and reached to heavens!