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Chapter 405: God Slayer Team!

Chapter 405: God Slayer Team!

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[I just need to cut that man’s head and take it back. It is not just about mission completed. It is about me getting six billion in my pocket!

Six! Billion!

Me and all my ancestors have never seen such an amount of money!

My children and the children of my children can just lie there all their lives and eat till the end of the world…]

Ye Xiao was speechless.

[So they got me?!

So I am sold!]

Ye Xiao didn’t really see the person who shouted and brought those men to him. However, he knew it by thinking with his knees that he must be Master Bai’s people!

"Cunning shameless old bastard!" Ye Xiao cursed, "I just beat you up a little bit. Do you have to do this to me…"

And then he casually walked out from where he was hiding, casually walked down into the encirclement.

He looked at the slim middle-aged man standing in front. He smiled and blandly said, "Who is this? I don’t think I have ever met you before. As I can remember, you shouldn’t be from Kingdom of Chen. Am I right?"

The middle-aged man was so slim. Ye Xiao was 1.8 meter tall. That man was a head taller than him. He was about two meters!

His pupils were singing a blue glow. He must be a Sky Origin Stage cultivator.

His eyes were narrow, nearly reaching the temples. Slim body, narrow eyes, tall Sky Origin Stage cultivator, Ye Xiao had never heard about him.

"Feng Monarch, you are right. I am not from Kingdom of Chen. If I am, how could you not know me?"

The middle-aged man smiled politely. He said, "I am from Kingdom of Tianyu. My name is Ji Mengzhan. I think you must have heard about my name."

He smiled. "I am not people of Kingdom of Chen, and I am not as rich as Feng Monarch. However, the name Ji Mengzhan must be well-known in Land of Han-Yang."

"Ji Mengzhan?" Ye Xiao shook the head and disdainfully spoke, "Where does this nobody come? I haven’t heard of such name ever!" He smiled. "I do remember names of men, but never names of garbages."

Ji Mengzhan was furious. He blushed because of anger. "Feng Monarch is an important figure. You are a busy man. Maybe you haven’t heard about my name. However, when you die in my hands later and I chop your head down, you will never forget my name even in your next life!"

Ye Xiao blandly smiled. "Kill me? A garbage? Do you really think so?"

Ji Mengzhan raged and shouted, "Kill him! Take this gold mountain down for me!"

Ye Xiao’s head was a gold mountain in his eyes now!

It was a gold mountain that was so close to him!

Ye Xiao naturally had heard of Ji Mengzhan.

He wasn’t just a small figure!

Ye Xiao humiliated him for a reason though!

The reason was simple. That man was totally nuts!

His father was the Prime Minister of Kingdom of Tianyu.

Ji Mengzhan was an only son, however, he hated politics and literature. As he grew older, he became more brutal. He was very emotional, and he was cruel.

He loved killing. He never let his enemy die quick. Even when he could just kill someone by just one strike, he wouldn’t do it that way. He would like to torture people to death.

To be his enemy was a terrible thing. He would catch you, cut you, keep you staying conscious and kill your families, rape your women and then kill you at last!

That was some extreme painful course!

However, the king of Kingdom of Tianyu liked him, so he assigned him on an important job—the leader of the Tianyu God Slayer Team!

God Slayer Team of Kingdom of Tianyu was the official assassination group.

It only reported to the king of Kingdom of Tianyu only!

That was some enormous power!

What Ji Mengzhan had done was to investigate his own father…

He put his father in jail with some accusations!

He got every evidence though. When a son wanted to know the secret of his father, it wouldn’t be difficult.

However, he had made up some evidence. Those evidences he made up were the ones that truly put his father in jail.

His own son actually made up something to put him into jail…

It was unbelievable that there was actually such a son in the world!

The evidences he made up were persuasive. Everybody believed it. After all, he knew well about his own father. Evidence he made would look exactly like real…

A son persecuting his father was a tragedy, however, it was not that offbeat.

Something that was offbeat was that he actually tortured his own father. He tortured his own father till death stopped him. He did everything himself. It lasted seven full days before his father died!

That was some terrifying truth!

Everybody was shocked. That was why his name was well-known in the world.

He had shocked the whole world!

That was why Ye Xiao called him garbage.

Whoever could put his own father into jail and torture him to death, no matter how bad his father was, this son must be frenzied and inhumane!

He must be a scumbag!

A complete scumbag!

As Ji Mengzhan shouted, five men glowing yellow jumped over to Ye Xiao.

They were all cold faces, no expressions.

They were all Earth Origin Stage cultivators!

It was the distinction of the God Slayer Team to be expressionless on their faces. Strong or weak, alive or dead, they showed nothing on the face. They didn’t make sounds either. That was the identification of them.

Even if they were in disguised dresses, when they fought, they could be recognized!

They were the force of Kingdom of Tianyu that Kingdom of Lanfeng and Kingdom of Chen feared the most!

Every man in this team was shameless, and they fought with desperation!