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Chapter 406: Five Killed!

Chapter 406: Five Killed!

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Most importantly, everyone in that team was superior cultivators!

It was said that the weakest one in their team was at Earth Origin Stage.

The leaders were all Sky Origin Stage cultivators!

Even Ye Nantian, the war god of Kingdom of Chen, spoke highly of them. "They can kill three thousands gods. They have no opponents in the world! What a shame that such an outstanding team is under the control of a monster. They followed the wrong side. Pearls are thrown to pigs!"

In fact, they never had been over a thousand men since the team was built!

However, even though they only had such a number, they scared the other kingdoms like hell!

Ye Nantian heaved a sigh because… if such a wonderful team was in the charge of the famous generals, they must be invincible. However, Ji Mengzhan led it, who was even worse than a beast. The team could only work for the king of Kingdom of Tianyu. That was such a waste.

However, on the other side, it had to be admitted that under evil Ji Mengzhan’s lead, this team was even much more terrifying to the world!

This team had no principles!

They had no bottom lines!

They would do anything to finish their jobs. As long as they could complete their missions, they were allowed to do anything!

They used any methods or schemes to reach their goal!

That was exactly Ji Mengzhan’s Tianyu God Slayer Team!

The five men were getting over to Ye Xiao fiercely. Ye Xiao knew what they wanted.

They wanted to test on his real power.

Apparently, Ji Mengzhan didn’t think that these five could actually take him down. He just wanted to know how strong Feng Zhiling was. If they could make him consume some strength, that would be great!

Ye Xiao had a plan. He casually walked into the circle. In fact, he remembered every enemy’s location. The five men were getting over. The fight was yet to start, but Ye Xiao was scared!

He wasn’t scared because of the five men. He was scared because of the arrangement of their forces and the cooperation of them all!

The three men who were staying furthest on the mountain must be the three leaders. They set up a defense line in case Ye Xiao escaped. The others were all trying to stand in a point to prevent him from getting away.

Ji Mengzhan had just waved his hand. None of their Sky Origin Stage cultivators moved. It was all Earth Origin Stage cultivators who did the work!

It meant they were already working so well with Ji Mengzhan’s order. It was unbelievable!

He didn’t even need to tell them his instructions, and they all knew it!

Facing such a bunch of men, who were working unbelievably well together, everyone would be scared!

Such a team was like an army. They were unstoppable. However, that was not enough to deal with Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao was shocked by how they worked together, but he wasn’t shocked by their strength!

His eyes blinked and he shook his arms. He didn’t dodge when the men attempted to strike at him. He actually rushed directly on them

He jumped and flew up like a flying arrow.

The five men realized Ye Xiao was trying to fight back, so they made even fiercer attacks. From four directions, they swayed five swords to stab Ye Xiao.

The sword lights flashed and became a net in the air.

It was narrow meshed!

Dozens of their men kept staring at them, who were about crash in the air.

[Under such attacks, he actually dares to rush forward directly. Does he want to make a tough crash?]

It was never a wise plan to make it a fight of attrition when one was outnumbered. In the battle, there was no time for him to rest. If he couldn’t rest and be set in a negative position, he would be defeated. Even though he was fighting against people who were weaker, he should try to avoid reckless moves. Every factor would lead to his failure!

Under everyone’s watch, Ye Xiao suddenly turned aside in the air.

He had been rushing forward at the beginning, but then then he suddenly rushed sideways, causing him to have less room to breath.

In other words, it became much less impossible to not hit him!

Nobody knew what was going on. They only understood when he had flown through the net!

He just got through it, unharmed!

When he totally got through it, the sword light net was still there in the same shape. That was unbelievable.

The crowd were full of superior cultivators. They all knew why he could do it. The truth had made their pupils shrink. [This Feng Monarch is actually a master level cultivator!]

[If he didn’t know the flaw of the attack, he would never be able to get through that net!]

He had gone through the danger like walking over a flat field.

Such excellent judgement, such brave acts!

It also meant another thing. He was going to kill someone!

"Get away!"

Ji Mengzhan shouted to warn the five men.

It was too late.

Ye Xiao coldly smiled. Blue lights like ice beads flew out as he passed the five men. At this moment, when he was at the closest point, his two hands moved and rushed out fast like lightning.

The three men that were closest to him got hit and, in an instant, their throats were cut and blood sprayed out.

His feet rushed out when he nearly passed by.

- Puff! -

- Puff! -

Both of his tiptoes hit on the other two men’s chests like hammers with five thousand kilograms weight!

When the two of them passed by Ye Xiao, blood gushed out of their mouths. There were also pieces of their inner organs in the blood!

Ye Xiao’s feet stamps directly shattered their inner organs. They couldn’t survive!

It was only one move!

One strike, five men killed!

Ye Xiao acted so casually, yet five Earth Origin Stage cultivators died at the same time!

A clean act.

Ye Xiao got back to the floor lightly like a cotton, soundlessly.

There was no blood on his body.

He was still clean and clear.

In front of him, it sounded: - Puff puff puff puff puff… -

Five figures fell on the floor heavily like five gunny sack. They rolled when they touched the floor, and then there was no living sound anymore.

Only a pool of blood spreading on the floor under their dead bodies was left. It flowed like red rivers, gathering and spreading…