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Chapter 407: Level One of Sky Origin Stage?

Chapter 407: Level One of Sky Origin Stage?

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Ji Mengzhan looked at the dead bodies of his men and shook his head, yet he was still expressionless on the face.

Two old men beside him looked to each other and nodded. They spoke in a deep voice, "One strike gets five. Level 1 of Sky Origin Stage!"

Ji Mengzhan frowned and narrowed his eyes.


The two old men nodded to confirm at the same time.

Ji Mengzhan felt relieved. The two old men were maesters he paid a lot to recruit. They were both at level 8 of Sky Origin Stage with sharp eyes, and they were good at estimating enemies’ strength. They both confirmed that Feng Zhiling was at level 1 of Sky Origin Stage, then Feng Zhiling must be!

Ye Xiao stood in the encirclement. He looked at ease. Deep in his heart, the flame of fighting had rushed up high reaching the sky already!

There was also intent of killing in it!

And there was also a bit of surprise.

When he killed those men, it all went well like he had planned. That was true.

However, he had a feeling of smoothness like water running along the river!

He had never felt it before!

What gave him this feeling?

Heaven Destined Tea!

Ye Xiao thought of it at once.

He had thought that the tea wouldn’t bring him any benefit, but only to find that it helped him quite a great deal!

It was just a short feeling. Ye Xiao estimated it, and he reckoned his sensitivity and flexibility must be improved a hundred percent!

It was improved so much without being noticed at all.

He felt happy about it, but he also felt angry. He had drunk so much of that tea, yet the egg swallowed most of it. If it left him more, maybe he could be improved a great deal. [Bastard, it ate all the meat in the soup and only left me some water. Annoying!]

Of course, he knew that if the egg left him more of those colorful spiritual qi, he would have exploded and died. However, he still felt annoyed, because he could only get a tiny portion of such a great benefit!

Thinking about that, he wanted to have a good fight so much. He wanted to have a fight like he had in his previous life.

"Feng Monarch actually has such a capability. How admiring." Ji Mengzhan lit up his narrow eyes, shining with cold lights in it. He said something sounded like a compliment but also like sarcasm. And then he said, "However, you are no more than level 1 of Sky Origin Stage. You are bound to die here today in this place!"

[Level 1 of Sky Origin Stage?]

Ye Xiao was stunned by the opponent’s estimation. He then understood. It reminded him how he liked to hide his real strength in appearance. Native cultivators in the Land of Han-Yang would never be able to see his real strength level as he was using some special way to hide it. Only those who were one stage higher than him could tell.

However, he was already level 3 of Sky Origin Stage, so close to level 4. In this world, there was no one who could be one stage higher than him.

Master Bai, Wan of Clouds, Bing Xinyue, and Ye Nantian were all from other worlds. They were naturally different.

None of the native cultivators in the Land of Han-Yang could see through him. They could just estimate him by watching the appearance of his moves.

They thought Ye Xiao was at level 1 of Sky Origin Stage. Ye Xiao felt hilarious.

"You sacrificed five men to just check my strength?" Ye Xiao sneered at him. "Ji Mengzhan, you are a vigorous man."

Ji Mengzhan’s face turned dark. He shouted, "Wu Fei!"

A long and narrow figure rushed out off the crowd. He stood there with his arms crossed on his chest. He stared at Ye Xiao with cold eyes and disdainfulness on his face. Apparently, he didn’t think highly of this man whom he thought was only level 1 of Sky Origin Stage.

"Kill him!"

Ji Mengzhan waved his hand and blandly spoke, "Do it quick. Cut the head. We are going home! No need to get Wan Zhenghao. We get the bigger one and leave the smaller one to others. It is always a bad idea to be selfish on such a thing."

The man was named Wu Fei. He nodded silently and took out his long blade on his waist.

It was a narrow and straight shaped weird blade. It could be a sword, however, it only had blade on one side, so it was just a blade.

They were all expressionless as they watched the fight.

Wu Fei was already at the top of level 2 of Sky Origin Stage. It should be a piece of cake for him to kill a man of level 1 of Sky Origin Stage!

It should be an easy job.

Some of the men in black who were level 2 of Sky Origin Stage too were expressionless. In their eyes, there were depression. [Why didn’t Commander name me? Wu Fei, the bastard, got a bargain now.] For them, whoever cut off Feng Zhiling’s head would surely get more rewards. That was something inessential.

Wu Fei took the blade and then jumped up. While he was in the air, the blade had made so many lights like a lotus facing down. It all struck down to Ye Xiao!

He was prompt and he didn’t do anything useless.

He made a strike, and it was a strike to kill!

Ye Xiao coldly smiled. "Another one seeking for death!"

Since the enemy didn’t talk, he wouldn’t talk much either. He made a round and then started spinning like a dragon on the floor. He was rising up fast and spinning!

It was the blade lotus from Wu Fei!

He didn’t get away but rushed right onto it!

Ji Mengzhan half closed his eyes as he peacefully looked at them.

If he could get something done with a level 1 cultivator, he wouldn’t bother to send a level 2 cultivator!

He wouldn’t even consider it!

[Superior cultivators should have their own dignity and tolerance.

What I want is victory and to save time and effort at the same time.

As a level 2 cultivator can take him down, if I send a master level cultivator, isn’t it a waste of resources?]

In fact, he had made an exception today though. Wu Fei was a top level 2 cultivator of Sky Origin Stage.

"This Pendulous Lotus is Wu Fei’s stunt. He used it right when the fight began. It is breaking a butterfly on the wheel! Wu Fei seems look down upon Feng Zhiling, but he is actually quite careful about this."

Behind Ji Mengzhan, the two old men were calmly making comments. They were predicting the result of the fight.

"That is right. Pendulous Lotus is a good move. When he jumps to the air and faces down, even a level 3 Sky Origin Stage enemy couldn’t get away down there. If he tries to fight back on it, he may make it worse. It is indeed breaking a butterfly on the wheel to use this move against Feng Monarch." The other old man was smiling.