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Chapter 408: Level Two of Sky Origin Stage?

Chapter 408: Level Two of Sky Origin Stage?

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The two old men saw this Feng Monarch from Ling-Bao Hall rushing up to his enemy. It seemed they could see that he would fell back to the floor with wounds all over his body, and his head would become six billion money, piling up like a mountain!

"Hmm. We forgot to tell our man not to destroy Feng Zhiling’s face. We need to prove his identity. Well, I guess he must have known such an important thing. Surely…" Ji Mengzhan showed a cold and vicious smile and said.

However, he hadn’t finished his talk when he was stopped.

The next moment, his eyeballs seemed to pop out from his narrow eyes.

Under their watch, Feng Monarch suddenly speeded up when he rushed out half way to Wu Fei!

- Shoot! - He became a black whirlwind!

Wu Fei, who was stepping in the air, was rushing down on him directly!

A giant blade lotus bloomed thoroughly! The petals were shining vicious glow. When the petals closed up, it killed!

At this moment, the lotus petals were starting to close up.

There was sound of the blade swaying. The entire space became like hell of blades.

At this moment, a blue light shined. Feng Monarch became a black whirlwind. He was like a dark lightning rushing right towards the center of the lotus!

- Shoot! -

He got through it!

At this moment, he was moving extremely fast. When he rushed into the lotus, there was still a shadow of him outside, disappearing slowly.

In the center of the lotus, it was the lotus pistil. It was the most powerful and lethal part of it.

However, it wasn’t in its fiercest moment yet. The petals were not yet closed, and the pistil wasn’t formed yet!

That was why it was the weakest point of it at the moment!

- Click! -

A sound of breaking came out. Everyone was staring it. They saw Feng Monarch get through the lotus, ignoring all the blades around him. He reached his hands to both sides like lightning. One handheld Wu Fei’s nect, while the other held the back side of his head.

And then he twisted it in clockwise direction.

Wu Fei’s neck was twisted three rounds!

It immediately became like fried dough twist!

What made Ji Mengzhan angry the most was that… when Feng Monarch was holding Wu Fei’s head, he didn’t look at Wu Fei. Instead, he turned over, looking down at Ji Mengzhan. He showed him a smile of sneer and viciousness!

He didn’t even look at Wu Fei when he broke his neck!

The enemy fell down. The blade lights defused because the power was gone. Ye Xiao didn’t look at it. He just kicked the blade. Wu Fei’s narrow blade was kicked and flew out like a shooting star shooting to Ji Mengzhan’s chest like a line of lightning!

At the moment, he pushed with his right hand and Wu Fei’s body flew out in the distance.

Wu Fei’s face was still showing cruelty and coldness, like he was still in charge of everything!

Even when he was dead, he still thought that he could kill Feng Zhiling!

However, he didn’t know even after he died that it was Feng Zhiling who should be confident!

- Dang! -

The old man behind Ji Mengzhan drew out his sword and hit on the blade that was shooting towards them.

It made a clear sound. The blade was broken into two parts flying out stabbing into the mountain. Half of them had gotten into the rock.

The rest parts were like a snake, dangling there making sounds!

- Puff! - Wu Fei’s body hit the floor. His leg moved a little and then he just lied there silently.

He was dead.

He was lying on his stomach, but his face was facing up because of his twisted neck.

His face was still full of confidence!

Such a scene made everybody turn silent.

Everyone was looking at the dead body. Wu Fei died in a strange way. They then looked to Feng Zhiling.

The sneer on their faces were gone. They became cautious and solemn.

The guy who was confirmed to be only level 1 of Sky Origin Stage actually killed a level 2 cultivator of Sky Origin Stage!

He killed him when the latter one was making his stunt!

They all felt confused like they were short in brain volumes.

[What the hell is that?]

[How did he do it?]

It was easy to understand that a man could make an instant kill when he found the flaw of his enemy’s attack, however, a level 1 cultivator did it on a level 2 cultivator. [Does he even have the capability to break the defense qi of the other who was at higher level?]

[That is impossible. Isn’t it?]

It might be possible if the man had some special weapon. However, they all had seen it. Feng Zhiling did it with nothing in his hands. That was the truth!

Ji Mengzhan was furious. "Is this level 1 of Sky Origin Stage to you?"

The two old men were embarrassed. They coughed and one of them said, "Well, we made a mistake. He hadn’t use his full power. He should be level 2! There is no doubt…"

"Besides, this man, Feng Zhiling must knows Wu Fei quite well. He made his strike when Wu Fei was just about to let go of his most powerful attack. That is why he could do it. It is impossible for him to find out Wu Fei’s flaw just when they met for the first time. That was unnatural!" The other one added.

Until Ye Xiao killed Wu Fei, nobody knew that the most powerful point of Wu Fei’s strike was the deadly flaw of it!

Not only these men, even Wu Fei himself didn’t know it before…

Ji Mengzhan wanted to curse so much!

[Level 2? Hadn’t use his full power? No doubt?

Why don’t you say it earlier?

You said he was level 1, so I sent Wu Fei. Now I lost a Sky Origin Stage cultivator!

He is dead now, and you told me you made a mistake…

Isn’t it too late…]

The two old men behind him were thinking, [If you give an order for everyone to strike together, no matter how strong Feng Zhiling is, he would have been taken down by now.]

[It is you who want to strike with such a stupid attitude…

It is the enemy kingdom’s place. You have to show your commanding capability. That is totally useless.

What means not to waste?

No matter what it means, it only matters when you defeat your enemy.]