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Chapter 409: Bound to Win?

Chapter 409: Bound to Win?

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They murmured in their minds. In fact, they forgot something. The suggestion not to waste the manpower were proposed by all the cultivators beyond level 7 of Sky Origin Stage.

The reason was simple. It was all about face. ‘How can we, cultivators beyond level 7 of Sky Origin Stage just rush forward and fight like some bandits?’

Under their depression, Ji Mengzhan had to accept the suggestion…

Ji Mengzhan took a deep breath out. He looked at Ye Xiao with his narrow eyes and coldly said, "Feng Monarch has been hiding so deep. What a beautiful play to show enemies your weak point! Bravo! I have to admire you. However, you are doomed to die here today. Why struggle…"

Ye Xiao took a white napkin out from his clothes. He wiped his hands and then casually threw it aside. He acted like the neck of Wu Fei had stained his clean hands.

After that, he raised his head under the angry eyes of those men. He looked at Ji Mengzhan and blandly said, "I don’t really care about the result. I am always a man with impulsion… When somebody wants to kill me, I will want to him him back badly… It is my shortage though. I always make it too heavy and always get people killed. I will be careful though."

Those guys nearly spat out blood when they heard him.

[The bastard is being so pretentious, master level pretentious!]

[So to win the fight is his shortage now. He makes it too heavy and always get people killed. Careful my ass you prick!]

Ji Mengzhan turned over coldly and asked the old men in a low voice, "Are you sure he is level 2?"

The two old men stared at Ye Xiao and observed him carefully. After a while, they both nodded. One of them said, "Absolutely! No more than in the middle of level 2! He must have been planning to kill Wu Fei in advance. He attacked when Wu Fei was about to let go of his lotus on purpose… I guess Kingdom of Chen has been studying about us for a long long time."

Ji Mengzhan felt worried when he heard it.

And then he tried to calm down. [I will leave as soon as this guy dies. Even if Kingdom of Chen has prepared for this for a long time, they can do nothing. What can they do about me though?]

He humphed and shouted, "Qin Wu!"

On the safe side, he sent a level 4 of Sky Origin Stage cultivator this time!

Qin Wu was at the top of level 4.

"If you can’t kill Feng Monarch, Qin Wu, you better buy a tofu and kill yourself with it," Ji Mengzhan blandly spoke.

"Don’t worry, Commander. If I cannot take him down, I won’t feel merited to still live in the world. I will just buy a piece of tofu and hit myself to death with it." Qin Wu was huge. He looked like a small mountain, moving slowly.

While he smiled, his face turned horrible.

It was unimaginable how such a big guy could say such facetious words!

As the third attack was about to come, Ye Xiao stood there quietly with his hands down. He looked so casual. He was not even cautious.

He was speechless facing over a hundred men there though.

He just couldn’t understand it!

[What is wrong with this Ji Mengzhan? Does he think he has too many men? One by one, he sends them to die?

The men he has sent are subpar in capability, strength, mind status and all!

It is said that the people in God Slayer Team all have steady and calm minds. I don’t see any in them. That stupid Wu Fei acted like he was surely going to defeat me. He made his most powerful strike when he just got over. I don’t care how powerful that lotus strike is, but it showed an obvious flaw. Wasn’t it asking for death himself?

I don’t see any good points in this legendary team. What I can see is only the blind confidence in them!

You have so many people to use. Why can’t you just come over together?

Isn’t it much easier to take me?!

Well, it will be easier for me to escape though…

I don’t want to kill to many people really!

Do you want me to wipe you up here?

Am I that thirsty for blood to you though?

So incomprehensible.]

Ji Mengzhan solemnly looked at Qin Wu walking forward and asked in a low voice, "It should be okay to let Qin Wu do the job, shouldn’t it?"

The old man behind him solemnly spoke, "Qin Wu will win. They have too big difference in cultivation level. However, Qin Wu might not be so suppressing during the fight though."

He sighed. "This Feng Monarch, when he fought the five guys, he won by only one strike. He then took Wu Fei down with one strike too. Even though he must have studied Wu Fei and prepared for a long time, he must have a truly high knowledge about martial arts… As long as Qin Wu stays calm and cautious, he can win the fight."

He spoke loudly to make sure Qin Wu heard him.

It was a warning.

He was telling Qin Wu not to be reckless and to fight with cautiousness.

He was giving Qin Wu an advice of fighting strategy!

Qin Wu kept moving ahead with his huge body. He didn’t stop.

He slowly walked with a steady mind. The suppression he made caused everyone to feel suppressed at the same time.

"Qin Wu has fully prepared to attack. He doesn’t really make any strikes, but it makes no difference. He had begun the fight. Since he made the first step out, the fight was started. Feng Monarch is still standing right there like a fool. He doesn’t attack nor try to stop Qin Wu’s preparation. I guess I was wrong about his knowledge about martial art. He may be well acquainted about Wu Fei, that is why he could kill him by one strike. This time, he will definitely die in Qin Wu’s hands," one of the old man rubbed his long beard while talking with a smile.

"That is wrong. Qin Wu has made six steps now. When he walks out the ninth step, his vigor will rise to the top. At that time, even a level 5 cultivator can only try to get away from his attacks." The other old man smiled. "This Feng Monarch, who hasn’t noticed the truth about Qin Wu’s steps, is bound to fail!"

At this moment, the middle-aged man who had been silently standing aside suddenly laughed.