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Chapter 410: One Strike Again!

Chapter 410: One Strike Again!

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Ji Mengzhan looked to where the voice came, and he became respectful all of a sudden. He said, "What is your thought, Brother Zhao?"

The man he called Brother Zhao was wearing black with average height. He was slim, and had a cold face and thick eyebrows. He stayed alone, seemed unfit to others.

It seemed he was always solitary even when he was among ten thousand men.

His eyes were like dead water. He was full of boredom and desolation.

He heard Ji Mengzhan, and he didn’t even try to cover the sneer in his heart. He said, "That is well analyzed. Well done."

The man with long beard was annoyed. He blandly spoke, "Brother Zhao, you think I wrong? I wonder what your good view can bring us!"

Brother Zhao indifferently looked at him. His eyes didn’t seem to have focal point, like he was looking at nothing. He completely ignored the man and blandly said, "Qin Wu will die for sure! Within no more than one strike!"

Ji Mengzhan asked him more, but he stopped talking. He wouldn’t tell them more about it.

Ji Mengzhan hesitated. Brother Zhao was no ordinary figure. He was a powerful one in the Land of Han-Yang. [He has made a completely different comment. I don’t think there is no reason for that.

But, Qin Wu is at the top of level 4 of Sky Origin Stage. Will he be defeated by one strike?! What does he mean ‘no more than one strike’?]

While he was thinking, Qin Wu had made his ninth step.

As the old man said, his vigor rose up to top when he finished the steps.

"Feng Zhiling, give me your head!"

Qin Wu shouted and struck out.

Sword lights wildly flashed and burst with blue glows. Within the distance of ten meters, the place was all in blue lights.

Endless sword lights shined and gathered into a long running river, rushing towards Ye Xiao.

"Blade of Sky Origin! Blue Sky Around!" A man among the crowd exclaimed

"It seems Qin Wu wants to end this fight with one strike!"

"That is right. To perform the Blue Sky Around attack, a man in level 4 of Sky Origin Stage has to make full effort. He has to be merged with his mind and his sword to make a blade vortex. Qin Wu’s strike is apparently the merge of his mind and sword. He is striking with his full heart. He has operated the superpower of this strike. Even me would have to retreat if he fights against me with that. I would have to step back thirty meters to get away from that and then figure out a way to fight back!"

It was a level 6 cultivator of Sky Origin Stage speaking.

When he looked at Qin Wu’s moves, there was praise in his eyes. He was giving a high comment.


Just perfect!

For a level 4 cultivator, to perfectly strike out this Blue Sky Around, only one of ten thousand can do it!

Qin Wu is making it a perfect strike. He has merged his vigor and spiritual qi in a compete level.

It works so well with his huge strong body.

It is a perfect move!

It will crash everything!

It will crash everyone who is in lower level than him, even the same level with him. If he does it to someone in a little higher level, it will still be an invincible strike!]

When people were praising, Ye Xiao moved again!

Inside the enormous blue sword lights, Ye Xiao flew up with no signs.

He flew in the air and then rushed into the area that was covered by the sword lights!

The lights exploded into millions of cold light spots!

The entire space was filled with the light spots. It was densely packed and shooting around!

This space became full of danger. It was full of horror!

Ye Xiao was still casually staying among these lights.

He didn’t move very fast, but he actually dodged all those sword lights!

Inside such dense lights, even an ant would be chopped into pieces. However, he could actually move casually inside it!

He didn’t get hurt at all.

Ji Mengzhan’s face changed.

"Retreat! Quick!" He shouted.

And then he shouted, "Go support him! Save him back!"

He finally realized something wrong!

[Monarch Feng is acting so casually. Apparently he is extremely confident. Under such world-covering dense attacks, he can still walk so casually inside it. He sat have absolute confidence to break the move. It is never going to get him hurt!

In the other side, once he strikes, Qin Wu will die!]

"Too late!" Beside Ji Mengzhan, that slim Brother Zhao blandly spoke, "He gave Qin Wu the time to walk nine steps and wait till Qin Wu to burst his Blue Sky Around move. He is just trying to create this scene we are watching now. Would he give you the chance to call your man back? Qin Wu is dead!"

When Brother Zhao spoke of ‘create this scene’, Feng Monarch finally made his attack!

Suddenly, golden glow shined up to the sky.

- Clang! - Something hit the sword, making the sound of metals cracking.

When Brother Zhao spoke of ‘Qin Wu is dead’, Ye Xiao’s right hand had heavily hit Qin Wu’s throat like lightning!

- Crack! -

Qin Wu’s eyeballs popped out. Everybody saw Qin Wu’s neck collapsed after being hit. And then it became swollen, but in a different shape. The parts of his body under his neck all became the color of blood, swollen.

[Qin Wu was finished!]

They all had the same thought. What happened showed that the bones in Qin Wu’s neck were all smashed into pieces! Even the veins were all cut. The broken bone pieces were all gathered together, blocking the way connecting his head and his body.

The blood in his body couldn’t rush up, but it was running wildly because Qin Wu was fighting. It kept running up to the head, causing it to swell with all the blood in it!

The golden glow shone again. They finally saw it clearly. The left hand of Feng Monarch didn’t hold any weapons. It was his hand shining in golden glow. His hand became like a gold hand. Qin Wu’s sword had already been snatch and held in Feng Zhiling’s hand now.

He kicked Qin Wu’s dying body and made it spin. And then he swayed the sword and chopped down. A head flew up to the sky. The body without a head span for a while and then its neck was pointing at Ji Mengzhan like it had been planned to be so.