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Chapter 411: Let Me Try

Chapter 411: Let Me Try

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The next moment, a dozens of meters stream of blood jetted out from the neck, right on Ji Mengzhan’s face!

Ji Mengzhan’s face turned pale, but he had a quick reaction. He jumped up high, and the blood only reached below his body. It didn’t touch him but only made a blood path on the floor.

The body without a head fell to the floor and shook the ground.

People’s hearts were shocked at the same time.

It became silent!

One strike again.

One strike again!

It was not really one strike at all. He just snatched the weapon and grabbed his neck at the same time. It was barely one strike really!

It was exactly like that Brother Zhao predicted!

Qin Wu, who was level 4 of Sky Origin Stage, rushed out fiercely. From the moment he made his attack after the nine steps, to the moment he died in misery, it had been just a few seconds!

Feng Zhiling even planned the way he died and the direction his body would face. The blood jet was the proof of all this!

That was Qin Wu’s blood of life!

In other words, the way the body span and stopped there facing that direction was all planned! It would definitely go that way!

[Feng Zhiling could make such a plan in such a drastic fight. He even calculated the details of it. His wisdom of fights is truly horrible, terrifying, world shocking, and unbelievable!]

They all thought of something at the same time. When Feng Monarch’s hand turned into golden hand, it directly hit the blade of the sword!

To dodge aside wouldn’t show his true strength, but that hit was a vivid proof to his true power!

It was this hit that made Qin Wu, a level 4 cultivator of Sky Origin Stage stopped his rushing body. He was stopped while he was rushing fiercely!

After that, it was the moment when Feng Monarch reached his right hand casually and killed him within seconds…

He did it without stop. It was so smooth like water running in the river!

That meant the hit on the blade didn’t effect Feng Zhiling at all. Instead it was the key to his victory!

Ji Mengzhan’s face finally became extremely vicious. He turned around staring at the two old men. His face was dark. He gritted with his teeth, saying, "Is this level 2 of Sky Origin Stage you were so sure about?!"

The old men blushed and didn’t know what to answer.

Before this, they had never made wrong judgement about enemies’ capabilities. Sometimes they might not be so accurate, but never had been wrong like this before. It was completely wrong!

The truth showed that they were ridiculously wrong!

[But… This Feng Zhiling is obviously in lower level than us. How come I cannot see him through?]

[Even if one of us will make a wrong judgement, it is nearly impossible that we both make a wrong judgement!]

After a while, the old man who named Chao said, "I am old and I must be flurry in eyes. Feng Zhiling… Maybe he is… Level 5 of Sky Origin Stage. Well, maybe higher… I cannot be sure…"

Ji Mengzhan shouted furiously, "Do you mean I need to send more men to die before you can make a positive judgement? Maybe I should send more men to attempt until Feng Zhiling is dead? Is it so? Is it what you suggest? To make attempts?"

The two old men opened the mouth but ended up with no words to say.

[You are the commander… You make the choice, you make the call, you are in charge. Now our men died, you pushed the responsibility to us… You treat us like your punching bags…

When we made perfect judgments in the past, how come you never say anything?!


"Feng Monarch may not be in a high level, but he has various methods during the fight. He has astonishing sharp eyes. He can always see a perfect way to deal with the situation. Moreover, he has never shown his true strength all along. I haven’t seen his weapons yet… If you send more men to get him, you are sending them to die."

Brother Zhao looked at Ye Xiao with cautious eyes. He blandly spoke, "Why don’t you let me try it."

Ji Mengzhan felt happy. He said, "Brother Zhao has wise opinions! Please, Brother Zhao."

Brother Zhao blandly nodded. He looked tired as usual and walked out slowly to Ye Xiao.

He just moved and his slim body showed an aura of solitariness.

He was wearing a black robe, which was flying in the air because of the wind. He was like a ghost dangling in the world, walking step by step, bringing endless sorrow and pain to the world.

Ye Xiao frowned.

He had been noticing this man since he was surrounded.

No matter how strong the team led by Ji Mengzhan was, it was limited. Ye Xiao didn’t really think highly of it. He couldn’t defeat them all at a time, but he was quite sure he could get away alive.

Ji Mengzhan, the two level 8 old men, or the three superior cultivators who were guarding the area could not threaten Ye Xiao that much!

That was why he didn’t panic at all. He acted casually, because he really was casual.

[If I want to go, even men in level 9 of Sky Origin Stage couldn’t stop me!]

However, only this man in black clothes made him feel weird and worried.

He had been silent all the time since they arrived.

However, when he looked at Ye Xiao, Ye Xiao felt like being watched by a poisonous and vicious snake.

He felt chilled.

It was an instinct for great danger!

If there was anyone in this God Slayer Team who could threaten Ye Xiao’s life, this man must be the first!

When this man walked out, the aura of solitariness made Ye Xiao felt it more clearly.

Moreover, he looked peaceful. The boredom on his face and his indifference all made Ye Xiao feel real strange.

It felt like that man had nothing to love in the world…

He was preparing to embrace death at any second.

Other than that, on his body, there was a mass of extreme cold qi flowing around.