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Chapter 412: Killer King

Chapter 412: Killer King

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Such qi was cold enough, but it was not an aura of killing. It was difficult to describe it. It just made people feel uncomfortable.

Ye Xiao felt that he should know this guy. He had never truly seen this guy, but somebody must have mentioned him to Ye Xiao earlier!

He just couldn’t remember it.

Brother Zhao casually walked three steps forward. He stood at about fifteen meters distance to Ye Xiao. He finally raised his tired eyes. He stared at Ye Xiao inanimately. He tiredly said, "Feng Monarch, sorry. I am going to make my strike now."

Ye Xiao blandly said, "Well if you are no sorry, will you not attack?"

Brother Zhao was surprised. He looked at Ye Xiao again. The solitary in his eyes was more obvious. His qi was rising up, denser and denser.

Apparently, it was more than enough for him to say those words already. Even though Ye Xiao had said something that surprised him, he didn’t want to speak no more. He wanted to though, but he just moved.

At this moment, Ye Xiao was enlightened. He murmured, "I see. That is a face of no desire for life on you… No desire for life? You are Zhao Pingtian?"

That man in black, Brother Zhao, was indifferent. He coldly answered, "A name is just a mark. A living man has a name. A dead one has none. All dead men have one common name, corpse."

Ye Xiao said, "Oh? Hmm. Well said. Reasonable."

Brother Zhao coldly continued, "Life and death, there is a boundary between them. Transmigration makes countless people repeat life and death. No matter who you are, you can never escape. It is extremely difficult to become a capable man after a long life of training. However, to die is the fastest and simplest."

"As the sword light flashes, head down, all done."

Brother Zhao sounded so indifferent. However, even he himself thought it strange. [How come I would speak a lot today?]

[It feels like… like somebody is urging me to say more words in front of this man. Such a strange feeling. Uncomfortable…]

After that, he kept his mouth shut. He suddenly locked on Feng Zhiling. He was about to attack.

Ye Xiao laughed and said, "That is some great talk. Smart and reasonable. However, such a philosophical theory comes from the mouth of the No. 3 assassin in the world. That truly shocked me. A well-known killer king actually has such a deep understanding about life and death."

Nothing to live for, No. 3 in the world; a killing king with one sword to take the world!

Ye Xiao finally knew who he was.

He was known as the No. 3 assassin in the Land of Han-Yang, the killer king, Zhao Pingtian!

He was as famous as Ning Biluo, a superior assassin.

The reason why he was No. 3 was not that he did worse in his job. In fact, Ning Biluo and Boundless Saint all had failed in some missions. Zhao Pingtian was a man who spared no life. He hadn’t fail even once. He was always low-profile, and he didn’t really care about the ranking, so just a small group of people knew about him!

When people were making the ranking list of assassins, there were people proposing that he should be the No. 1. However, Boundless Saint didn’t buy it. He once had a fight against Zhao Pingtian. They were almost even in strength. In fact, he was a little big stronger than Zhao Pingtian. Besides, as people knew, he appeared to be much better in records than Zhao Pingtian. He surely wouldn’t agree to be lower than Zhao Pingtian in the ranking list. Zhao Pingtian didn’t really care about it though. He wouldn’t mind at all.

Zhao Pingtian was No. 3 at last.

Although he was No. 3, the title, ‘killer king’, nobody dared to take it from him. Even Boundless Saint wouldn’t dare to do it.

Zhao Pingtian’s world shocking cultivation capability was surely not a trivial matter!

Boundless Saint surely believed that he was stronger than Zhao Pingtian. Maybe he could kill Zhao Pingtian if he did all that he could. However, he might also lose a lot for it. He would absolutely lose a part of his cultivation capability. Even if he won, the Boundless Lake would fall. Besides, it was just fighting for a title to mess with Zhao Pingtian. He would get nothing else in return. That was why he would never do such silly business.

As for Ning Biluo, he was king of assassins already. He wouldn’t mind the killer king title. Besides, he had a lot to worry about. He truly didn’t have the time to care much about it!

Ye Xiao had heard about him before. Several days earlier when he was talking about the top figures in the assassination field with Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun, Zhao Pingtian was the first name they brought up. That was why Ye Xiao was most impressed. As he saw the face with no desire to live on his opponent’s face, he suddenly realized who he truly was.

Because he knew who he was, he felt a bit worried, with cold sweat in his hands.

Such a top ranking assassin, who could’ve wiped out the entire world, was not even a bit like the others under Ji Mengzhan’s lead.

He thought about how horrible Ning Biluo was, and he knew how horrible this Zhao Pingtian, the killer king was.

However, he didn’t understand… [Why is this world No. 3 assassin always unhappy, showing a face with no desire to life?]

[The cold qi on him is so weird. It doesn’t seem like going out from his body…]

[What is it?]

While Ye Xiao was lost in thoughts, Zhao Pingtian’s dry hands had already held on his sword. His eyes became sharp and fierce. The qi of killing spread out, which nearly covered the entire sky.

Apparently. he was about to attack.

Ye Xiao operated his Yin Yang Eyes at once. Yin in the left, Yang in the right; he wanted to see through his enemy.

He didn’t dare to act casually facing such powerful enemy.

He was a lot weaker after all.

A tiny mistake could make himself dead!

When he just saw things through his Yin Eye, he was shocked by what he saw.

In the sight of Yin Eye, there was a mass of grey fog floating beside Zhao Pingtian.

It was staying beside him closely.

Ye Xiao looked at the fog and tried to figure out what it was!

[How would such a strange grey fog surround Zhao Pingtian?]