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Chapter 422: Yin Yang Fruits

Chapter 422: Yin Yang Fruits

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"She said that… ‘There IS only one martial sect in the town that still recruits disciples. If you really like me, why don’t you go be their disciple? If you know nothing but reading and writing, maybe you will be working in the court someday, but to be honest, you are just afraid of bearing hardships in the martial world. I won’t marry a coward…’"

Ye Xiao couldn’t help but sigh when he heard that.

He knew there must be something behind all that, but those words still hurt. Every man would be hurt when hearing those words, if he was a real man.

"I was furious. I shouted, ‘Wait and see! I am going to learn martial art now! I will defeat this man three years later! You know what, even after I defeat him, I won’t marry you! You are cruel, I am too…’"

Zhao Pingtian bitterly smiled. He grabbed the jar again and drank a lot. He emptied the jar.

Ye Xiao thought, [What a good drinker! The jar is empty, if not, he will keep drinking it up! He said he doesn’t drink. My god. He normally doesn’t, but when he does, he drinks up the ocean!]

"That day, I left her home. I felt the entire sky was dark… I was heartless. I was mad…" Zhao Pingtian looked painful on his slim face. "I ran back home and told my parents I would learn martial art… My parents sighed but didn’t stop me… I was so stupid… I was really stupid…"

Zhao Pingtian sighed… The expression of regret on his face made Ye Xiao feel sad too.

"I never really thought about it. Rou-Er had always liked me that much. How would she be like that all of a sudden? Her parents always treated me like their own child, how would they possibly be so indifferent to me? My parents always supported me to be an intellectual, why didn’t they stop me when I told them I wanted to be a cultivator? They even supported me?"

"I must be the world’s No. 1 fool!" Zhao Pingtian was full of regret. He kept hitting his head. "Why didn’t I think deeper about all that happened that time! Why would I go mad and ignore everything! I was heartless. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t see those strange signs!"

"The next day, I packed up my stuff and went to look for my master… At that moment, the Bright Heart Sect was selecting qualified young people as their indirect disciples…"

"When I got there, because I was born with good potential, it didn’t seem so difficult and I got selected. That night, my father held a farewell dinner for me… Her… Her father came too… He brought some gifts and some notes of silver. He said I would need it on my way… I was full of anger. I didn’t think too much… In fact, I shouted like dogs unscrupulously. I threw out the notes and kicked him out. I shouted, ‘If I succeed in the martial world, I won’t marry your daughter. Why are you here? Get the fxck off here…’"

"He was stooping, staggering out. That moment… Every time when I dream about him, I see him staggering away with his back on me, and I want to cry. I want to beat myself to death, cut my tongue off! How could I! How could I say those words to him! I was such an animal! I was a monster with no heart…"

"The notes of fifty taels was all he had at that time. Things were so strange, yet I actually didn’t notice any. I…"

"After I went to Bright Heart Sect, I practiced like mad. Maybe it was potential, or maybe I worked hard enough, I went out off the league and became the outstanding one. Only within one year, I reached level 3 of Human Origin Stage. The next year, I reached level 7 of Human Origin Stage… I kept working so hard. The hatred in my heart drove me to. I endured every hardship. I only wanted one thing, to be stronger, to be a powerful man…"

"The third year, things changed. When I was working in the cultivation room, I worked too much and my body couldn’t bear it. I felt dizzy all the time. It slowed me down. One day, I was cultivating behind the mountain. I fainted and fell down the cliff… That was my good fortune though. There were Yin Yang Fruits under the cliff. It was ripe…"

Yin Yang Fruits.

Ye Xiao was shocked. He then bitterly smiled.

Such a dramatic scene actually happened on Zhao Pingtian. He fell down the cliff and didn’t die, instead he found a precious treasure…

Yin Yang Fruits were no ordinary objects. They only grew in extremely cold places. Yang Fruit was red; if cultivators ate one, they would acquire sixty-year worth of cultivation. A rookie could became a superior cultivator in one night! It was one step to the sky!

It was an extremely precious item, which was nearly impossible to find. Only those who had great lucks could meet one.

Zhao Pingtian actually had that luck. He got the fruit when he fell down the cliff…

That was such a miracle.

The Yin Fruit grew beside the Yang Fruit. It had totally different efficacy though.

Yang Fruit was for living men. It improved a man with sixty-year worth of cultivation. Yin Fruit, living men should never eat it. It was said Yin Fruit was for ghosts… Nobody knew if it was true, but it was true that no living men should eat it. Many men died in the history because they didn’t believe!

Zhao Pingtian was lucky.

He wasn’t an experienced and informed man back then. He couldn’t tell which one he could eat and which one he couldn’t!

He might eat the Yang Fruit first and got boosted in cultivation, but how would he not eat the other one later. Ordinary people would never know that one of them was good, while the other was like poison!

"I accidentally fell off the cliff. I thought I would die but I didn’t. I didn’t even get hurt so bad. Only my leg was injured a little bit. I couldn’t use my leg, so I couldn’t walk. There was no way out of that place anyway. I was trapped for days, and I was starving. I felt dizzy. Suddenly, I smelled something. It smelled so good. I looked for the thing that produced the scent. It was a red fruit. I didn’t think much and just took it before swallowing it directly."