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Chapter 423: Hard to Turn Down True Feelings!

Chapter 423: Hard to Turn Down True Feelings!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy
"I was starving. Even if it was poisonous and I knew it, I would eat it. It was better to die full than die hungry. After eating that fruit, I felt full of energy. The wounds was cured. I got up and found that there was another fruit on the other side. That one was black."

"I was cured and my cultivation capability was improved a great deal. I easily climbed up to get the other fruit and returned to my sect. I told my master about it, then my master told me that I got the Yin Yang Fruits. I ate the Yang Fruit and didn’t take the other one. That was my good luck…"

"In the three months after that, I digested all the energy from the Yang Fruit. I became invincible in my sect. Even my master and the elders in the sect couldn’t defeat me. I had digested all the energy from the Yang Fruit. I was level 8 of Earth Origin Stage. I became one of the top league…"

"I couldn’t wait, so I left the mountain. It was less than three years yet… I wanted to find Rou-Er and tell her that I was already a superior cultivator. I was a big figure in the martial world… The only thing I wanted was to tell her that I could give her safety, I could give her a bright future, but I wouldn’t marry her! She didn’t deserve me! I wanted to call her superficial woman…"

"But… The day when I went back…" Zhao Pingtian took in a deep breath. Tears in his eyes nearly dropped down.

"When I went back home… My father told me that Rou-Er was dead… Seven days before I was back. The day I went back home was the seventh day from Rou-Er’s death…"

He turned silent and lowered his head.

- Drip. - A drop of tear dripped into his jar!

"My father told me the everything about that day. I got to know the truth. I never had thought it would be like that… Before the wedding, Rou-Er had a strange disease. She started to lose hair, and then she became weaker and weaker… She had seen some famous doctors. It was Jing Mai Necrosis… It was incurable. The only thing she could do was to become weaker and weaker until… until she died… with extreme pain…"

"When Rou-Er knew she got such a disease, she came up with a plan to force me to leave… She didn’t want me to see her suffer. She knew if I knew the truth, I would never leave her… I would marry her… But she didn’t want to be my burden… She would rather kept be living in lies…"

"If I stayed at my hometown, I would definitely find out…"

"That was why she asked her cousin’s help, to put on a play… She wanted me to leave, to practice martial art… She made a three years term, because she knew that she would die in three years… As long as nobody told me the truth, I would just live well with hatred. She preferred I hated her my whole life, than I living in misery…"

"She didn’t know that I went back half a year earlier and got to know everything…"

"She thought that… As time passed by, even if I knew the truth, I would have forgotten her already… She hoped that I would marry a good girl… and have a good life… Rou-Er, my Rou-Er…"

Tears on his face.

"My father said… Before Rou-Er died, she had suffered so much that she barely looked like a human being. When she died, she was less than twenty kilogram weight… The last thing she said before she died…"

Zhao Pingtian choked with sobs. "She said… I miss my Brother Tian… I miss him so much… I miss him so bad… But… Please… Please don’t tell him about this…"

"She didn’t forget it even before she died. She didn’t want to hurt my feeling… Even though she had to let me hate her for my life…"

"If I could go back home seven days earlier, maybe I could see her for the last time… However, I was seven days late. What I could see was nothing but a pile of dirt… I lost the chance to see her again forever!"

"I ran out like a madman and ran to her tomb. I went to see her. I wanted to see her. I wanted to marry her. I don’t care what she becomes. I want her to be my wife… Even for one day! One day is enough!"

"When I got there… All I could see was a small grave mound. There was even no grass on it yet. I was just late for several days! What I could see was only a pile of dirt. My Rou-Er. My Rou-Er. She suffered so much. Now she lies in there, buried… She didn’t even see me when she died. She still worried that I would be sad if I knew the truth. She wanted me to live in lies to have a happy life…"

"I could feel… How she suffered for the two years… I could imagine how much she missed me, how much she wanted to see me, how much she wanted my comfort. But I… All I had for her was hatred. I never went home… Every time when I thought of her, I felt hate… When she died, she must be so lonely…"

"She was my beloved one! I am such an asshole. I don’t deserve her. I don’t! I don’t!" Zhao Pingtian weeped, but he looked wooden. It must be extremely painful for him.

Only when one felt excruciating pain would he feel like this.

His heart was broken!

Ye Xiao sighed deeply. He felt sour in the nose.

He was moved. He had always been calm and steady, yet he was touched!

He slowly looked up and looked at the grey fog. The gentle and soft girl was looking at Zhao Pingtian obsessively. She was so concentrated, like nothing else mattered in her eyes. All she could see was Zhao Pingtian. Only Zhao Pingtian…

She reached her hand, wanting to wipe the tears on Zhao Pingtian. Her pretty hand went through his face. He didn’t feel anything. She was heartbroken. She kept touching his hair, but he didn’t feel anything at all…

Two true lovers, thinking about each other, yet couldn’t communicate, on two sides of a partition!

The Yin World and the Yang World were exactly blocked by such a partition!

No matter what people did to break it, it never worked.

"What then?" Ye Xiao asked.