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Chapter 424: I Beg Your Help!

Chapter 424: I Beg Your Help!

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"And then…" Zhao Pingtian gave a better smile, "I dug her grave like I was crazy. I wanted to see her. But what I saw was only the dead body of her, that was skinny like skeleton… She just lied there quietly, with no sense of living… I spat out blood… and fainted away…"

"I lied in the grave, wanting to stay with her… I wouldn’t get out… Till her parents and mine kneeled down to beg me…"

"I got out. I really didn’t want to, but I had to. Rou-Er was gone. Our parents were still living. I couldn’t break their hearts again. I had to get out and take care of them… I didn’t know what I could do for the rest of my life… I put the Yin Fruit in her grave… I knew it was for a ghost, so I left it for Rou-Er!"

"I put it on her body. The fruit gradually vanished, like it had entered into her body. That moment, I thought gods blessed me. I even dreamt about it. I was improved sixty years in cultivation when I ate the Yang Fruit. Maybe she would return from death if she ate the Yin Fruit. She would come back and be with me again. However, reality is cruel. She didn’t come back. The Yin Fruit was gone, but nothing happened! Why! Why was nothing changed! She had gotten the Yin Fruit! Why? Ah! Why! Why can’t you bless me, god!"

Zhao Pingtian got thrilled. He grabbed on Ye Xiao’s collar, questioning him, drunk with red eyes, "Why, why, why, why, why? Why! Do you know why? Please tell me why!"

Ye Xiao quietly looked at him. He then looked at the soft girl in the grey fog. He sighed and said, "Brother Zhao, you have no idea… The Yin Fruit has worked. Rou-Er didn’t return from death, but she has been with you in another way. You just have no idea!"

This moment, Ye Xiao finally realized what had happened to Zhao Pingtian and why things were so weird about him.

When people died, their souls vanished, and a bit of their true spirit would go into the Nine Serene World to get transmigration…

The girl Zhao Pingtian loved, Rou-Er, still had her soul, and there was a mass of grey fog protecting her. She had been with Zhao Pingtian and she seemed so physical.

Even in daytime, she could still stay beside Zhao Pingtian. She never left.

That was the reason!

Zhao Pingtian put the Yin Fruit into Rou-Er’s grave.

Rou-Er hadn’t died long when he did. It was only seven days! A big part of her soul must have remained at that time. It absorbed the spiritual qi from the Yin Fruit. That was why she became like this. When the last bit of one’s soul was about to vanish, it was the time she remembered the best. Rou-Er made the mutation and kept all her memory. That was a miracle.

The two fruits they took were from one tree. They were born a pair.

Things were destined sometimes. Yang Fruit saved Zhao Pingtian, while Yin Fruit saved Rou-Er!

They were in two different worlds, but while one was fighting in the world, the other had always been accompanying him…

They were literally inseparable in life and death!

Things could always be so marvelous!

"Yin Fruit worked? What do you mean? Rou-Er has been with me all the time? How is it possible. What are you talking about. If she is with me, how come I never see her. What exactly are you talking about?" Zhao Pingtian asked hurriedly.

"Alas. You miss her, she stares at you. She sees you often but cannot touch you, while you miss her a lot but have no idea she has been with you all the time. There is nothing more sorrowful than this in the world! Do you know why I can see the lady?" Ye Xiao blandly said, "Because of you. You put the Yin Fruit on Rou-Er’s body. The fruit got into her body. It didn’t bring her back to life, but it nourished her soul a lot. She didn’t get transmigration, instead, she lives in another form and she has been with you all these days."

"That is why I can see her."

The girl in the fog nodded.

"Are you serious? Rou-Er is with me and has been with me all these days?" Zhao Pingtian was surprised. He looked at Ye Xiao. "So, you really see her? Tell me, what… what does she look like now?"

Ye Xiao looked at the girl. The girl was a bit shy and she lowered her head. And then she bravely raised up her head while looking at Ye Xiao in the eyes. Apparently, she wanted Ye Xiao to tell her beloved one how she looked right now…

"She is wearing white clothes. She is skinny. Double knots on her hair. The one in the right is a bit crooked. She looks pretty. She is from a normal family. She looks pretty and sweet…"

Ye Xiao described it slowly.

Zhao Pingtian interrupted him. He was so excited. "Yes! Yes! That is right! She is my Rou-Er! When we were kids, Rou-Er and I went out and she fell down and got her head hit on the ground. There was a wound on her right head. Since then, she always tried to cover the wound with the knot… Feng Monarch… You…"

Zhao Pingtian stood up and got close to Ye Xiao. He kneeled. "Monarch Feng! Please! Please help me. You must have a way for me to see her! Let me see her! Just for one sight! Please! I am begging you!"

The killer king was now without any hesitation. Despite his dignity and glory, he kneeled down to other!

He just wanted to see his beloved one so much.

That was all!

In the grey fog, the girl was crying, shaking. She cried and cried, looking at the man she loved who was on his knees. Her heart was broken. She slowly kneeled down to the floor.

She knew Ye Xiao could see her.

She couldn’t communicate with Ye Xiao, so she showed him that she was begging too!

Ye Xiao held Zhao Pingtian up hurriedly. "What are you doing? You just helped me! For the true love of you two, anything I can do, I will try my best for you. Please get up. Get up and talk."