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Chapter 425: Two Possible Methods

Chapter 425: Two Possible Methods

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Zhao Pingtian didn’t get up. He was still on his knees, not even moving a bit. He said, "Feng Monarch, never say that it is just simple favor. As long as you can let me see Rou-Er, I will serve you forever with my life!"

Ye Xiao took in a deep breath. He frowned and thought, and then said, "To be honest, I can see Rou-Er because I got the talent. I don’t use any special martial art for it. I really have no idea how to make you see her right now, but I will try my best. Can you get up please. It takes time. You know how hard it is. Yin and Yang, two different worlds. It is the rule of nature. Nobody can break it easily. However, since I can see her, it means there must be solutions. As long as we find one, problem will be solved. It just takes time…"

He threw up his hands. "But if you really want to see her so badly, I truly can’t help you. You have to give me some time to think… In fact, if we think deeper, Rou-Er has been living like this for many years and didn’t disappear. That is the hope that you two will see each other again in the future. Although I haven’t had a plan yet, if we do it right, it will be solved someday. The Yin Fruit makes Lady Rou-Er live in this world. Maybe there is something that can bring her back to reality and make her stand on the earth again…"

Ye Xiao stopped.

Zhao Pingtian understood it. Ye Xiao wasn’t going to turn him away. He was saying all that with his heart. That gave Zhao Pingtian great hope!

Zhao Pingtian kowtowed all of a sudden.

- Bang! -

He didn’t operate any art to protect himself. As he kowtowed and hit on the floor, blood came out on his head!

"Feng Monarch! I beg you!"

He kneeled down on the floor, with his head touching the floor. He wouldn’t get up!

This man had been so proud. He was a legend in the assassination world in this land—the killer king. At this moment, he had no hesitation. [Even if I need to be ten thousand times more menial than this, I will! As long as I can see Rou-Er again, I will!]

[I will give up everything to see her again!]

[I will give up my life if it needs me to!]

Ye Xiao frowned. He couldn’t be sure.

[Why is this man so stubborn. I have said everything. Why is he still acting like this? Doesn’t he understand my language?]

He then spoke in a low voice, "Zhao Pingtian, can you just get up first. A man can do limited things. To give up your dignity won’t help. A man should have a man’s way to do things. Get up. Besides, if you don’t get up, I don’t mind you, but Rou-Er is on her knees too. Do you really want her to endure this? Is it because you cannot see her, so you would just let her be?"

Apparently, he didn’t how to convince him anymore. He had to use his love on this!

"Rou-Er’?" Zhao Pingtian confusedly spoke while looking around.

The girl in the grey fog looked at him. Her eyes were full of sorrow.

"Feng Monarch, please help us! Please!" Zhao Pingtian kowtowed again. And then he finally stood up, looking at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao sighed and said, "Lady Rou-Er, please get up too. I have promised you, so I will try everything I can. I just need some time. It concerns the two worlds of Yin and Yang. Nothing comes easy…"

The girl stood up too. Her eyes were full of trust on Ye Xiao.

Zhao Pingtian sat opposite to Ye Xiao, looking at him. In his eyes, there was trust, and eagerness as well.

The girl looked at Ye Xiao with eagerness in her eyes too. They both knew this might be the only hope they had.

Ye Xiao thought for a while. He still couldn’t decide.

After a while, he sighed. He said, "Brother Zhao, I know you two are both eager to see each other, but it is the law of nature we are going to break. There may be solutions, but to break the law of nature, it must be very dangerous. The odds is just next to none!"

Zhao Pingtian was thrilled. "There truly is solution!"

He apparently just ignored all the words like ‘dangerous’, ‘next to none’.

He only heard this: there may be solutions!

[As long as there is a solution!]

Ye Xiao sighed and said, "There are two solutions that can solve your problem. Two ways, I would say."

And then he turned quiet. There were two methods indeed, but none of them was easy. They were both difficult like walking to the firmament! Either of them would bring them fatal danger!

Zhao Pingtian was so excited. Of course, he knew that good things were hard to get. However, he met Feng Zhiling today. When he realized Feng Zhiling could see Rou-Er, he couldn’t be more hopeful than any time. As long as there was hope, he wouldn’t give it up. Now that there were two methods, he surely felt overjoyed!

It was a delightful surprise to have one possible method, but there were two now!

"The first one should be safer. It brings lower risk… Well, I will have to break her spirit with mysterious way, and then I will use nine Supreme Soul Protection Dan beads on her spirit. And then I will send her to reincarnation. After a few years, you will be able to see her. Well, she will still have the same soul, but with a new face. As for how she will look like, that is god’s decision to make."

"It is a safer way, but there are conditions… We need a superior cultivator who are beyond level 5 of Dao Origin Stage. We need him to use his spiritual power to use the nine dan beads to forcibly push her into the tunnel of transmigration. She will be reborn so quickly that she won’t lose any memory of this life!"

"There are three difficulties in this method. First is the Supreme Soul Protection Dan. I can solve it though. Nothing difficult for me. Second, we need a Dao Origin Stage cultivator who would like to help us. There is absolutely none in the Land of Han-Yang. We may need to go to the higher realm and get help. Third… this plan will lower the risk on Rou-Er in the biggest extent, but the superior cultivator who helps will get divine thunder punishment because he breaks the law of Yin Yang. He may lose more than half of his capability. I don’t think any Dao Origin Stage cultivator will be happy to help, unless there is some special reason."

"If we fail, Rou-Er will lose her soul and spirit. The superior cultivator will die, leaving no soul too."

Ye Xiao slowly spoke.

Zhao Pingtian gritted with his teeth. He turned silent. And then he said, "May I ask what is a Dao Origin Stage cultivator? Is it a higher stage beyond Sky Origin Stage?"