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Chapter 426: Harder Than Touching the Sky!

Chapter 426: Harder Than Touching the Sky!

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Ye Xiao was stunned. After a while, he came back to himself. He realized that although Zhao Pingtian was killer king in the Land of Han-Yang, he had never met cultivators in higher stages.

"You are in the master levels of Sky Origin Stage right? Top of the Sky Origin Stage?" Ye Xiao asked.

"Yes." Zhao Pingtian nodded.

"Beyond Sky Origin Stage, there is Spirit Origin Stage. Nine levels in Spirit Origin Stage. Another stage higher is Dream Origin Stage. It also has nine levels. Dao Origin Stage is the stage beyond Dream Origin Stage. It also has nine levels. In this stage, one level means one heaven, so it is said!"

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "The gods people believe in here are just some Spirit Origin Stage cultivators. There once were some Dream Origin Stage cultivators who showed up in the Land of Han-Yang, but they are not natives. They are all from higher realms. They came here by accident, and their capability were beyond the limitation of this world already. That is why when somebody breaks through Sky Origin Stage, he can fly up to the upper realm…"

Zhao Pingtian’s face changed.

It became pale and ghastly!

His heart was filled with despair at the moment.

He had been through a lot difficulties to reach level 9 of Sky Origin Stage, but he had never thought that there were actually other stages beyond this. There was the Spirit Origin Stage, which had nine levels. To break through one level in Spirit Origin Stage must be a hundred times, no, a thousand times even ten thousand times harder than in Sky Origin Stage. Beyond that, there was Dream Origin Stage. The difficulty to upgrade in this stage must be enormous… As for Dao Origin Stage…

Zhao Pingtian didn’t even dare thinking about it.

A Dao Origin Stage cultivator was not enough at the moment. They needed a cultivator beyond level 5 of Dao Origin Stage to make their plan practical. None of such cultivators hadn’t been cultivating for thousands of years! They all had suffered a lot to get their achievements today!

How would people like that help Zhao Pingtian? Besides, whoever gave him this favor might suffer a divine wrath. He might lose over half of his cultivation capability!

No cultivators would be willing to sacrifice that much. Besides, he might even lose his soul!

The first plan was apparently not a good one. It had the possibility to succeed, and it was the safer one for Rou-Er, but it was next to impossibility!

Zhao Pingtian was in despair. He lowered his head and kept silent. Suddenly, he asked in a low voice, "What is the second one then?"

Ye Xiao said, "The second plan is to make a Yin Dan. We will build the physical shape for Rou-Er with Yin Dan! We make her turn from a ghost shape into a physical shape! If this plan succeeds, Rou-Er will not have a true human body, but she will appear in life. You will be able to see her. You may even touch her in some way. Besides, Rou-Er will start to cultivate her soul only. If she cultivates well and get some great achievement someday, you two will live together for your life!"

Zhao Pingtian took in a deep breath. He was happy to hear it, yet he knew there must be more than that.

There were so many good sides in the second plan, and that meant it might be even more difficult than the first one.

Ye Xiao continued, "To make Yin Dan is the most unpleasant task for all dan makers in history. Nobody wants to make it. It is too difficult to collect all of its materials, but that is not the biggest difficulty. The dan maker whoever successfully make Yin Dan will ten thousand percent sure to suffer divine wrath. Whoever makes such thing that should never exist in the real world, Yang World, is surely bound to be punished!"

Zhao Pingtian’s face looked worse and worse. He was an experienced cultivator. Of course, he knew how horrible the divine wrath was. Divine hardship, divine penalty and divine wrath were always the most terrifying things all cultivators were afraid of. Divine hardship was something a cultivator would definitely encounter when he was about to reach a certain new level. Divine penalty was for those who did something shouldn’t be done in the world. Divine wrath was most different. Only those who acted against god’s will and led severe consequences would suffer from it!

Master Bai was a super powerful cultivator. He was in a position that Ye Xiao couldn’t even look up to no matter how he tried. However, since he had suffered divine wrath, he became a cripple and was too weak to even kill a chicken!

There was a saying about the three divine punishments, ‘divine hardship is easy; divine penalty is hard; divine wrath never let pass’. Divine hardship was only correspondingly easy though. Divine wrath truly never let pass. There were only few people who could survive it!

Zhao Pingtian understood it. He knew Ye Xiao was a master dan maker, but he just didn’t think it appropriate to ask for help on this!

Ye Xiao was a bit embarrassed and he said, "Brother Zhao, I do have the capability to make Yin Dan, and I am also willing to help you too. However… It is rather difficult to collect all the materials. There are nine materials that are most difficult to find. First one is the Ninefold Netherworld Water. It takes three days to deal with it, and I will have to change the water three times during the process. Second one is three pistils of the River Yond Flower. Third one is Nine Gloomy Grass of the Nine Gloomy Gates. Fourth is the Abyss Jade of the Abyss Bridge in hell. Fifth is the Dark Soul Root from the Homesick Gaze Stage, or the Triple Color Leaf of the netherworld…"

He had just said the first five materials, but Zhao Pingtian had already felt dizzy. He looked pale in face, like there was no blood in him at all.

He still stood straight up, gritted with his teeth and said, "What else? What are the other four?"

"The rest are not from the netherworld anymore. They are, Nine Cloud Jade Ganoderma, Green Heaven’s Grass, Death Bacteria Ginseng and a level 9 spiritual beast’s inner core, and the inner core has to be over a thousand years old…"

Ye Xiao bitterly smiled. "The first five materials are all in the netherworld. Nine Cloud Jade Ganoderma and Green Heaven’s Grass are from the Heaven’s Realm. Death Bacteria Ginseng is the easiest one actually. It can always be found in a place where there are lots of dead people and is filled with cold qi. The beast’s inner core, it can be found in the Qing-Yun Realm. However, such beast that has a thousand years old inner core is unbelievably strong. No man under Dao Origin Stage can kill it and take its inner core…"

After Ye Xiao explained the two plans, Rou-Er in the grey fog and Zhao Pingtian were both gloomy and speechless. They looked pale in their faces.

For them, the two plans were both harder than touching the sky! It was simply impossible!

Ye Xiao said, "The Soul Protection Dan for the first plan, I can make it. The materials, we just need to spend some time to collect them patiently. We can make it after all. It is difficult to find a Dao Origin Stage cultivator to help us, but if we prepare to pay a huge price and if we get a great good luck someday, it is possible… Maybe Brother Zhao, you can reach level 5 of Dao Origin Stage someday if you work harder. Then you can help Rou-Er to rebirth by yourself. That is a great thing to do. That is about the first plan. If we work hard enough, with a bit of luck, I think we will make it someday!"