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Chapter 429: Solitary Life

Chapter 429: Solitary Life

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Zhao Pingtian was thinking so hard that he frowned. "I truly do not understand the word laugh in it. I have been solitary all my life, living alone in this martial world. I have regrets and sadness all the time. I barely had a moment to laugh. I really do not have anything… related to this word."

Ye Xiao, sitting opposite to him, took up the liquor and acted like he was drinking. In fact, he was trying to cover the expression on his face. He was shocked!


Zhao Pingtian may not understand the meaning of those phrases, but Ye Xiao knew it immediately!

[Laugh… If it isn’t referring to me, who is it?

A clear conscience in your heart, a smiling monarch it leads you to.

I am the Monarch.

Xiao Monarch! [1]

Struggle for two lives, brightness in one life. This is ambiguous, but struggle for two lives must refer to me.

One laugh at present life, the other at the road he comes; one laugh at the time, the other at the ancient!

… That never refers to any others!

A couple will meet again if only they have a laugh. It probably says that only I can help them reunite.

I do want to help them on this!

I do want to, and I am able to!

It all fits!

It shockingly fits! It stuns me!

Who is this Mister Destiny? Where is he from?

He actually said these words to Zhao Pingtian dozens of years ago. That is so strange…

At that time, I was still Xiao Monarch, traveling the Qing-Yun Realm, laughing at all heroes in the world!

… What is going on?

What is this all about?

This is too much a fantasy!

Is there really somebody who can make such an accurate prediction!]

Suddenly, Ye Xiao was back to himself from astonishment. Instead, he felt cold on his back. He felt cold on his back immediately…

Zhao Pingtian frowned and confusedly said, "Nearly every phrase fits something that happened. Those that didn’t happen will happen in the future, I assume. There is one thing that man didn’t say though… He didn’t say that I will meet you. There is a smiling monarch he told me, but it wasn’t Feng Monarch. I would never make mistake on this. I remember!"

Ye Xiao coughed. He was speechless.

He truly didn’t know what to respond.

[What can I say?

If I tell him the prediction is unbelievably accurate, I will have to tell him I am not Feng Zhiling, I am Ye Xiao, Xiao Monarch, the Laugh (Xiao) in the prediction!

Is it accurate? Unbelievably accurate? Horribly accurate?!

Can… Can I say that?]

After a while, he nodded. "It is impossible to foresee the future. Mister Destiny has already made a wonderful prediction. He has done a great job already. There should be some flaws in it, reasonably. The world is not perfect. How could prediction be perfect. There is no doubt that Mister Destiny’s prediction is happening. He said ‘a couple will meet again, if only they have a laugh’. There must be a reason for this. It will come true someday."

Zhao Pingtian agreed and he said, "I never doubt it. It is sure there will be that day."

Ye Xiao nodded. "Brother Zhao, what happened after that? As I know, the Yang Fruit contains extreme yang attribute. It benefits you by sixty years cultivation, but it also arouse the fire of irascibility in you. You should become easy to get furious. Gentle and soft man will become aggressive and angry. Nobody can control it… You have had such marvelous experience and then became killer king in the world step by step. Is it because…"

"Not really. I have suffered many mishaps in my life, but I am absolute true to others," Zhao Pingtian said. And then he sighed while looking up at the sky.

Ye Xiao could feel that there was too much sufferings in his sigh. It made him sigh too because of the sadness.

[Maybe he has always been true and honest to others, but how does he feel to himself?]

"That day, when I put the Yin Fruit on Rou-Er’s body, I saw it merge into the body. I was so happy and I stayed close to the grave for half a month. Rou-Er didn’t return to me. I am in despair so I left my hometown. I started to travel around. A few years later, I suddenly remembered that my master must know a lot about Yin Yang Fruits. There may be something about the Yin Fruit getting into Rou-Er’s body. I returned to my sect to ask my master for help."

"When I was back, I was astonished. My sect… was destroyed… Over three hundred men all died… I… I felt like a thunder striking right on me. I was full of regret. If I didn’t live that useless life for a few years, how could I not know it? If I knew it, I would absolutely return to my sect and fight beside my brothers and masters. I was out of my mind and I cared nothing in the world, and I didn’t even know my sect was wiped out. The only reason that made me return to my sect was because I want my master’s help on that Yin Fruit thing. I… I am such a selfish prick… I am such a loser who failed his own sect!"

Zhao Pingtian smiled with sorrow. "Those years, when I was sleeping at night, I dreamt about my master, elders, and brothers in my sect. They were so real. After that, I was determined to avenge my sect. I travelled around every place in the world to track our enemies. I realized something in those years. It takes money to seek revenge. I need money to find information about the enemy. I need money to feed myself. I need money for everything. I started to take some assignment for the bounty… That is how and why I enter the assassination field…"

"Fifteen years after that, I tracked down those men who wiped out my sect. I killed them one by one to avenge my sect. I brought their heads back my sect trying to comfort my brothers and masters!"

"When I just had brought the last man’s head back to my sect, I finished the last thing I wanted to do. I started to think about another thing I wanted to do for a long time. Since I left Rou-Er’s grave, it had been years. I never returned. I never did anything for my parents or her parents. I never was a good son to them. I am so selfish. I am a unfilial and a pathetic loser!"

"Maybe gods wanted to give me a chance to make it up. When I went back home, my parents and Rou-Er’s were all alive. They were old but all living. I never got involved to the martial world affairs since then. I was a farmer in my hometown. I served the four elderlies until they died… I had nothing to concern in my hometown after that, so I sold everything and returned to the martial world. Deep inside my heart, I was always believing it that me and Rou-Er, we were not at the end yet…"


Xiao, 笑, means laugh.