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Chapter 430: I Will Follow You from Now On!

Chapter 430: I Will Follow You from Now On!

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"When I was back to be a martial artist, it surprised me that during the years staying at home serving the elderlies, my cultivation level didn’t drop down at all. In fact, it was boosted… I became level 8 of Sky Origin Stage. There were not many things that could be more impressive for me after that. The only one that I can never forget is the hope Mister Destiny gave me… It lasts till now…"

"Recently, I am kind of short for money. It is hard to even feed myself. That’s why I looked for a bounty hunt. I met the God Slayer Team, and they recruited me. Then I came to Kingdom of Chen, and then I met you, the person I am destined to meet…"

Zhao Pingtian bitterly smiled, "That should put a good summary to my life. Simple and boring!"

Ye Xiao was quiet.

[This killer king really has been through a miserable life. His fiancee whom he grew up with died because of disease. His sect was wiped out… He has lived without purpose for a long time, and became a killer king.

Wait, as the killer king, how could he…]

"Brother Zhao, with your title and capability, I don’t think… you would be short for money? You may not be wealthy, but you should have plenty of money. How come you end up short for money?" Ye Xiao asked.

As the killer king, Zhao Pingtian should have enough incomes to make him a rich man, not like Ning Biluo, who had many financial burdens. He himself spent all the money he got. How could he… be poor?

"Heh, heh. I never have more than one hundred taels with me. Isn’t it unbelievable?" Zhao Pingtian showed a smile on his skinny face.

It was a extremely peaceful smile.

He barely smiled truly from his heart like this.

"It is self-disciplined to keep it less than a hundred taels. I gave away all the rest," Zhao Pingtian smiled and said, "as an assassin, I make money by taking others’ life, also risking mine. No matter what, the money I earned is full of the smell of blood. Even though all the people I killed were bad guys, it was still murder. When I earn some money, I keep a part of it to feed myself and gave the rest away for the poor…"

He stopped and then smiled again. "Especially for those young couples who have no money to get married, I will give them more… I hope every pair of true loveers can have a happy ending…"

Zhao Pingtian gently looked into the air beside him.

Since he knew Rou-Er was with him, he kept looking to tat direction gently although he could see nothing.

Rou-Er kept staying in that place although she knew Zhao Pingtian couldn’t see her.

They seemed looking at each other from yin and yang, two different worlds.

Zhao Pingtian couldn’t see her, but he felt like he did.

Ye Xiao took in a deep breath, saying nothing.

He didn’t need to say anything. He understood Zhao Pingtian more than any others.

After all… That was why he decided to help Zhao Pingtian… Sometimes, he would think about someone whom he had failed in the past. She was also waiting in grief…

It was a love tragedy.

Ye Xiao didn’t want another love tragedy to happen in front of him.

Deep in his heart, he felt like helping Zhao Pingtian was helping himself.

[Jun Yinglian…]

"I will help you, with all my heart. I will do whatever I can," Ye Xiao spoke in a low voice.

Both Zhao Pingtian and Rou-Er could feel that Feng Monarch was so determined on this when he said it.

They both felt grateful for it.

"Brother Zhao, let’s work hard on this!" Ye Xiao looked at Zhao Pingtian. "No matter which plan we pick, you will have to reach the Dao Origin Stage anyway! Maybe higher!"

Zhao Pingtian showed sharpness and determination in his eyes and slowly nodded.

Ye Xiao didn’t say everything, but Zhao Pingtian understood it.

[You are not capable enough if you don’t reach Dao Origin Stage. Even though I truly want to help you, you don’t deserve it. Because even allies, friends should be in the same league…

No tiger will ally to a rabbit. Rabbit is too weak. It is too weak that it cannot be an ally to a tiger. In fact, it is even not qualified to be tiger’s food!

Marriage requires a perfect match. So does friends!

Especially in this martial word, which is full of fights…]

"Feng Monarch, to be honest, what you give me is the biggest and brightest hope I have in my life. I don’t know how to return you the favor now." Zhao Pingtian was solemn. "But I know you are in a dangerous situation. I won’t say too much to show my thanks. It means nothing. For me, for Rou-Er, for the future, for the hope… From now on, I am a sword in your hand."

"For the days to come, let’s get through the crisis together before we do anything else," Zhao Pingtian spoke seriously, "if we can’t, I will die beside you. If we can… I will be counting on you for helping me and Rou-Er."

Ye Xiao didn’t refuse him. If he did, it might hurt Zhao Pingtian.

In fact, Zhao Pingtian had to stay with him so that he could know how Rou-Er was. He needed Ye Xiao to make some dan beads to save her soul and many other things…

Ye Xiao did need some help at the moment. How would he refuse it then?

"Good!" Ye Xiao clapped. "Now, with the help of Brother Zhao, I have bigger chance to live through this."

Ye Xiao and Zhao Pingtian killed out a way back to Ling-Bao Hall.

They weren’t far away from Ling-Bao Hall, so it shouldn’t be a difficult thing for them to be silent and sneak back to Ling-Bao Hall.

However, Zhao Pingtian suggested that they killed all the way back!

He felt that he had endless power at the moment. He needed to let it out. He needed to especially release the wild joy and excitement, otherwise, he would be depressed.

Ye Xiao was speechless about it though.

However, as he thought deeper about it, it was a good thing that he had such a super guard with him. He could frighten those guys who were planning to attack him. So he just appeared as Feng Zhiling and swaggeringly went to Ling-Bao Hall.

It was like he had stirred up a hornets’ nest on the way back and countless assassins kept showing up.