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Chapter 431: Assassin Collection Addiction?

Chapter 431: Assassin Collection Addiction?

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Zhao Pingtian was in an extremely raging condition. His current combat power was in a horrible level. Even if Boundless Saint was here, he wouldn’t dare to fight him, but only step away to avoid it.

He was currently invincible in the Land of Han-Yang at the moment. However, if Ye Nantian or Bing Xinyue at their prime status, or Wan of Clouds and Xiu of Heavens were released from the restraint, he shouldn’t be invincible!

They kept killing all the way back. Nobody was even near to stop them.

When they were hundreds meters away from Ling-Bao Hall, they encountered the last fight. It was the fiercest one too since Zhao Pingtian’s sword broke apart.

The enemies in this fight were all powerful superior cultivators. Everyone of them had a divine weapon. Zhao Pingtian was strong indeed, but the sword he had was just ordinary. After several times of crashing, even though it was covered by spiritual energy, it broke.

The enemies were happy when they saw his weapon was broken. They thought they finally had a chance to win. At least, they thought it would be much easier to dodge his attack and even fight back and kill him instead. That was possible!

However, then the sword was broken, Zhao Pingtian shouted. Facing countless swords that were getting close to him, he didn’t step back. Instead, he marched forward. He turned into several shadows that looked like swaying swords. Within just a few seconds, over a dozen men died in his hands!

He shouted again with joy and cheerfulness.

"When hero’s sword breaks, the couple in love will meet."

Mister Destiny had said these words to him.

Zhao Pingtian had kept it in mind and never forgot it. That was why he cherished his sword so much. As the killer king, why would he keep such an ordinary sword if it wasn’t special for him. Just because this sword was mentioned in that prediction, he decided to keep it. When it broke, it should be the time to show whether the prediction was true or fake. He quite expected this day to come, but he was also a bit afraid of it!

At the moment, he finally got hope, and the sword actually did break apart in this day. That was exactly the prediction told him.

Whether was just a coincidence or not, the future was turning brighter and brighter for him!

He was thrilled and excited!

Finally, they were back to Ling-Bao Hall.

In the main hall.

Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun looked at each other when they saw them.

Zhao Pingtian was excited and surprised too.

The three of them had the same thought. [Is Feng Monarch addicted to collecting assassins?]

Zhao Pingtian thought. [I am surprised that they are here too! Are there too many famous assassins in this room now? Two of the top assassins in the world are here now! Liu Changjun is fine, but the other one, Ning Biluo is the King of Assassins!]

He would never underestimate his own capabilities, but no matter what, he would never think that he was beyond the King of Assassins, Ning Biluo, even though he himself was the killer king!

On the other side, Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun were even more excited. [Feng Monarch was just hanging out for some time… He… actually brought back another assassin? It is killer king, Zhao Pingtian… Unbelievable…

That is even more dramatic than a novel!]

They both felt a bit… like drunk…

What happened next would make them feel more drunk than this moment. They had to be drunk to get used to it!

It was fine that the killer king came after him. Things happen unexpectedly. However, the killer king… he was so respectful to Feng Monarch?!

[They should have just met each other, shouldn’t they?]

Zhao Pingtian was an unruly man. He was not so submissive to the world;s No. 1 assassin, even though he was in higher position on the ranking list. How would he be so respectful to Feng Zhiling, who was much weaker than him in cultivation…

Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun just couldn’t understand it. How could they not want to be drunk?

Especially Liu Changjun. He was emotional. [I have two idols in my life! One is the King of Assassins, Ning Biluo, while the other is the killer king, Zhao Pingtian!

Now that they are both in front of me and may both be my workmates…

Isn’t it too much a happy thing?

It is such a happy thing!]

Hmm. Ye Xiao was half an idol to Liu Changjun though. However, Ye Xiao’s thoughts were too unexpected. Everything he did was beyond Liu Changjun’s knowledge. He did things that Liu Changjun couldn’t understand all the time. That made him only half an idol to him!

Ye Xiao had a short meeting with the three assassins.

"Now you three are out top force in Ling-Bao Hall," Ye Xiao solemnly spoke, "but to deal with the current situation, this is not enough."

"Ning and Zhao Pingtian can defeat any individual enemy, but if they ally each other to attack us with advantage in numbers, you may fail. Everyone has limitation. There is nothing we can do."

The three of them nodded.

They all knew it well, so they didn’t feel pissed at all.

"So, we need to enhance our power in a further step to deal with the current situation and also the future." When he said it, he was hesitating. He paused several times and he spoke slowly.

The three of them didn’t know that he just made a decision. It was a decision that most people wouldn’t make.

"We surely want to enhance our capabilities too…" The three of them looked helpless.

It wasn’t an easy thing to do though.

First, they needed to be talented. Second, they needed special martial arts. Third they needed special dan and materials. Fourth, they needed opportunities… They needed all of it to enhance their capabilities. It wasn’t something that could be done just in a few days.

They were all talented for sure; after all, they had reached such positions in the martial world. However, they were all in a difficult time to improve their martial arts.

It took ages for them to make a breakthrough.

Especial Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian. They were both in the edge of the limitation of this world. It was so hard to improve any more for them!

How to improve further when they were already in the top?

They looked at Ye Xiao like looking at a fool. [He talked like it is easy as chopping vegetables. Look how casual he is. What he is saying is like a fool making dreams, a frog looking up at the sky in the bottom of a well…]

Ye Xiao thought for a while and then took out three books. He put them in his hand and measured the weight. He was silent for a while, saying nothing, just glancing at the three assassins on the faces.

Finally, he held the books and asked, "Ning, what is your life goal? Have you ever thought that to what level your cultivation of martial arts will go? What do you know about the worldly limitation of martial art in Land of Han-Yang?"